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GPDB parallel loading test and gpdb parallel loading

GPDB parallel loading test and gpdb parallel loadingTest File Information 10G Dec 12 14:10 A111G Dec 12 14:32 A210G Dec 12 14:10 B111G Dec 12 14:35 B2GPFDIST solution 1 Single Server drop table if exists host_1;drop EXTERNAL TABLE if exists exttable_ext_1_host;drop table if exists host_1_err;create table host_1 (like sourcetable) distributed randomly;CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE exttable_ext_1_host (like sourcetab

Greenplum (GPDB) is open source !~ _ PHP Tutorial

Greenplum (GPDB) is open source !~. Greenplum (GPDB) is open source !~ Greenplum Database (GPDB) is a non-shared large-scale parallel processing Database. it is mainly used to process large-scale data analysis tasks, including data warehouse and Greenplum (GPDB) open source !~ Greenplum Database (

Greenplum (GPDB) is open source !~

Greenplum (GPDB) is open source !~ Greenplum database (GPDB) is a non-shared large-scale parallel processing database. It is mainly used to process large-scale data analysis tasks, including data warehouses, business intelligence (OLAP), and data mining. GPDB is designed for mass data analysis. It uses the most advanced cost-based query optimizer and is one of th

GPDB current transaction is aborted, gpdbaborted

GPDB current transaction is aborted, gpdbaborted When you use Python to operate GPDB, the following error is reported: gpmg.manager_tabl1eerror 'ERROR: relation "gpmg.manager_tabl1e" does not exist' in 'select pg_total_relation_size('gpmg.manager_tabl1e');'gpmg.manager_tableerror 'ERROR: current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block' in 'select pg_total_relation_size('gpm

Greenplum (gpdb) Open source! ~_php Tutorials

Greenplum (gpdb) Open source! ~ The Greenplum database (gpdb) is a non-shared, massively parallel processing database designed to handle large-scale data analysis tasks, including data warehousing, business Intelligence (OLAP), and data mining. GPDB is designed for massive data analysis, using the most advanced cost-based query optimizer, is currently one of t

GPDB Administrator notes (3) Load And Unload data

:"" Cause: Empty rows exist in csv Conclusion: The External table only supports the http gpfdist service of gpfdist, which is a simple web Service of GP. Load error handling: Use the create external table command to define readable EXTERNAL tables Use the segment reject limit clause in combination. The distinct deny limit parameter can be used to specify the number of records (default) or use PERCENT to specify the number of records Percentage. Future stores error records for future checks. Us

GPDB Administrator notes (5) GP System Configuration

In GPDB, the Master and each Segment Instance have their own postgresql. conf files. ParametersThe number of local parameters means that each Segment Instance is obtained according to its own postgresql. conf file.Take the value of the parameter. For localization parameters, each Instance (Master and Segment) in the system must be)Configuration.You can use the gpconfig command to modify parameters in all postgresql. conf files of the

Gpdb Current transaction is aborted

Tags: io os for on CTI code as size SQLThe following error is encountered when working with Python in gpdbgpmg.manager_tabl1eerror ‘ERROR: relation "gpmg.manager_tabl1e" does not exist‘ in ‘select pg_total_relation_size(‘gpmg.manager_tabl1e‘);‘gpmg.manager_tableerror ‘ERROR: current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block‘ in ‘select pg_total_relation_size(‘gpmg.manager_table‘);‘This is a loop in which the size of the object is collected and the result table is

gpdb Parallel Load Test

the difference between the 1th read (test sequence one, scheme one/two) and the following is so large that it may be related to GPFSScenario Four of the B-machine file read failed, and the entire test process three/four feeling is not very stable (hang), in view of the scenario three-contrast program does not have much advantage, and by observing program Four can be found that a machine loading time has reached 22.24s, the comparison scheme II may not have an advantage, so did not complete the

About gpdb Password MD5

gtlions=# alter user gtlions password ' gtlions '; ALTER rolegtlions=# SELECT * from Pg_shadow; Usename | Usesysid | Usecreatedb | Usesuper | USECATUPD | Userepl | passwd | valuntil | useconfig---------+----------+-------------+----------+-----------+---------+------------ -------------------------+----------+-----------Gtlions | 10 | T | t | T | t | md56c7d333ce7a7f5882bdc5a232c107d81 | | (1 row) gtlions=# \qgtlions:~ gtlions$ Pyt

