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PHP to try to use the GraphicsMagick thumbnail function _php tips

Commonly used image processing tools are gd,imagemagick,graphicsmagick and so on. GD is a fools, skip to mention; ImageMagick is currently the most popular image processing tool, its function is very rich; GraphicsMagick's function is slightly less

Appbackend design (122.16--image processing .docx,

Appbackend design (122.16--image processing .docx, After the app is launched, it constantly receives feedback from users. If the feedback is very poor, there will be app revisions.   Once the app is revised, there will be relatively large UI

Imagick picture compression.

Select an appropriate image processing extension package. Common extensions such as Gd,imagick,gmagick. The antique GD loses, the efficiency is very low, and the compressed picture volume is very big =. = Imagick is a good choice

Imagick Picture Processing

ImageMagick is a free software that creates, edits, and synthesizes pictures. It can read, convert, and write images in many formats. Picture cutting, color substitution, application of various effects, picture rotation, composition, text, line,

Single Responsibility Principle for Object-Oriented Design Principles (SRP)

Single Responsibility Principle for Object-Oriented Design Principles (SRP)   This principle was once described in the books of Tom DeMaro and Meilir Page-Jones and called it cohesion ). They define cohesion as functional correlations between

PHP extension test tool Series-use gmagick to crop images to generate thumbnails

After crawlers crawl to an article, the first image in the article is often used as a thumbnail of the article to be displayed on the list, home page, or other recommended positions. in this case, the image is generally processed simply, generate

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