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Windows Server R2 Build primary domain controller + secondary domain controller

One: Experimental simulation environment:Zhuyu Company is a small company, with the company, the company more and more attention to the construction of information technology, the company takes into account the centralized management of computer user rights and shared resources synchronization management, need to set up an ad domain control server, taking into account the cost and future management issues,Plan to set up the AD

Windows Server R2 Primary domain controller delegation DNS to subdomain control controller

First, the Experimental network topology diagram:Ii. Purpose of realization:Domain Users of the subdomain controller can query the A record of the DNS server to the primary domain controller, and the domain user of the primary domain con

The DNS on the DC (Domain Controller) does not query the non-in-charge domain (domain) solution --)

How to remove the root DNS RegionThe DNS server running Windows Server 2003 follows specific steps in its name resolution process. DNSThe server first queries its high-speed cache, then checks its region records, and then sends the request to the forwarder,Finally, use the root server to try parsing.By default, the Microsoft DNS Server is connected to the Internet so that you can use the root prompt to further process DNS requests.. When the dcpromo tool is used to promote the server to a

Domain Controller installation and adding to domain

Promote a member server to a domain controller (1) At present, many companies have more than 10 PCs in their networks: According to Microsoft, generally, the number of PCs in the network is less than 10, so we recommend that you adopt the peer network mode, if there are more than 10 servers, we recommend that you use the domain management mode, because the

Why the domain cannot be found when the Win2000 auxiliary domain controller is installed

The primary domain controller and the secondary domain controller are the arguments in WINNT, and win2000 is no longer distinguished. Here we use winnt for convenience: The first time: the secondary domain controller cannot be fo

Cannot contact the domain controller of domain xxx. ad

You cannot contact the domain controller of xxx. ad. If you are not the network administrator, inform the network administrator that you have received this information, which is recorded in file C: \ WINDOWS \ debug \ dcdiag.txt.When querying DNS to obtain the resource record of the service location (SRV), the following error occurs. This resource record is used to locate the

Solution to "cannot contact Domain Controller of domain XXXX"

System: Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition This method is applicable when ghost restores a computer from a system backup that has already joined the same domain and cannot be added to the domain. Therefore, the IP and DNS settings are correct. The reason is that the system cannot log on with a domain account after it is restored to the machine. In additio

Deploy a remote domain controller, four of the Active Directory Series

Reproduced Deploy a remote Domain ControllerIn the previous blog, we introduced the core role of the domain controller in allocating network resources, and analyzed the disaster scenarios caused by domain controller crash, in the p

WIN2008 R2 Active Directory Two deployment Enterprise Windows Server 2008 R2 additional domain controller _win server

Digression-This article commemorates the "pain" of the 98-pass exam. The younger brother prepares to test the driver's license, recently was handed over the regulation, has put down the Bowen matter. hahaha, just as soon as I passed the code word! The first Windows Server 2008 R2 domain controller in the deployment Enterprise ( has completed the establishment of a Wind

Windows 2003 Security Guide Hardening domain Controller One

Overview For Microsoft Active Directory services that are running Microsoft? Windows Server? 2003 computers, domain controller servers are important roles to ensure security in any environment. For clients, servers, and applications that rely on domain controllers to complete authentication, Group Policy, and a central LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

WIN2008 R2 Active Directory Deploy the first Windows Server 2008 R2 domain controller _win server in the Enterprise

single domain. Except that there is only one domain tree in this forest, and there is only one domain in the domain tree, and this is the only computer in the domain-the first DC. Thus, in the enterprise even before the deployment of the first DC, not only to consider how

Windows 2003 domain controller degraded

When you demote a domain controller, if it is not the last domain controller in the domain, it performs the last replication and then transfers its role to another domain controller. As

Installation of the Windows Server 2R Server version domain controller and building of the domain environment (image download)

domain environment Point "Upgrade this server to a domain controller" Follow the steps more carefully watch, some notes I will also explain in parallel here we "add a New Forest" and then enter the root domain "" Here we need to note that the version is best to choose the minimum version, Because of th

Two methods for transferring Domain Controller roles

How to transfer domain controller roles When the domain crashes or we buy a new server and need to use the new machine as the master domain controller, We need to transfer the role, when the original primary domain is online, we c

Secure the WIN 2003 domain controller

A domain controller, like its name, has administrative permissions on the entire Windows domain and on all computers in the domain. So you have to spend more effort to secure the domain controller and keep it safe. This article wi

How to troubleshoot the failure of a member server and a domain controller trust in a virtual machine environment

The virtual machine lab environment that was recently delivered in the project suddenly appeared "the trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed" issue, Virtual machines that cause many tests cannot log into the domain environment. How is this problem caused? Frankly you can go to Bing Google a similar question that will probably tell you the error is usually caused by the ac

AD Deployment Tutorial: Installing a read-only domain controller (RODC)

Because of the distance, we may sometimes need DC in some offices, but there is no professional IT technician, then set up a read-only domain controller. Characteristics: Read-only AD DS database A read-only copy of all objects and attributes on a writable domain controller except the account password is saved on th

How to promote a member server to a domain controller (2)

In my previous article, a member server named Server was promoted to a domain controller, so let's take a look at how to join the following workstation to the domain. Because from the network security considerations, as little as possible to use the domain administrator account, so first on the

Disaster recovery with a sudden burst of primary domain controller

This experiment is in the context of a multi-domain controller environment, the primary domain controller due to hardware failure suddenly damaged, and did not do the primary domain controller backup, how to enable the additional

Ad practice 4: deploy a remote Domain Controller

This article is from"Yue lei's Microsoft Network Class"Blog, please be sure to keep this sourceHttp:// In the previous blog, we introduced the core role of the domain controller in allocating network resources, and analyzed the disaster scenarios caused by domain controller crash

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