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The first part of Silverlight's calling of the GP service: publishing the GP Service (geoprocessing Service)

Summary of Silverlight calling the GP Service Let's talk about how to implement it. Here our goal is to learn to use ArcGIS Server to publish the GP service and access it on the client. Here we release a GP service that draws the contour, and a GP service that draws an equal plane (specifically, an interpolation grid i

ArcGIS API for Silverlight call GP Service Preparation---GP model build, publish, test

Original: ArcGIS API for Silverlight call GP Service Preparation---GP model build, publish, testFirst,GP rainfall Contour modeling, release and testingIn the Water Conservancy, meteorology and other industries, in the WebGIS to achieve spatial analysis functions, such as drawing contours, contour lines, such as face, buffer, etc. are often encountered, after a pe

ArcGIS GP Analysis-GP model creation-buffer analysis

I. ReferencesHttp:// Key steps1, buffer analysis data source can choose: Point, Polygon, line2. Build buffer input Parameters: Create feature classes for points, polygons, and lines of the unified projection system3. Drag a feature layer from a point or polygon or line into the model4. Select the ellipse flag that is dragged in and right-click the Properties dialog boxSelect the data type: Feature set (this step is critical)5. Click "Conne

Problems encountered by using ArcGIS GP service, causes and solutions-client API Development (JavaScript/flex/silverlig reprint

From: ArcGIS GP service question list 1.Input parameter error When using the GP service, you need to pay attention to the input and output parameters throughout the process from model creation to service release to service calling. For details about the input and output parameters supported by the GP servic

Summary of Common Errors in using ArcGIS Server GP

ArcGIS GP service question list Input parameter error When using the GP service, you need to pay attention to the input and output parameters throughout the process from model creation to service release to service calling. For details about the input and output parameters supported by the GP service, see Http://

Outlook on GP technology-tao shengyi and his Second Life

Outlook on GP technology-tao shengyi and his Second Life By Mo Huafeng For a long time, we have always used GP (generic programming) as an auxiliary technology to simplify the code structure and improve development efficiency. To some extent, this concept is correct. So far, GP technology is only a compilation technology. It can only play a role during the compil

Using C # and AE to call GP tools

Transferred from the original language using C # and AE call GP toolsFirst, it is necessary to identify what tools you need to call arctoolbox and what functions to implement. Third, write command or tool tools and write your own functional tools.1) Create a project first. 3) define the name of the tool and other information PublicKriging () {Base. M_category ="Gptools"; Base. m_caption ="Krugin interpolation"; Base. M_message ="Krugin interpolation

Proface GP-Pro EX cross-border read information leakage Vulnerability

Proface GP-Pro EX cross-border read information leakage VulnerabilityProface GP-Pro EX cross-border read information leakage Vulnerability Release date:Updated on:Affected Systems: Proface GP-Pro EX Description: Proface GP-Pro EX is a human-machine interface HMI software used on multiple platforms.Proface

About top GP import and export Ms Excel

"Apache poi-the Java API for Microsoft Documents" was used in the case (official website: Excel's interaction with top GP (inbound/outbound) works well for sharing![1] Microsoft Excel into TOP GP(1) Support Microsoft Excel multiple page signing (Sheet).(2) Support for the accurate access and onboarding of Microsoft Excel local storage.[2] TOP

C # arcengine Print out an error in GP call error

Public Static BOOLSample (liststring>Inrasters,stringLocationdata,stringOuttable,stringResamplingtype,stringoutexcel) {geoprocessor GP=Newgeoprocessor (); Gp. Overwriteoutput=true; stringISTR = inrasters[0]; for(intj =1; J ) {ISTR+=";"+Inrasters[j]; } ESRI. ArcGIS.SpatialAnalystTools.Sample Sam=NewESRI. ArcGIS.SpatialAnalystTools.Sample (); Sam.in_rasters= ISTR;//inrasters;Sam.in_location_data =

