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Groovy easy to get started--grails combat basics

Before learning anything, the most important thing is to cultivate interest, groovy one of the world's most dazzling technology--grails believe that we have already heard, I will be through the Grails Combat series to show you the charming style of

Grails Integration with Maven

This article mainly introduces Grails and Maven integration. After the Grails 2.1 release, the integration of Maven has been greatly improved. This article provides an example of how Grails integrates with MAVEN, enabling readers to learn how to

Grails and Maven Integration overview

Overview Grails Introduction: Grails is an open source WEB development framework that is developed with dynamic language Groovy and can be integrated with projects that are developed in Java. Grails fully embodies the principle of convention over

Groovy easy to get started--grails the actual web flow Chapter

Spring Web flow is a member of the spring family that simplifies the development of Web applications. The Web application development tool for spring Web flow is integrated in Grails0.6. Here's an example to show you how to use spring Web flow

Customizing the behavior of Grails applications using the event model

A typical grails application throws events at key points in the application lifecycle, whether during the build process or when creating a single component, such as a domain class or controller. We can use these application events as extension

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of grails framework and comparison of similar

The advantages of Grails DRY (don ' t Repeat yourself, don't repeat yourself), the Convention is better than the configuration (Convention over Configuration) The idea that dry and conventions take precedence over configuration is a new idea of

Grails makes GSP effective immediately through Configuration

First, in the config. Groovy File Open Import org. Apache. log4j. dailyrollingfileappenderImport org. springframework. Core. Io. classpathresourceImport org. springframework. Core. Io. Support. propertiesloaderutilsImport org. springframework. Core.

Developing JEE applications using Grails and Flex

The Java platform has evolved into a mature and reliable enterprise application platform, and a hallmark of a mature application platform is its ability to drive a wide range of derivative technologies and options that can be integrated with other

Building Rich Internet applications with Grails, part 1th: Building Web Applications with Grails and Flex

Introduction: Rich Internet applications (Rich Internet Applications,ria) ensure the dynamic and functional nature of desktop applications through browsers. One of the main features of RIA is to move the presentation layer to the client and support

Groovy,grails,netbeans Installation Configuration Manual

This article is written for groovy and grails new people, and if you're already familiar with it, please stop, lest you delay your time, and if you have leisure, please criticize this article and correct me. Groovy, a dynamic language that runs on

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