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Grails Integration with Maven

Listing 3: listing 3. pom.xml files generated in the My-app root directory You can now run MVN commands for simple tests, such as: MVN package, you can see the results as shown in Listing 4: listing 4. Run the MVN command for a simple test | Loading Grails 2.1.0 | Configuring Classpath | Running pre-compiled script. | Environment set to prod ...................... ... | Packaging Grails Application ...

Practice of membership and full-text search under grails

grails war package application and deploy the bookstore \ target \ bookstore-0.1.war to Tomcat. The running effect is similar to the above Reference Official reference Http:// Http:// plug-in Directory Searchable reference Http:// Https://

Grails and Maven Integration overview

2.1.0 | Configuring Classpath | Running pre-compiled script . | Environment set to prod .............. ........ ... ... Packaging Grails Application ... | Compiling 1 source files ...... | Compiling 3 GSP files for package [myApp] ... | Compiling 4 GSP files for package [databasemigration] ... | Building WAR file .... .......................... ... | Done creating

Building Rich Internet applications with Grails, part 1th: Building Web Applications with Grails and Flex

Introduction: Rich Internet applications (Rich Internet Applications,ria) ensure the dynamic and functional nature of desktop applications through browsers. One of the main features of RIA is to move the presentation layer to the client and support it with the robust RESTful service layer on the server. This idea is spread through popular words such as Soui (Service oriented User Interface) and SOFEA (Service oriented Front end architecture). About this series This series explores application

Use grails-events-push in grails to implement ajax/Comet/websocket message push

> The push technology on the browser side is very mature. The grails Events push plug-in is used here. > > Events push is an extension of grails-platform-Core Based on and > Here we use the Events push example and make some addendum to it. # Create a

Customizing the behavior of Grails applications using the event model

. Grails searches for these scripts in the following locations: user_home/.grails/scripts--user-specific event handlers project_home/scripts--apply a specific event handler project_home/plugins/*/scripts--plug-in-specific event handlers We can handle grails events at both the macro and micro levels. The macro level is the construction and application scope, w

Grails makes GSP effective immediately through Configuration

", layout: pattern (conversionpattern: '% d {yyyy-mm-dd hh: mm: SS} [% P] % c {2} % m % n '))// File name: 'file', file: 'Log/UTs. Log'// Rollingfile name: "rollingfile", maxfilesize: 4*1024*1024, file: "log/UTs. rolling. log ", layout: pattern (conversionpattern: '% d {yyyy-mm-dd hh: mm: SS} [% P] % c {2} % m % n ')}Root {Error 'console', 'dailyrollingfile'Additivity = true} // Todo: Read log4j. Level from"$ {Log4jlevel}" dailyrollingfile: "

Grails Agent proxy settings deployment Grails encounters error Resolve Error obtaining dependencies: Error, and workaround

Recently using Grails, beginning with the 3.0.2 version, has been wrapped nullpointer error, later used in 2.5.0 version, you can create the project, but after entering the project catalog, then execute the grails program, error, the steps are as follows:1. Grails Create-app HelloWorld//Success2. CD HelloWorld3. Grails

Groovy easy to get started--grails combat basics

Before learning anything, the most important thing is to cultivate interest, groovy one of the world's most dazzling technology--grails believe that we have already heard, I will be through the Grails Combat series to show you the charming style of grails, so that you feel the charm of grails, To fall madly in love wit

Remotely call action in grails and grails call action

Remotely call action in grails and grails call action When performing a program similar to batch processing, if you need to save a large number of records in an action, this will cause the database session in grails to exceed the load, resulting in OOM. This is because all the modifications made to the data in a request are saved in the database session of the re

Grails Engineering and MAVEN integration

Grails actually has some of its own project management commands, such as Grails package,grails test-app,grails War. But the company is now basically using MAVEN to manage the project, so for the purpose of unified management, we have also let the

Quickly implement data additions and deletions using Dojo and grails (CRUD)

code, and built on a classic framework (SPRING,HIBERNATE,SITEMESH) that gives you a solid The one-stop frame with super high productivity now. Grails learns fast and easy to use, and if you are familiar with Hibernate, Spring, Sitemesh, and JSP, you can learn grails within one hours. Grails runs on top of the JVM, and the resulting

Using grails to develop Google App engine apps

; Install the GORM-JPA plugin. Install the GORM-JPA plug-in. Create under AppName \grails-app\conf: Datastore-indexes.xml: The related configuration of the data store index, by default, the index is automatically created Persistence.xml: Persistent Configuration Create the artifacts, scaffolding, and war three directories under AppName \src\templates, which have domain class, controller/views, and web.

Developing JEE applications using Grails and Flex

The Java platform has evolved into a mature and reliable enterprise application platform, and a hallmark of a mature application platform is its ability to drive a wide range of derivative technologies and options that can be integrated with other technologies. This article will detail how to develop JEE using the derivative technology developed by grails, a traditional JEE application, and a different flex technology that can be used in Java. These t

Groovy,grails,netbeans Installation Configuration Manual

This article is written for groovy and grails new people, and if you're already familiar with it, please stop, lest you delay your time, and if you have leisure, please criticize this article and correct me. Groovy, a dynamic language that runs on the JVM, has syntax similar to Java syntax, is much loved by Java programmers, and supports Java syntax directly. Grails, a rails style framework based on groovy

How do you choose between rails and grails?

The various comparisons between rails and grails have not stopped since rails and grails have entered people's eyes. Recently Stephan on its blog with rails and grails working trend charts. As you can see from rails and grails work trends, rails is in a fast-growing period, and gra

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of grails framework and comparison of similar

The advantages of Grails DRY (don ' t Repeat yourself, don't repeat yourself), the Convention is better than the configuration (Convention over Configuration) The idea that dry and conventions take precedence over configuration is a new idea of the web framework that rails sprang up and was quickly and widely received and appreciated. As the rails of the Jee World, Grails brings these cutting-edge design

Grails changes port running

Changing the grails default server portChange grails default service port Run the grails application from the command lineProgramFor example, when grails run-app is used, it runs on port 8080 by default. However, when port 8080 of the server is occupied by other applications, an error is reported: Server failed to

Groovy easy to get started--grails the actual web flow Chapter

Spring Web flow is a member of the spring family that simplifies the development of Web applications. The Web application development tool for spring Web flow is integrated in Grails0.6. Here's an example to show you how to use spring Web flow easily in grails. 1, "Grails create-app webflowdemo", the output is as follows: d:\_dev\grails_appsgt;grails Create-ap

The grails Spring security Core Plugin uses

Spring Security Core Plugin is a powerful privilege control plug-in for spring, Secure your applications using the powerful Spring security library quickly and easily Official plugin Address: Http:// Official Use manual: Insert the spring security Core Plugin in the

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