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Two greatest common divisor algorithms of "turn"

1. the Euclidean methodThe greatest common divisor is a method of finding two natural numbers, also called Euclidean algorithm.For example, ask for GCD (319,377):∵377÷319=1 (Yu 58)∴GCD (377,319) =GCD (319,58);∵319÷58=5 (Yu 29),∴GCD (319,58) =GCD (58

Algorithms for greatest common divisor and least common multiple

Short division: #include #include int max_approximate (int num1, int num2) {if  (num1 > num2) {int tmp = 0;tmp = num1;num1 = num2;num2  = tmp;} int min = num1;while  (min) {if  ((num2%min == 0) && (num1%min==0)) { Return min;} min--;} return 1;}

51nod 1179 the largest greatest common divisor

1179 the largest greatest common divisortitle Source: SGUbase time limit: 1 seconds space limit: 131072 KB Score: 40 Difficulty: 4-level algorithm problemgive n positive integers to find the maximum value of greatest common divisor between n number 2

Algorithm-Greatest common divisor

Greatest common divisor is a very classical mathematical problem, for this problem there are four general solutions , mass factor decomposition method, short division, but more commonly used or the method of dividing, the algorithm from the Euclid's

Python implementation for greatest common divisor and least common multiple

Record Python implementation of greatest common divisor & minimum number of public digits two algorithmsConceptGreatest common divisor: refers to the largest of two or more integers in totalLeast common multiple: two or more integers of the public

Hdu 1695 synthesis number theory Euler's Function Decomposition principle of matter-factor exclusion print prime number table handsome question explanation

GCDTime Limit: 6000/3000 MS (Java/Others) Memory Limit: 32768/32768 K (Java/Others)Total Submission (s): 3112 Accepted Submission (s): 1095 Problem DescriptionGiven 5 integers: a, B, c, d, k, you're trying to find x in... b, y in c... d that GCD (x,

C Language Review---to obtain the maximum number of conventions (Euclidean method and subtract loss method)

From: Baidu Encyclopedia of the method of the Division of the divide: the greatest common divisor is a method of finding two natural numbers, also known as Euclidean algorithm.For example, ask (319,377): ∵319÷377=0(remainder 319) ∴ (319,377=377,319);

Evaluate the maximum common divisor (ansi c) using the Stein Algorithm)

First, we introduce a symbol: g_c_d is the abbreviation of greatest common divisor (maximum common divisor). g_c_d (x, y) indicates the maximum common divisor of X and Y. Then we need to know that all the dikes of an odd number are odd. This is very

Combined _00 Basic Class JS (9days) Job

Job Description: The following activities are broadly marked by the need to use the knowledge point, where the gray text part of the difficulty of the extension to improve the problem, for the choice. (Basic) write down the basic features of JS

Linear Algebra: Chapter 1 polynomial 1

§ 1 Field The addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and other operations of numbers are generally called the algebra of numbers. the problem of algebra mainly involves the algebraic nature of numbers. Most of these properties are common

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