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Greenplum-cc-web Installation

Chapter One document overview1. This installation manual describes the installation Greenplum-cc-web operation applicable to Greenplum4.0 or above versionChapter II Installation mediaDownload corresponding Greenplum-cc-web package greenplum-cc-web-x.

Greenplum Installing Greenplum-cc-web Monitoring

First, greenplum cluster installation environmentA master two segment set up by a virtual machine.Second, pre-installation preparation1) Required installation packageGreenplum Monitoring installation package: Greenplum-cc-web-3.0.2-linux-x86_64.zip2)

Install and configure the Greenplum Environment

1. Prepare the environment for the server to allocate -- mdw192.168.100.11 -- smdw192.168.100.12 -- configure -- heartbeat ip configuration between sdw2ms1 and ms2 -- mdw10.10.2 -- smdw2. Modify the hosts file (All hosts)

Mpp-greenplum database installation and simple use

First, the introduction of the clusterA total of 3 hosts, IP cluster corresponds to master and segment as follows, and is the master node. for segment nodes, each

greenplum-cc-web4.2 Monitoring Installation

Installing the Performance Monitor Data collection agentThe Gpadmin user performs the following steps "only on Master node".Using the Gpperfmon_install command,Greenplum The command is already included when the installation is complete. After

Greenplum Database Expansion Practice (UP)-Preparation work

Any distributed system will have to face the matter of expansion, or the significance of the distribution system is greatly discounted, this article on the GP to expand the preparation process, in fact, the implementation of the expansion is a very

Install greenplum cluster on Ubuntu 16.04

Planning: 1 Msater, 2 segmentsEnvironment: Ubuntu 16.04Greenplum Version: ' Postgres (greenplum Database) 5.3.0 build 2155c5a-oss1. Installationsudo add-apt-repository ppa:greenplum/dbsudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install Greenplum-db-oss2.

Using JDBC to access Greenplum

The JDBC is the driver used to access a database with Java. Greenplum has a full working JDBC implementation. In that short article we'll have a. # # Download and install It is possible to download the JDBC for Greenplum directly from the

Install Greenplum under Linux

1. Download Greenplum Database Source code$ git clone Installing dependent librariesThe Greenplum database compiles and runs on a variety of system libraries and Python libraries. These dependencies need to be

Greenplum db Configuration

Greenplum db configuration 1. adjust the kernel Parameter kernel. sysrq = 1fs. file-max = 101365kernel. shmmax = 5001000000kernel. shmall = 4000000000kernel. msgmni = 2048kernel. sem = 250 512000 100 2048kernel. shmmni = 4096net. core.

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