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Mpp-greenplum database installation and simple use

all_hosts gpssh-exkeys-f seg_hosts 4.5 Packaging Distribution installation files (Master) 4.5.1 packaged distributionTAR-CF GP5. 6. Tar db/ -f/home/gpadmin/gpconfig/seg_hosts gp5. 6. Tar =:/opt/greenplum4.5.2 Unzip the distribution file (directory structure to and master node always) and create data directoryGpssh-F all_hosts (Connect all node, batch) /opt/greenplum/ -xf gp5. 6. Tar -p/usr/local/yiliao/gpdata/gpmaster -p/usr/local/yiliao/gp

Greenplum Database Upgrade Practice (top)

Any system upgrade has a quantitative change to a qualitative transition: when the version is small, it is usually very simple, the version is a big difference, is a nightmare. But when the version is small, we tend to be complacent. This article actually records from GP4.2.7.2 to upgrade process, from the version number see little difference, but the GP version of the name, the second change is already a big upgrade. Another thing to note is that the upgrade of the GP

GreenPlum database fault recovery test

GreenPlum database fault recovery test This article describes gpdb master fault and recovery testing and segment fault recovery testing. Environment Introduction:Gpdb version: Binary version 5.5.0OS: CentOS linux 7.0Master segment: hostname: mfsmasterStadnby segemnt: hostname: server227Segment Node 1: hostname: server227Segment Node 2: hostn

Greenplum Database Failure Recovery test

Tags: gpdb mirror segment primary segment master failoverThis article describes the master failure and recovery test for gpdb and the segment failure recovery test.Environment Introduction:GPDB version: 5.5.02 binary versionOperating system version: CentOS Linux 7.0Master segment: Hostname:mfsmasterStadnby segemnt: hostname:server227Segment node 1: hostname:server227Segment node 2: hostname:server17Segment node 3: host

PostgreSQL Advantage, MySQL database itself is not very rich, trigger and stored process support is weak, Greenplum, AWS Redshift, etc. are based on PostgreSQL developed

interrelated SQL and so on. MySQL is more suitable for simple OLTP applications with business logic. For PostgreSQL, regardless of the business logic is simple or complex, OLTP or OLAP load, PostgreSQL can support, also have a very mature products, many well-known OLAP database products such as Greenplum, AWS Redshift, etc. are the base Developed in PostgreSQL. The query optimizer for PostgreSQL is very po

Greenplum Database Expansion Practice (UP)-Preparation work

:: xx2015) Time on Machine(Wed May20 15:: Approx .2015) gpscp -f /home/gpadmin/20150523exp/allhosts /etc/resolv.conf =:/etc/resolv.conf gpssh -f /home/gpadmin/20150523exp/allhosts => service ntpd stop => ntpdate => service ntpd start => exit gpssh -h sdw22 -h sdw23 -h sdw24 => echo server >> /etc/ntp.conf => service ntpd stop => service ntpd start => exit The newly added machine operating system version is inconsistent with the existing machine

Greenplum + Hadoop learning notes-11-distributed database storage and query processing, hadoop-11-

Greenplum + Hadoop learning notes-11-distributed database storage and query processing, hadoop-11- 3. 1. Distributed Storage Greenplum is a distributed database system. Therefore, all its business data is physically stored in the database of all Segment instances in the clu

How to set up Search_path in the Greenplum database

Failed to connect Greenplum with the report tool, there is no error in the report schema. The Search_path should be set up after judgment. 1) Connection Greenplum C:\windows\system32>psql-h 1.2.345.678-p 5432-d tpc_1-u gpuser 2) View Search_path tpc_1# show Search_path; 3) Modify Search_path tpc_1=# ALTER DATABASE tpc_1 set Search_path to "$user", Public, "

Greenplum+hadoop Learning Notes -14-defining database objects Creating and managing databases

databaseConnected to Database "DEVDW" as User "Gpadmin".devdw=# CREATE TABLE tab_01 (id int); Create a tableNotice:table doesn ' t has ' distributed by ' clause--Using column named ' ID ' as the greenplum Database data distribution Key for this table.Hint:the ' distributed by ' clause determines the distribution of data. Make sure column (s) chosen is the optim

