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OpenGL 3 & DirectX 11: The war is over: the day when the drawing API is fighting?

price. On the other hand, the development of OpenGL specifications and standards is also affected by the conflict of interests between software and hardware manufacturers, and the consensus cannot be reached. On the MS side, however, it is just working with ATI and NVIDIA to develop DirectX API specifications, and has the final key discretion, so it can be quite smooth and rapid continuous development. In this case,After DirectX 9 was launched, it wa

Silverlight 3 introduces the GPU acceleration feature

Pespective 3d effect, which is displayed in red and has no cache. Restrictions on GPU acceleration: 1. GPU acceleration only supports the following animations: Scale, Rotate, Changing Opacity, Clipping (only if clip is rectangular), and others are not supported, such as Perspective 3d effect animation. 2. if the GPU memory is insufficient, Silverlight uses t

Cuda by example chapter 3 translation practices GPU device parameter extraction

Since this book contains a lot of content, a lot of content is repeated with other books that explain cuda, so I only translate some key points. Time is money. Let's learn Cuda together. If any errors occur, please correct them. Since Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 do not have time to take a closer look, we will start from Chapter 3. I don't like being subject to people, so I don't need its header file. I will rewrite all programs. Some programs are too bor

iOS-----Opengl--opengl ES iOS Entry 3---> Texture mapping (texture)

glbindtexture (gl_texture_2d, _textureid);Specifies the value of the uniform variable for the current program object, and Parameter 1 represents the new value used (Gl_texture1) gluniform1i (_textureslot, 1);Draws a texture in the specified area.Note: The coordinate representation used to represent the texture range differs from the Uikit and OpenGL coordinates, ranging from (0,0) left down to (top) right.Texture Usage Range vertexConst Glfloat texco

OpenGL ES learning notes (3) & mdash; texture, es learning notes

Vertex coloring. It can get the current state in OpenGL, and GLSL built-in variables are passed. GLSL uses C language as the basic high-order coloring language, avoiding the complexity of using assembly language or hardware specification language. This section comes from Baidu encyclopedia and requires attention: Programs Written in GLSL are executed in the GPU, meaning that the coloring program does not t

3 DMAX Model Application in OpenGL

3 DMAX Model Application in OpenGL Fang Bin (Aircraft Design Institute of guihang group, Anshun 561000, Guizhou) Abstract: This article describes how to implement 3 DMAX data model program control in OpenGL 3D programming. The results can be used in aircraft flight motion simulation and real-time flight monitoring.

Android OpenGL ES plotting tutorial 3: Drawing Graphics

Android OpenGL ES plotting tutorial 3: Drawing GraphicsAfter defining the shapes to be drawn by OpenGL, you certainly want to draw them. Using OpenGL ES 2.0 to draw a graph may require more code than you think, because the API provides a large number of graphic rendering pipeline control interfaces.This chapter describ

OpenGL ES entry (3) Projection -- Translated from beginning Android games

plane has its own coordinate system. Figure 7-2. It displays the cropping plane superimposed on the coordinate system from the camera's perspective. Figure7-2. Crop a plane (also called a projection plane) and its coordinate system. Note that the coordinate system of the plane is not fixed. We can operate on it to make our projection plane work in any coordinate system (e.g ., we can specify that the origin of OpenGL ES is in the lower left corner

OpenGL Study Notes 3 (Introduction to 3D scenario transformation)

Note: The following content is from OpenGL getting started tutorial. Select a part of content for learning ~~~ When we draw a geometric image above, do you think our plot scope is too narrow? Coordinates can only be from-1 to 1, and can only be the right X axis, Y axis up, Z axis vertical screen. These limitations cause a lot of inconvenience to our drawing. We live in a 3D world-if we want to observe an object, we can:1. Observe it from different lo

OpenGL Note 3

operation speed is fast, but it is slightly less convenient to program, and the image effect is also worse than the RGB color. StarCraft may represent the screen effect of a 256-color table. Although it can run smoothly on a very bad PC, from the current perspective, the screen effect is insufficient.Currently, the performance of PC is sufficient to use RGB color in various scenarios. Therefore, the index color is not mainstream in PC program development. Of course, some small devices, such as

