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Greenplum + Hadoop learning notes-11-distributed database storage and query processing, hadoop-11-

Greenplum + Hadoop learning notes-11-distributed database storage and query processing, hadoop-11- 3. 1. Distributed Storage Greenplum is a distributed database system. Therefore, all its business data is physically stored in the database of all Segment instances in the cluster. In the

Greenplum+hadoop Learning Notes -14-defining database objects Creating and managing databases

DATABASEDescription:change a DatabaseSyntax:ALTER DATABASE name [[with] option [...]]Where option can be:CONNECTION LIMIT ConnlimitALTER DATABASE name SET parameter {to | =} {value | DEFAULT}ALTER DATABASE name RESET parameterALTER DATABASE name RENAME to NewNameALTER DATABASE name OWNER to New_owner template1=# ALTER DATABASE DEVDW set Search_path to Public,pg_catalog;ALTER DATABASEtemplate1=# select * from Pg_database;Datname | DATDBA | encoding | Datistemplate | Data

Greenplum Installing Greenplum-cc-web Monitoring

First, greenplum cluster installation environmentA master two segment set up by a virtual machine.Second, pre-installation preparation1) Required installation packageGreenplum Monitoring installation package: Greenplum-cc-web-3.0.2-linux-x86_64.zip2) Modify the postgresql.conf configuration fileGo to the Gpseg-1 folder in your master's file system$ cd/data/master/gpseg-1To edit postgresql.conf, add the foll

Analysis of Greenplum Technology

Speaking of Greenplum, SUN was the first product that was introduced when SUN pushed their data warehouse product DWA. He was not very familiar with this database product stacked by PgSQL, at that time, the focus was still on DWA's hardware. Of course, DWA still had some features. Later, we found that general PC + SAS disks have very good throughput capabilities, not inferior to some expensive storage devices. In this way, we tried to build an environ

A brief introduction to Greenplum's MVCC multi-version control (mainly related to Cmin,cmax,xmin,xmax instructions)

implement multiple versions, they mean:xmin : When a record (tuple) is created , the transaction ID is logged at this time, and each update is updated later.Xmax: When a tuple or lock is updated or deleted , the transaction ID is logged at this time, or 0 if the record is not deleted.Cmin: Command ID for inserting the tuple's command in the Insert transaction (starting from 0 )Cmax: Command ID to delete the tuple's command in the Insert transaction (starting from 0 )However, for the

Greenplum-cc-web Installation

Chapter One document overview1. This installation manual describes the installation Greenplum-cc-web operation applicable to Greenplum4.0 or above versionChapter II Installation mediaDownload corresponding Greenplum-cc-web package for greenplum version;: https://network.pivotal.i

GreenPlum creates external representations

Example1-SingleGreenplumfileserver (gpfdist) tables (|) asthecolumndelimiter. CREATEE Example 1-Single Greenplum file server (gpfdist) instance on multiple NIC machine Creates a readable external table named ext_expenses using the gpfdist protocol. the files are formatted with a pipe (|) as the column delimiter. CREATE E Example 1-Single Greenplum file server (gpfdist) instance on multiple NIC machineCre

Install and configure the Greenplum Environment

file. [Root @ mdw GPDB] #./greenplum-db- I HAVE READ AND AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THE ABOVE EMC SOFTWARELICENSE AGREEMENT. **************************************** **************************************** Do you accept the EMC Database license agreement? [Yes | no] ********************************* **************************************** ***** Yes **************************************** *********************************

Greenplum (GPDB) is open source !~ _ PHP Tutorial

Greenplum (GPDB) is open source !~. Greenplum (GPDB) is open source !~ Greenplum Database (GPDB) is a non-shared large-scale parallel processing Database. it is mainly used to process large-scale data analysis tasks, including data warehouse and Greenplum (GPDB) open source !~ G

Interview Zhou Jincho: We are more inclined to greenplum to solve the problem of data tilt

Zhou Jincho, worked for listening to the cloud, maintaining the uptime of MySQL and Greenplum, and investigating database technology solutions for listening to cloud business scenarios.Listen to Cloud Week goldOn September 24, Greenplum will be able to participate in an offline event in Beijing, where he is entitled to share in the practice of real-time analysis of cloud big data. On this occasion, he share

