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GeoGebra (Mathematical graphing Calculator)

650) this.width=650; "src=" "border=" 0 " Class= "Shadow" alt= "GeoGebra (Mathematical Graphing Calculator)" style= "border:0px;vertical-align:middle;margin-bottom:0px;"/>Plugin Introduction:Mathematics is an indispensable part of our lives, everywhere will use the mathematics, in the course of learning Mathematics, the ordinary

Using the object-oriented graphing calculator

that invokes the __tostring method of the object to return a string, and echo outputs the string returned by the object . atthis outputs a form waiting for the user's input. -*/ -EchoNewForm ("index.php"); - -/*If the user clicks the Submit button, the result class is automatically loaded and the output*/ -if(isset($_post["Sub"])){ inEchoNewresult (); - } to?> + - the The form.class.php code is as follows: 1 Php2/*3Project: Object-oriented

PHP Object polymorphism Simple graphing calculator Gaulo PHP

Main Program Page test.php pageShape abstract Class Shape.class.php pageRectangle Class Rectangle.class.php Page Triangle Class Triangle.class.php page Browser Rectangle page650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http:// -wmp_4-s_226034738.png "title=" Firefox _2016-09-01t08-42-48.546z.png "alt=" wkiol1fh6jydx36yaaalaetgxqu441.png-wh_50 "/ >Browser Triangle page650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http://

Classic case: Object-oriented Graphing calculator

Classic example: Object-oriented Graphing calculator

IOS Learning Note Interface Graphing Calculator--Lan Yi Education

point need to remove 0if (Self.resultlabel.text.length==1 ![ Title isequaltostring:@ "."] [Self.resultLabel.text hasprefix:@ "0"]) {Self.resultLabel.text = @ "";}Avoid entering decimal points continuouslyif ([title isequaltostring:@.]) {Determine if a string is includedif ([Self.resultLabel.text rangeofstring:@ "."]. length>0) {If it contains a.You can't just point it out. TheReturn}}Display the title in the lableSelf.resultLabel.text = [Self.resultLabel.textstringByAppendingString:title];If y

Python Practice---Simulation calculator

(i)elifFIND_[INDEX-1] = ="-": #If two negative numbers are subtracted, they are added or subtracted ifTag = =True:res+=float (i)Else: Res-=float (i)Else: #case where I is empty when processing without parentheses ifI! ="": Res=float (i)returnResif __name__=='__main__': whileTrue:calc_input= Input ("Please enter a calculation formula \ n default to:%s:"%a). Strip ()Try: ifLen (calc_input) = =0:calc_input=a calc_input= R'%s'%calc_input#do special treatment t

Java written by a calculator simulation small program

The next Saturday to take part in test practice on the machine exam, time too fast, cold days people also become lazy, and sometimes do not want to do, tonight just have time to take out the Java test Questions to review, read more sleepy simply knock code it, to tell the truth I am not very familiar with Java, If it is not for the exam to test, I do not have time to contact it, after all, to do operations, I prefer Shell,python or the like. Forget it, or just knock the code here to save, the pr

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