greatest common divisor calculator

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Python method for solving greatest common divisor based on the Euclidean method

This article mainly introduces Python's method of solving greatest common divisor based on the Euclidean method, and analyzes the implementation method and optimization operation skill of Python using the greatest common divisor method, and the need

TXT arithmetic calculator

Basic idea : Use the Getline function to read the infix expression from TXT file sequentially, convert it to the suffix expression and calculate the result, and compare with the user result.The processing of integers, fractions, and decimals: treats

Python Exercise Exercises (chapater 5--python core programming)

Update in ...#!/usr/bin/env python# Coding:utf-8' For practise in Chapater five '#定义一个函数, calculates and returns the two-digit flightdef product (A, B):Return (A * b)#根据分数输出同学的评分成绩 (A-F)DEF score (i):if (i > +) & (I Return (' A ')Elif (i >) & (I

"Python Core Programming" chapter Fifth: Numbers

Chapter OutlineDescribes the many types of numbers supported by Python, including Integer, Long, Boolean, double-precision floating-point, decimal floating-point, and complex. Describes and numbers-related operators and functions.Knowledge Point 5.1

Python-code snippet, snippets,gist

DescriptionCode snippets from the Internet or written by yourself.Fahrenheit temperature to Celsius"""将华氏温度转换为摄氏温度F = 1.8C + 32Version: 0.1Author: 骆昊Date: 2018-02-27"""f = float(input(‘请输入华氏温度: ‘))c = (f - 32) / 1.8print(‘%.1f华氏度 = %.1f摄氏度‘ % (f, c))

C Language Exams

College is more wonderful, a big time to learnVB, this semester will learnC + +, and then no classes in the first three weeks of school, the teacher speaks for three weeksClanguage, Daily9:30~11: -lectures, except holidays and weekends, the actual

Soft-working trooped

Pair: YangmeiOne, pair programming 1. Advantages and disadvantages of pairing programming~ Advantages of Pairing Programming:1. One responsible for writing code when programming one is responsible for review at any time, can effectively improve the

C language Exam (1)

College more wonderful, a big time to learn VB, this semester to learn C + +, and then in the first three weeks of school without classes, the teacher said three weeks of C language, every day 9:30~11:30 lectures, except holidays and weekends, the

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