ArcGIS 10.1 makes the GP service simpler

We know that ArcGIS has gained the reputation of GISER with powerful spatial analysis (not just that). It already has over 800 spatial analysis tools in desktop software, in addition, these spatial analysis tools can be combined based on our business needs, so that we can process problems in our work and bring convenience to our work. As an enterprise-level GIS platform, ArcGIS Server can publish our GIS resources as services for clients to use, in ArcGIS Server, there is a type of service calle

Ii. TipTop naming principles and directory configuration-tiptop GP ERP two Novice development tutorial

contentRepShared programs (program) naming principlesA shared program is a function that is universally available in TipTop GP, which is a function that only some subsystems can use.Format: Cl_xxxxxxx DescriptionCl_: Indicates that the program is a shared program (Common Library)XXXXXXX: At least one character, up to 17 characters (because of each maintenance job entry limit). The name must have a representative meaning, you can add "_"

Arcengine Call the Merge tool inside GP

Public StaticBoolean Merge (string[] inputs,string output) {geoprocessor GP=Newgeoprocessor (); Gp. Overwriteoutput=true; intStrsize =inputs. Count (); String TempStr="\""+inputs[0]+""; for(inti =1; I 1; i++) {TempStr+=";"+ inputs[i]+""; } tempstr+=";"+ Inputs[strsize-1] +"\""; MessageBox.Show ("Input:"+tempstr); ESRI. ArcGIS.DataManagementTools.Merge Merge=NewESRI. ArcGIS.DataManagem

Oracle Migration GP Practice

Tags: style blog http color io os using AR forRecent migration practices for Oracle to Greenplum, steps are as follows: 1. The implementation process of implementing Oracle's data structure migration to GP using ORA2PG 2. Oracle's data migration to GP implementation process 1. ORA2PG Address: The diagram is as follows: The DBD-ORACLE,DBD-PG,DBI module needs to be installed an

GP Development Example: Database de-weight

Label: This example specializes in the process of using GP development based on Arcengine and the problems encountered. More GP ways to use: GP experience Functional Requirements : Now the first data of the outside industry (for short, the draft. mdb) and the second data (for short, check. mdb) have duplicates. The second was based on the first, That is,

The prospect of GP Technology -- one day after hongjun

The prospect of GP Technology -- one day after hongjunMo Huafeng Since the emergence of advanced languages, types have always been the core of languages. Almost all language features require type as a prerequisite. The type is like heaven and earth, and exists before everything. However, is there anything more primitive and essential than the type, but exists before it? Read down. :) Generic and type The simplest and most intuitive description of gen

A question about the GP Library in php

Ask for a question about the GP Library in php to encapsulate the GD library into the class, but I don't know what went wrong there. please take a look at it with me. I am very grateful to you, younger brother, thank you for failing to find it for two days. the picture still cannot be displayed, for example: (write a form biaodan first. php) lt ;! DOCTYPE nbsp; HTML gt; lt; html gt; nbsp; lt; head gt; ask for a question about the

Use of the 8.GP class "Allwinner ClassA20 class Library Analysis"

32-bit integer values. In order to be easy to use, it is encapsulated as a singleton, directly specifying the index number to write and read.How to write a program this time change, no longer use the form, directly compile a program without any interactive interface to test it. Create a method first select project in the menu, then click Create, and select "Programs". Of course, you can also choose "Console Program", similar to theThe simplest program framework is automatically generated after

GP Database Distribution key Query

The tables in the GP database generally set the distribution key, which, if not set, is usually the first field by default, so it is generally recommended that a single record be used as the distribution key, so that the records in the table are evenly distributed across each segment.GP Database Distribution key Query method:selectc.schema_name,c.table_name, c.table_commentas "Chinese show", c.column_name as "Distribution Key",from (selectd.nspnameass

Problem solved-print bar code labels with GP-3120TN

Windows Jiabo gp-3120t bar code small size Barcode Finally, I attempted to use the parameters and instructions in the Programming Manual. Here, I would like to thank the technical support provided by an engineer named "uplinter Tao Wei" in Jiabo. Thank you very much. Without you, I may change to another printer before writing this article. At the same time, we despise the next "Bear Birmingham ?" Technical support is not what you do. If you do not ans

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