Greenplum Database Python custom functions

The Greenplum Database (hereinafter referred to as the GP database) supports custom functions, and the following describes the custom simple functions written by Python. The clustering function is more complex and self-sensing is not suitable for the GP database.The Python custom function describes what GP can do as long as Python can handle the row-level data.Ex

Use SQLULDR2 to quickly import Oracle data into Greenplum database without landing

Label:Environmental information:greenplum:greenplum Version: ' Postgres (greenplum Database) build 1 'Oracle:Release Production1. Oracle Client DeploymentBefore using the SQLULDR2 tool, you first need to deploy the Oracle client on the Master node of Greenplum ( hereinafter referred to as GP) because SQLULDR2 need to use shared libraries such a

Greenplum Database 4.3 dynamically generates tables using the MyBatis framework

1. Use mabatis3 annotation form, do not use XML to configure SQL mode. Because data warehouses are mostly used for calculations, there are no complex query conditionsMapper class annotations CREATE TABLE code:Package Com.aicai.cepchassis.fastsampling.dao;import Org.apache.ibatis.annotations.param;import Org.apache.ibatis.annotations.update;public interface Httplogtabledao {@Update ("CREATE Table ${tablename} ( " + " ID serialnot NULL, "+" \ "machineid\" varchar (n), "+" \ "requestpath\" varc

Greenplum Installing Greenplum-cc-web Monitoring

First, greenplum cluster installation environmentA master two segment set up by a virtual machine.Second, pre-installation preparation1) Required installation packageGreenplum Monitoring installation package: Greenplum-cc-web-3.0.2-linux-x86_64.zip2) Modify the postgresql.conf configuration fileGo to the Gpseg-1 folder in your master's file system$ cd/data/master/gpseg-1To edit postgresql.conf, add the foll

Greenplum-cc-web Installation

Chapter One document overview1. This installation manual describes the installation Greenplum-cc-web operation applicable to Greenplum4.0 or above versionChapter II Installation mediaDownload corresponding Greenplum-cc-web package for greenplum version;: https://network.pivotal.i

Install and configure the Greenplum Environment

file. [Root @ mdw GPDB] #./greenplum-db- I HAVE READ AND AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THE ABOVE EMC SOFTWARELICENSE AGREEMENT. **************************************** **************************************** Do you accept the EMC Database license agreement? [Yes | no] ********************************* **************************************** ***** Yes *****************************

Greenplum (GPDB) is open source !~ _ PHP Tutorial

Greenplum (GPDB) is open source !~. Greenplum (GPDB) is open source !~ Greenplum Database (GPDB) is a non-shared large-scale parallel processing Database. it is mainly used to process large-scale data analysis tasks, including data warehouse and

Analysis of Greenplum Technology

Speaking of Greenplum, SUN was the first product that was introduced when SUN pushed their data warehouse product DWA. He was not very familiar with this database product stacked by PgSQL, at that time, the focus was still on DWA's hardware. Of course, DWA still had some features. Later, we found that general PC + SAS disks have very good throughput capabilities, not inferior to some expensive storage devic

Interview Zhou Jincho: We are more inclined to greenplum to solve the problem of data tilt

Zhou Jincho, worked for listening to the cloud, maintaining the uptime of MySQL and Greenplum, and investigating database technology solutions for listening to cloud business scenarios.Listen to Cloud Week goldOn September 24, Greenplum will be able to participate in an offline event in Beijing, where he is entitled to share in the practice of real-time analysis

Greenplum (gpdb) Open source! ~_php Tutorials

Greenplum (gpdb) Open source! ~ The Greenplum database (gpdb) is a non-shared, massively parallel processing database designed to handle large-scale data analysis tasks, including data warehousing, business Intelligence (OLAP), and data mining. GPDB is designed for massive data analysis, using the most advanced cost

Greenplum (GPDB) is open source !~

Greenplum (GPDB) is open source !~ Greenplum database (GPDB) is a non-shared large-scale parallel processing database. It is mainly used to process large-scale data analysis tasks, including data warehouses, business intelligence (OLAP), and data mining. GPDB is designed for mass data analysis. It uses the most advance

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