Greenplum (gpdb) Open source! ~_php Tutorials

Greenplum (gpdb) Open source! ~ The Greenplum database (gpdb) is a non-shared, massively parallel processing database designed to handle large-scale data analysis tasks, including data warehousing, business Intelligence (OLAP), and data mining. GPDB is designed for massive data analysis, using the most advanced cost-based query optimizer, is currently one of the most advanced open source database, the PB

Greenplum (GPDB) is open source !~

Greenplum (GPDB) is open source !~ Greenplum database (GPDB) is a non-shared large-scale parallel processing database. It is mainly used to process large-scale data analysis tasks, including data warehouses, business intelligence (OLAP), and data mining. GPDB is designed for mass data analysis. It uses the most advanced cost-based query optimizer and is one of the most advanced open source databases, quick

Mpp-greenplum database installation and simple use

flex gcc gcc-c++ krb5-devel libcurl-devel l Ibevent-devel libkadm5 libyaml-devel libxml2-devel perl-extutils-embed python-devel Python-paramiko Python-pip Python-psutil python-setuptools readline-devel xerces-c-devel zlib-devel pip install lockfile Conan Yum Install OpenSSL-devel 3.2 Creating the installation directorymkdir/opt/greenplum -Rgpadmin:gpadmin/opt/ greenplum-R gpadmin:gpadmin/usr/local/ yil

The configuration file cannot be loaded because the greenplum hostname and address are inconsistent.

roughly and found an error. update gp_segment_configuration set hostname=‘hadoop-test1‘ where address=‘hadoop-test1‘;ERROR: permission denied: "gp_segment_configuration" is a system catalog The allow_system_table_mod parameter is found in the method of searching and modifying the system table. set allow_system_table_mods=‘dml‘; update gp_segment_configuration set hostname=‘

Greenplum Database Upgrade Practice (top)

Any system upgrade has a quantitative change to a qualitative transition: when the version is small, it is usually very simple, the version is a big difference, is a nightmare. But when the version is small, we tend to be complacent. This article actually records from GP4.2.7.2 to upgrade process, from the version number see little difference, but the GP version of the name, the second change is already a big upgrade. Another thing to note is that the upgrade of the GP database size is n

Greenplum initialization error, Failed to insert port=40000

$gpinitsystem-C/usr/local/greenplum-db/gpconfigs/gpinitsystem_config20150429:15:30:59:023693[warn]:-failed to insert port=40000 in/data/ Primary/gpseg0/postgresql.conf on y153-hadoop-namenode2.vclound.com20150429:15:30:59:023693

greenplum-cc-web4.2 Monitoring Installation

Installing the Performance Monitor Data collection agentThe Gpadmin user performs the following steps "only on Master node".Using the Gpperfmon_install command,Greenplum The command is already included when the installation is complete. After installation, a database named Gpperfmon is established and the Gpmon user is used by default. The password for the system user Gpmon the command line.[Email protected] ~]$ gpperfmon_install--enable--password gpm

Three weeks spent with Greenplum

May 4-May 24, intermittent tossing and greenplum for three weeks, finally came to an end: the expansion, found that the expansion of capacity, had to upgrade; upgrade, found a bunch of errors, had to pause the repair database; fixed, continue to upgrade; Finally completed the expansion. This process is written in 8 blog post to the implementation process and problem solving are recorded, here to summarize the whole process. Originally had to write, bu

Install greenplum cluster on Ubuntu 16.04

Planning: 1 Msater, 2 segmentsEnvironment: Ubuntu 16.04Greenplum Version: ' Postgres (greenplum Database) 5.3.0 build 2155c5a-oss1. Installationsudo add-apt-repository ppa:greenplum/dbsudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install Greenplum-db-oss2. Configure/etc/hostsEdit the/etc/hosts file and make sure this it includes the host names and all interface address names for every machine p Articipating in your

Deepgreen & Greenplum DBA One of the small white popularization classes (General FAQ)

Tags: mit query too database str parameter PCH View TestOriginal link Absrtact: Not accumulate Kuibu not even thousands of miles, want to become a qualified database administrator, first of all should have solid basic knowledge and problem processing ability. This article refers to the pivotal official FAQ to explain some common issues that are often encountered when using and managing Deepgreen Greenplum.Do not accumulate Kuibu not even thousands of miles, to become a qualified database admini

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