GPDB parallel loading test

Test File Information 10GDec1214: 10A111GDec1214: 32A210GDec1214: 10B111GDec1214: 35B2GPFDIST solution 1 single server droptableifexistshost_1; Scheme; createtable Test File Information 10G Dec 12 A111G Dec 12 A210G Dec 12 B111G Dec 12 B2 GPFDIST

Install and configure the Greenplum Environment

file/etc/security/limits. d/90-nproc.conf and add the following content: * softnproc 131072 * hardnproc 131072 4. Restart the server after modifying the system parameters. 5. Create gpadmin useradd gpadmin6 and install GP. 1) Upload the installation file and decompress it. 2) execute the installation file. [Root @ mdw GPDB] #./greenplum-db- I HAVE READ AND AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THE ABOVE EMC SOFTWARELICENSE AGREEMENT.

Greenplum-cc-web Installation

Chapter One document overview1. This installation manual describes the installation Greenplum-cc-web operation applicable to Greenplum4.0 or above versionChapter II Installation mediaDownload corresponding Greenplum-cc-web package for greenplum version;: III Installation of the Performance Monitor data collection agentTh

Mpp-greenplum database installation and simple use

Tags: sem for test data Sele file system its serve segment, the introduction of the clusterA total of 3 hosts, IP The cluster corresponds to master and segment as follows, and is the master node. for segment nodes, each segment node is configured with two primary segment and two mirror segment (can also do a backup for master, not currently done) Schema map into the next Second, server modification (a

"Reprint" Distributed deep learning on MPP and Hadoop

implemented in a distributed computing platform such aspivotal Gre Enplum database (gpdb) and Hadoop. In the following sections, we'll briefly introduce the building block of deep learning, explain the auto-encoder, and th En describE The details of the implementation itself. Deep learning Examples and extending, the Reach of machine learningApplications of deep learning include classification of images to different types where the total number of cl

"Greenplum5.0 Best Practices" memory and resource Queues (iv) _ Database

Click to have a surprise Avoid memory errors and gpdb resource issues Memory management has an important performance impact on the gpdb cluster. Most environments recommend using default settings. Don't change the default settings unless you really understand the needs of your system. Resolving Memory Overflow errors Low Memory error mapping segment database, node, process information for

Install greenplum cluster on Ubuntu 16.04

= 2097152Net.core.wmem_max = 2097152Vm.overcommit_memory = 25, configure/etc/security/limits.conf, add* Soft nofile 65536* hard nofile 65536* soft nproc 131072* hard Nproc 1310726. Set the read-ahead block size/sbin/blockdev--setra 16384 /DEV/SDA7. Restart the system8, Installation Greenplum into/opt/gpdb---------------------------sud

Modify and test the listening configuration of Oracle11g in OracleEnterpriseLinux64-bit

Test environment: Oracle Enterprise Linux 64-bit (version 5.8) + Oracle 11g 64-bit Related Description: the installation location of the Oracle11g64-bit software is/u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1, the database name is the default orcl, And the IP address of the Linux virtual machine is set to 1. modify the content of the listener. ora File Command: [oracle @ gpdb ~] $ Vi/u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1/network/admin/liste

Install Greenplum under Linux

-krb5--with-ldap--with-libxml--enable-cassert-- Enable-debug--enable-testutils--enable-debugbreak--enable-depend$ make$ make Install4. Initializing the Greenplum Database clusterAfter the binaries are installed, the DB cluster needs to be initialized. The following installs a gpdb cluster on a laptop. The cluster consists of a master, two segment.$ source $HOME/gpdb.master/$ Gpssh-exkeys-h ' hostname '4.1 Generating three configuratio

greenplum-cc-web4.2 Monitoring Installation

~/.pgpass =:~/Install the Performance Monitor console to download the corresponding installation packageView Greenplum Version[Email protected] ~]$ Gpstate-s | awk '/greenplum version/{print $8} ' |awk ' Nr==1 'Install packageRun the installation packageInstall package Decompression:To run the installation file:[Email protected] gpdb]#./greenplum-cc-web-4.2.0-linux-x86_64/gpccinstall-4.2.0#一直空格I have READ and AGREE to the TERMS of the ABOVE PIVOTAL g

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