Experiment 3 OpenGL Geometric transformations

Transferred from: . Experimental Purpose:Understand how an OpenGL program translates, rotates, and scales transformations.2 . Experimental content:(1) Reading the experiment principle, running the demonstration experiment code, mastering the OpenGL program translation, rotation, zoom transformation me

OpenGL 3: Circle

This time, OpenGL is used to draw a circle, and a solid pentagram is drawn in the middle. 1. Draw solid five corners: Since the previous use of polygen painting will fail, maybe the GPU hardware will be different, so the use of polygen to draw a solid five-pointed star is not reliable; Therefore, polygen is not required to draw a star using a triangle. 2 circles Because there is no circular shape

[Post] cocos2D-X source code analysis from cocos2D-X learning OpenGL (3) ---- batch_command

Original post: cocos2D-X source code analysis learning OpenGL from cocos2D-X (3) ---- batch_command The last article introduced the quad_command rendering command, along with VAO and VBO. This article introduces the batch processing rendering command batchcommand. The batch processing command processing is relatively simple in render. 1 else if (commandtype = rendercommand: Type: batch_command) 2 {

Call OpenGL in cocos2dx (3.X)

Call OpenGL in cocos2dx (3.X) I have been using pomelo to write back-end data for the past few months. Now the project is coming to an end and I have finally had time to study OpenGL-related things. OpenGL itself is cross-platform, but the development environment of each platform is not the same. It is much easier to p

Linux OpenGL Practice Chapter -3 Framebuffer

, Glsizei stride, const glvoid* pointer);DrawGldrawarrays (glenum mode, glint first, glsizei count);//Direct read vertex data drawingGldrawelements (glenum mode, Glsizei count, glenum type, const glvoid* indices); Draw based on index (that is, all vertices are in an array, using an index to refer to the vertex data)The following is an example of drawing two triangles based on the API described above.#include Note: The code is written according to Red Book, some auxiliary code (such as Loadshader

OpenGL Homemade API 3

: glcolor3f (1.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f); does not use green, blue, and red is the most used, resulting in the purest red. glcolor3f (0.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f); Indicates the use of green, blue to the maximum, without using red. The effect of blending is light blue. glcolor3f (0.5f, 0.5f, 0.5f); means half of the colors used and the effect is gray. NOTE: Floating-point numbers can be accurate to several digits after the decimal point, which does not mean that the computer can display so many color

See OpenGL Write code (3) to implement the rotation of the matrix

pressed or released" if (button== glut_right_b Utton)//callback was due to a release/press of the right button Equivalent to "If the right mouse button is pressed or is released" if (button== Glut_middle_button)//callback is due to a release/press of the middle Button// Equivalent to "If the middle mouse button is pressed or released" Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Ma

OpenGL learning notes (3)-draw points and Line Segments

glint and glsizei ),F indicates a 32-bit floating point number (OpenGL defines this type as glfloat and glclampf ),D indicates a 64-bit floating point number (OpenGL defines this type as gldouble and glclampd ).V indicates that several parameters passed will use pointers. See the example below.These functions have the same function except for the type and number of parameters. For example, the functions of

OpenGL Getting Started Tutorial 3

straight lineA point is painted as true, and if 0, the factor points that should be drawn on the line will be painted as virtual.Here are some examples:Disclaimer: The picture is from, which is the drawing of the book "OpenGL Programming Guide", due to the old version of the book (first edition,1994) is already circulating in the network, I hope not to touch the copyright issue.Example code:void Mydisplay (void){Glclear (Gl_color_buffe

Assignment 3 using the Bresenham algorithm to draw a circle in OpenGL

to, and using the same iterative method for the next judgment. In addition to drawing lines and circles, you can also draw ellipses, hyperbolic curves, and so on.There is a little more experience is that this problem must be seen in foreign forums to find a good explanation.Code:#include #includevoidMyinit (void) {Glclearcolor (1.0f,1.0f,1.0f,0.0f); glcolor3f (1.0,0.0,0.0); Glmatrixmode (gl_projection); Glloadidentity (); Gluortho2d (0.0,500.0,0.0,500.0); Glmatrixmode (Gl_modelview);}void

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