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Vb. NET is how to do (Moving edition) can implement many functions that C # cannot do, such as when statement, optional parameter, local static variable, object instance access static method, handles binding event, on error handling exception, Object direct late binding, and so

Post (Tianji Forum): code skin replacement-C # and VB

Post (Tianji Forum): code skin replacement-C # and VB Nowadays, the popular program "skin change" is to change the operation interface, and of course the program is still the original program. Code porting can also be called a "skin replacement".

Vb. NET Summary A

Vb. NET is on the basis of VB Upgrade version, enhance the object-oriented support, VB. NET is an object-oriented intermediate interpretive language on the. NET Framework, and VB is a process-oriented development language based on object, And

When VB meets the C + +

Recently in learning this piece of things, naturally will think and VB6 is what relationship. On the macro level, it is from object-based to complete object-oriented, so it's not easy to say that is an upgraded version of VB6.0.

. NET Development Platform Research (II.)

The main benefit of class libraries is that they encapsulate the most common features of the core Win32 API and the functionality of the plug-in SDK into a unified package. Class libraries are grouped and described in a clear and methodical manner,

Vb. NET is how to do (eight)--on error statements and when statements

error| statement feeling unique function is about to be my research finished, then this series is also about to terminate, do not know can make up 10 pieces. This is a discussion of exception handling statements. Vb. NET recommended to use

The essence of VB API programming

The first section of programming: API Basics The API, in the final analysis, is a series of low-level functions that the system provides to users to access the core of the operating system for advanced programming. You can access the Windows APIs

Vb. NET Summary (ii)

Objective The blog mentioned to a certain extent VB derived from, but they also have a number of different places, so today to tell a few aspects of the same or different places. Content Input and

Vb. NET programming introduction of the third (turn)

Programming avoids null propagation (propagation) Previous versions of VB support null propagation. Null propagation is provided that null values are used in the table In the formula, the result of the expression will be null, such as the following

VB. NET development and scanning Client Service Tools

In the Information System of large and medium-sized enterprises, managing the client PC is often prone to problems. Therefore, many large companies have introduced various distributed management systems, such as Norton AntiVirus, BlackICE firewall,

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