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How do beginners begin to learn graphic design?

, some people call it "prepress technology." What does the graphic design include? The scope of graphic design is very wide. From the scope of all used for printing and graphic design, from the function,

Professional Blender3D graphic design tools in Ubuntu

If you are looking for free and cool graphics design software for your UbuntuLinux operating system, you are right here! This time, we will introduce you to the extensive and free 3D graphic design software Blender. Blender is a free and open source 3D model creation software. It is not only applicable to Linux platforms, but also runs on other mainstream operati

For beginners, PHP Development chooses what development tools, and phpstorm features and git integration essentials

versioning.Tips for Beginners to learn Phpstorm Read the Phpstorm help document at once. Phpstorm Online documents look a lot, in fact, really read fast, a night basically can read. It allows you to quickly familiarize yourself with the functionality, concepts, terminology and design concepts of the entire software, as well as basic usage. Put all the menus, menu items, Windows, and

Java Beginners Common Development tools Introduction

. Depending on the operating platform, download the appropriate version and set the path and classpath. This package provides a Java compiler, Java interpreter, but does not provide a Java editor, and therefore requires the user to choose an Easy-to-use editor or integrated development tool. Here are some Java development tools that are suitable for beginners. A UltraEdit UltraEdit is the shareware, its of

10 Super Practical PS vector Graphic design techniques

As you all know, Photoshop is an important application for editing bitmaps. In fact, Photoshop also has a very powerful ability to handle vector graphics. In this PS tutorial, we will introduce the 10 most important features of PS vector graphs. 10 Super Practical PS vector Graphic design techniques We'll learn how to use the Free pen tool, the rubber band feature, instant shape

Beginners Java Common Development tools Introduction _JSP Programming

Java is becoming more and more widely used, and more and more people are learning java. People who have studied programming know that using basic for programming can use development tools such as QBasic, Visual Basic, and programming in C, and you can use Turbo C, Visual C + +, C + + Builder, and other development tools. These development tools, integrated with e

Graphic production tools in Linux

Many users often make pictures, photos of family members when traveling, and pictures to be made for work. There is a good graphic production tool in Windows. Similarly, there are good graphic production tools in the Linux system environment. Next, let's take a look at the replacement of the Windows graphic production

Original-phison group up12 master Chip USB flash disk production graphic tutorials and tools

Original-phison group up12 master chip U disk production graphic tutorials and tools for mass production is certainly not unfamiliar to everyone, but for the success of mass production is a relatively troublesome thing. Today, I am releasing a tutorial to teach you how to create a phison group-connected up12 master Chip USB flash drive. Pay attention to the following points again: (several things that mus

Video tutorial on Web graphic design of the "Preach Intelligence podcast"

productionPhotoshop (9day) video tutorial:Illustrator (3day) tutorial videoPhotoshop is a powerful bitmap processing function is widely used in the field of computer art design, as the design of the industry as one of the necessary software, the importance of the need not to repeat! We all know that!Lao He will take everyone together, in nine days of time, easy to learn Photoshop image processing, master t

Responsive Web graphic Design ([Mei]christopher Schmitt) PDF Scan version

Graphic Design in Web pages is the key to the online content user experience, especially now that users can access Web pages using a variety of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and even smart TVs. Responsive web Graphic design provides an angle to the responsive web, introduces the underlying H

Summary of Graphic Data Maintenance tool Project architecture Design

line facilities Business data, GIS layer information, GIS, all kinds of points, line facilities, geometric rules, topological relations, business rules and so on data. Graphic data maintenance tools, which need to operate each grid map of the corresponding business database, reading and correcting each isolated graphic project corresponding to the business attri

Design of HTML5 topological graphic component for vectorization

tools to estimate the location coordinates of Bezier points that are difficult to write in handwritten code:With the tools no longer have to worry about drawing curves, and even do not need to participate in the programmer, the artist can also use the HT vector Editor to draw graphics export JSON to the programmer, this is HT for the designer and developer to better fit each other vector

Key points of graphic design of Web page

How to do a good job of web design, for beginners, this is still some small difficulty, especially when the web design by a few people to take over the time. However, in fact, as long as master a few points, web design is actually not very difficult. Before the graphic

[Reprint] SDL usage, Part 1: Graphic Design

optimizations into the SDL 1.1.3 CVS code base. We also found that by removing all "glowing hot" effect layers that do not include those that have a clear effect, we can get a brighter button text than the original one. We use this technology in the main menu. When you move the mouse over the menu option, the menu option is highlighted ". Game appearanceAt present, we have tried to complete this appearance, which is suitable for the technical layer of the gaming world and more or less like Eur

Google Graphic Design Guide: icons and logos

Back in April 2011, Google co-founder Larry Page took Eric Schmidt's gun and took office as Google's CEO. On his first day, he announced that he would re-design the company's main products, including representative searches, maps, and emails. He wants them to change their minds to know that Google is never known for its design elegance), but he also requires close association between products, rather than a

Graphic design skills (translation tutorial)

Graphic design skills (translation tutorial) Why is one image more powerful than three images? How to design product user guide? How to make sense of attention through various comparisons in design? How can we achieve unified internal and external coordination? How to design

10 tips for Web design beginners

10 tips for Web design beginners Abstract: Most of the lessons you have learned in web design come from your work experience. Learning is a continuous process and there is no better way to acquire knowledge than making mistakes. In this article, we will discuss 10 important and regular skills, which should be known to every new Web designer. Web Designers usually

Object-oriented discussion [2]-. Net Architecture Design Guide for beginners (I) the era of Hello World

student and could be used to solve a multi-dimensional equation immediately. Later, structured programming was developed to split the code into multiple modules, this enhances code reusability and facilitates debugging and modification, but the structure is much more complex. The earliest programming method was process-oriented. It was very intuitive for beginners to understand quickly. Later, with the object-oriented method, the solution to the prob

. Net Architecture Design Guide for beginners (1) the era of Hello World

-dimensional equation immediately. Later, structured programming was developed to split the code into multiple modules, this enhances code reusability and facilitates debugging and modification, but the structure is much more complex. The earliest programming method was process-oriented. It was very intuitive for beginners to understand quickly. Later, with the object-oriented method, the solution to the problem did not look so straightforward, you mu

Using PPT to cut the text to design a graphic tutorial

In the ordinary PPT design, sometimes need to cut some text, the text for some artistic processing, understand some graphic design friends will use PS to rapid production, but there are many use to PPT of the small partners will not PS, here to teach you how through the PPT software itself has the function of the text to cut the

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