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10 great tools for developing mobile apps

, hybrid, and mobile Web applications on the same code base.While Appcelerator is not a code-free development platform, it offers JavaScript development tools for mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Tizen, BlackBerry, and more.Ten, AppgyverAppgyver Composer2 is a back-end hosting service that integrates Web-ready mobile development tools to develop hybrid apps for iOS and Android. Appgyver's supersonic UI Framework provides many native UI elements,

10 Great user Experience design guidelines for ipad apps

for the user to notice because the arrow is not a common icon to represent clickable actions, and it's also on the left. In your design, it is important to be able to touch the interactive elements are clearly marked out, it is best to be eye-catching and beautiful, so that users do not have to find and think to understand their role.The picture area above the Cool hunting interface is actually a set of pictures that can be swept, but it's really hard to see this. In fact, you might want to sho

10 great new features in Windows Server R2

remote office settings.WS-R2 Hyper-V HighlightsThe next version of Hyper-V brings the "Gen2" VMs to learners and cleanup staff, which is equivalent to the improvements on Hyper-V, faster dynamic migrations, online VM output and cloning, and more. To learn more about the new features of Hyper-V, click Read Great new features in Windows Server R2 Hyper-V.Original: InfoWorldThis article for CSDN compilation,

Solutions for trading apps and website drivers that are not compatible with Windows 10

systems.To avoid inconvenience and similar undesirable experiences for your users, we sincerely recommend that you work actively with the driver provider and complete the necessary updates. If your users have already shown you a problem similar to a transaction failure, it is recommended that you test the client or the website for a driver incompatibility problem and resolve it in a timely manner.If you have any technical questions you would like to ask Microsoft Technical Advisor, you are welc

Reinstall Apps for Windows 10

Windows 10 apps include one that can be called standard Windows apps, such asMail, Messaging, applications such as these can be uninstalled via PowerShell commands (method The installation location of this type of application i

10 great cross-platform tools that mobile developers must understand

first think of PhoneGap. This open-source free framework, which allows developers to use HTML, JS, and CSS to develop cross-platform mobile apps, has long been a favorite for developers, from iOS, Android, BB10, Windows phone to Amazon Fire OS, Tizen, and more. Major mobile platforms are readily available, allowing developers to make the most of their core functions, such as geolocation, accelerators, cont

10 most popular Win8 apps for foreigners

Facebook, Skype, ICQ, Google talk and Jabber, to make it easier for users to communicate with others. Kindle If you can't buy a Kindle tablet with a color display, it's a good choice to visit the Kindle Library through Windows 8 system. Especially for those who do not often read electronic books but sometimes have to need it to play time. MetroTwit In fact, the Windows 8 system

Re-imagine the Windows 8.1 Store Apps Article index

, PopupIntroducedRe-imagining the controls enhancements for Windows 8.1 Store Apps ScrollViewer-Enhancements for scrolling view controls FlipView-Enhancements to the slide view control Popup-Enhanced Popup box control 8. Re-imagine Windows 8.1 Store Apps (79)-Control enhancements: MediaElement, Fr

Mo Ge: this is how the great gods practice it-create a 5 cm-caliber hole and put it in 10 meters!

cm-caliber hole and input 10 meters. Is that true for playing apps? Only you know the answer. the circle is very important. I learned this basic technique worth tens of thousands of dollars! What do you mean? There are a lot of things that are like this. When you step in, you will know that TMD can make money like this! You don't make money, but your vision is too small! That's it. welcome to the group!

"Turn" Android application Development:10 Tips for more efficient Apps

launching a full update; Wait for better states for bulk transfers. Provide users with battery usage options, e.g. update intervals and background behavior. Implementing UI that leaves minimum memory Footprintstip 9. How to identify layout performance problemsWhen creating UI sticking solely to basic features for layout managers, you risk to create memory abusing apps with Annoyin G delays in the UI. The first step to implementation of a smo

Very valuable to web developers 10 great websites

Many sites are unknown, but they provide helpful content and functionality for developers, and this article lists 10 great sites that are really valuable to web developers. Em Chart The EM Chart is a very useful tool to quickly and easily convert the EM to pixel values on the Web page. Twitter API Explorer The Web site provides you with the browsing and searching of the Twitter API, while providing

[Transfer from EOE] 10 Android apps that are helpful to developers

From: I think it's interesting. I just turned around to avoid turning around in the future! The collected applications are prepared for developers. I believe they will be of great help to you. The following lists 10 Android apps that are helpful to developers: 1. Remote Desktop client this application hel

Top 10 Apple iPad special apps

According to foreign media reports, in January 27, Apple officially unveiled its iPad tablet. One of its most attractive features was its ability to run any iPhone application without modification.Program. In other words, 140000 applications running on the iPhone and iPod touch can run on the iPad. Below, I have screened 10 special apps from the Apple App Store, which can bring unexpected surprises to iPa

What & #39; s new in Windows 10 Enterprise with Microsoft Edge. (new in Windows 10), always iseedge.

switch the browser and submit your experience feedback. p.S. it seems that there are still issue .) Cortana, your personal assistant, is now available on the desktop in the US, China, France, Italy, Germany and Spain.(Cortana, your personal assistant, can now be used in desktop systems in the United States, China, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. p.S. here we should have a round of applause. xiaona is actually quite good .) just like in Windows P

Minimum user Rating 10 tips for new mobile apps

Article Description: summarize the 10 key points of Android phone application UI design. Author: Guenther Beyer Recently, many developers have moved into the mobile phone field, and small teams have been able to conceive of excellent and unique ideas, and the use of spare time is enough to develop applications. Each development cycle will sooner or later come to the application near completion of this point. What are we going to do next?

Developing universal Windows apps with. Net

development tools.2. Learn about some of the features of the UWPWhile the literal meaning of the UWP is straightforward to express its essence (one development compiles multiple places to run), it has the following features: Leverage the cross-platform nature of. NET core to share business logic code Deploy a reduced one with the application. NET copy so that the app always uses the validated. NET version Generate highly optimized native machine code with. NET native technolog

Microsoft Post internal recommended-sdeii for Windows Phone Apps

ensure the task with highest priority is carried out, align with partners.? contribute to the establishment of fast release cycle and high quality engineering cultureQualifications:? Love to design and write apps, esp. mobile apps.? Hands-on experiences in windows/wp apps and ecosystem? With

Use coded UI tests to test Windows store apps

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Go language development Windows apps

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. When you first see the GO program build executable exe files on the Windows platform, it declares that the Windows app must also be the battlefield of the Go language. Go is not a scripting language, but it has a lightweight and simple feature of the scripting language. The go language is truly a "dream of application developm

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (71)

Author: WEBABCD Introduced Re-imagine the other Windows 8 Store Apps Call Windows Runtime Component (c + +) in C # Let Windows Runtime Component (c + +) Act as proxies to invoke DLLs (C + +) Get screen resolution through C + + and D3D Example First, demonstrates how to invoke

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