grails performance

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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of grails framework and comparison of similar

The advantages of Grails DRY (don ' t Repeat yourself, don't repeat yourself), the Convention is better than the configuration (Convention over Configuration) The idea that dry and conventions take precedence over configuration is a new idea of

Grails 1.1 is released

Grails 1.1 is released   A few days ago, springsource released version 1.1 of the open-source Web Application Framework grails. This version provides many new features, improvements, and bug fixes, and uses the latest release of groovy 1.6 (the

Use Grails to build Web sites

Multi-platform micro-blogging robot platform driven by Feedlr:feed Micro-blogging is a new thing in the Web 2.0 era created by Twitter. On micro-blogs, people use short language to post messages anytime, anywhere, and get instant news from their

Quickly implement data additions and deletions using Dojo and grails (CRUD)

Reasons to choose Grails and Dojo With the wide application of Web, the development of Web application is more and more, and most of web development is to check the deletion of database. For the deletion of a database table, the development of the

[Oracle] Oracle joins Grails Open source plan

Oracle announces that it will participate in the Grails Open source program, helping to improve the productivity of Java program developers by closely matching the groovy instruction language.Grails builds on open source technologies such as spring,

The advantages and disadvantages of the five great JAVA Web frameworks, Spring MVC leads

There is no doubt that Java is one of the most important programming languages in the world today. The JS Framework provides a solid foundation for programmers to build programs. It includes defined classes and functions for hardware device

Java open-source web development framework (2)

Aurora is an open-source, configurable, and fully object-oriented MVC framework. Aurora's form controller uses the Spring framework. More Aurora InformationPustefix is a Web application framework. it contains a view Generation System Based on

In addition to Java, do you choose Scala or groovy?

Scala"", "Sans-serif" '> and groovy are both JVM-based languages, which have more concise syntax and rich expression capabilities than Java. Scala and groovy are good choices for developers who want to avoid tedious Java statements without leaving

How can I become a Java Web Developer?

How can I become a Java Web Developer?   Recently, someone asked me on my Facebook page, "how can I become a Java Web Developer ?" The answer to this question is not simple. Becoming a Java Web Developer involves many aspects. I have met a Java

To use Shiro as the basis of permissions for the application

Objective Shiro is a new privilege framework in the JAVA world that has a huge advantage in simplicity and flexibility compared to JAAS and Spring Security,shiro, while maintaining a powerful capability. This article will lead readers to see Shiro

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