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Reading of keyboard symbols, special symbols, and Greek symbols

English Reading of keyboard symbols Backquote quotation marks~ Tilde! Exclam@# Numbersign: hash in English, pound in American, and sharp in music, such as C #$ Dollar% Percent^ Caret Ampersand* Asterisk, Star (American), and multiply in mathematical formulas(Parenleft, opening parentheses) Parenright, closing paretheses-Minus; hyphen hyphens, not read_ Underscore+ Plus= Equal[Bracketleft, opening bracket]

Commonly used symbols in mathematics and the reading of Greek letters

The mathematical symbols and Greek letters that often appear in foreign languages are often difficult to pronounce and have to stop and get stuck. Many friends may have encountered this problem. I searched on the Internet and sorted out a list of mathematical symbols and Greek letters in Chinese and English pronunciati

The standard method of reading the relevant mathematical symbols and Greek letters in statistics

In order to facilitate the oral environment with people analysis and discussion of statistics, especially to find the following symbols of the standard reading, one alternative, but also convenient for beginners to standardize pronunciation.The following is a reading table, in which Tex fonts are generally present in scientific writings. Tex Greek Alphabet name TeX HTML

[Strong] comparison table of Greek mathematical symbols and pronunciations

Since: Uid = 799481 Do = Blog id = 1326 Greek mathematical symbols and pronunciations Uppercase Lowercase Pronunciation Bytes α Alpha ['æ LFA] Bytes β BETA ['bi: Ta/'beita] Gamma Gamma Gamma ['G æ Ma] △ Delta Delta ['delta] Bytes ε Epsilo

Starting from the keyboard layout, the symbols in C #

ArticleDirectory Single symbol Symbol combination There are various summary and classification articles everywhere. Therefore, I will also take readers to summarize the symbols that appear in. net. I hope you can clarify the vague memories of some symbols and give some inspiration to you. ProgramTake five seconds to move your eyes away from the screen and look at your

Word 2010 Enter symbols not on the keyboard

In the process of editing a document with Word 2010, you often need to enter some symbols, some symbols on the keyboard, you can directly input, some symbols on the keyboard, how should I enter? In fact, in Word 2010, symbols that

How Word 2003 invokes a virtual keyboard to write special symbols

how Word 2003 invokes a virtual keyboard to write special symbols For example, when we use Word 2003 to edit a document and want to enter a special character m2, then press the "ctrl+/(or question mark key)" key combination on the keyboard and see what? a virtual keyboard full of special

How to read symbols on the keyboard in English

Document directory 2007-10-07 How do I read the symbols on the keyboard in English? 2007-10-07Copyright Disclaimer: During reprinting, please use hyperlinks to indicate the original source and author information of the article and this statementHttp:// quotation marks~ Tilde! Exclam@# Numbersign: hash in English, pound in American, and sharp in music, s

Mac keyboard Key symbols

Use the modifier keys to viewThe keys, like command, option, control, and shift, are called modifier keys under the Mac, and generally they are used to assist in input or modifier keys that are used as shortcut keys.Open "System Preferences", click "keyboardkeyboard → modifier key" To see these modifier keys, such as Caps Lock is?, control is?, the command is?, of course, here you can customize the

make keyboard input special symbols in Word 2010

In Word2010, you can use the keyboard to enter special symbols, such as copyright symbol ©, registered trademark Symbol ®, etc. Common symbols and keyboard shortcuts are shown in the following table. Symbol Keyboard shortcuts © (copyright symbol)

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