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PHPExcel freeze (LOCK) the simple implementation method of the header, phpexcel freeze

PHPExcel freeze (LOCK) the simple implementation method of the header, phpexcel freeze This document describes how to freeze (LOCK) headers in PHPExcel. We will share this with you for your reference. The details are as follows: PHPExcel is a powerful PHP plug-in for Microsoft excel operations. When exporting data, y

Extend the gridview function to easily freeze rows and columns (enhanced ).

Extend the gridview function to easily freeze rows and columns (enhanced ). As mentioned in the previous article, you can also expand the pagination function of the gridview and implement the function of exporting results to EXCEL/PDF. After implementation, it should be encapsulated to facilitate the simple use of subsequent projects. I don't have to say too muc

Table freeze the table Header

Table freeze table header: HTML source code:

Custom CRM Report: freeze the header

When you customize a development report, you have such a requirement to freeze the title of the first line. In fact, CRM can also be implemented. The method is as follows: 1. Open SQL Server Bi development studio, find the project, and open 2. Right-click the title --> tablix properties --> On the General tab, there are two check boxes for the row title, and select it ~~ So easy ~~ For details, please refer to another idea which can also be conside

Freeze file header, freezefileheader

Freeze file header, freezefileheaderSQL> select * from v $ version where rownum = 1;BANNER--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release can use alter tablespace... begin backup puts the tablespace in the online backup mode, and then uses the operating system command to physically copy the data files to a

The custom header of the GridView and the custom header of the gridview.

The custom header of the GridView and the custom header of the gridview. // Modify the headerProtected void GridView1_RowCreated (object sender, GridViewRowEventArgs e){Switch (e. Row. RowType){Case DataControlRowType. Header: TableCellCollection tcHeader = e. Row. Cells;TcH

Use js to hide the gridview header (hide the table header of gridview by JS)

Customer's question: Hi friends I need to hide gridview columns using JavaScript ....... how do I ??????????????????????? Any help really appreciated Urgent Answer: HiVinogays Just fire the following function: Script Language = " Javascript " > Function Hidecolumn () {Col_num = Document. getelementbyid ( " Column_numbder " ). Value;Rows = Document. getelementbyid ( " Mygridview " ). Rows; For (I = 0 ; IRows

ASP.NET-014: Gridview composite header, 014 gridview

ASP.NET-014: Gridview composite header, 014 gridviewContinue to look at a simple ASP. NET application.Gridview is believed to be widely used. This control is generally used for displaying and operating multi-row data. The header is also an important part. It is responsible for classifying data. How do I display the composite headers? This is also quite simple.Dis

When the data source of the GridView control introduced in 2.0 is empty (GridView. DataSource = null), the header cannot be displayed.

Solution: Method 1: Use its EmptyTemplate to implement it. Write a static table in the template; If your header is only html text, there is no control. When the header is displayed, you can copy the html of the header and put it in EmptyDataTemplate. Disadvantage: It is troublesome. You need to set each GridVIew. Meth

Use CSS to fix the gridview header (zt)

ArticleDirectory Maintaining fixed headers in gridview Summary: maintaining fixed headers in gridview Published on:26 Apr 2007 one of the commonly asked question by developers is how to maintain headers of gridview in a fixed position. you must have observed that in excel you can

The design of the Two-layer table header and the three-layer table header of the gridview ........................

Recently I used the gridview multi-layer header. I asked a lot of people and I felt that the answer was not very clear. In summary, I hope that the developers who will use it in the future will be able to avoid detours. Example 1Similar to the above situation, at first glance, I thought it was necessary to implement through the table, but I believe that the powerful

GridView Multi-layer table Head GridView Complex table header

protected void gv_test_rowcreated (object sender, GridViewRowEventArgs e){if (E.row.rowtype = = Datacontrolrowtype.header){E.row.setrendermethoddelegate (New Rendermethod (Newrendermethod));}} public void Newrendermethod (HtmlTextWriter writer, Control ctl) { //Add header first line writer. Write (" Writer. Write (" Writer. Write (" Writer. Write (" Writer. Write (" Writer. Write (" This.gv_WorkLoad.HeaderStyle.AddAttributesToRender (writ

How to let the GridView display the table header when there is no data [when no SqlDataSource control is used]

Tags: color string abi amp bind column int view importThe original Published time: 2008-08-03--from my Baidu article [imported by moving tools]To read the full text, click Http:// know that as long as the GridView bound DataTable has a row of records, the GridView will display the table header, so when the

Implement the fixed gridview header function through client Extension

When the gridview has a large amount of data on a single page and needs to scroll vertically, we usually wrap the gridview in a div and then set the DIV style. The disadvantage of this method is that the header of the gridview cannot be fixed during scrolling and the field of view is rolled out. There are many ways to

The header is displayed when the data bound by the gridview is empty.

4.5 EncapsulationThe encapsulation code of the class is as follows:Using system. Data;Using system. Web. UI. webcontrols; /// /// When the data record bound to the gridview is empty, the header of the gridview is displayed, and no record is displayed./// Public class gridviewcontrol{// Information displayed when the gridview

DevExpress GridView column Header click event

The GridView has a Rowcellclick event, which is a cell click event, but there are no corresponding events for column header rows and column header cells.The MouseDown event of the GridView is used here. It also uses Gridhitinfo to get the click location information to determine if it is on the column

Show/hide the column header of the GridView in

Introduction:This article demonstrates how to enable users to display/hide the columns in the GridView they need. This is very useful because not all columns in the GridView need it. users want to view the desired columns according to their needs. instead of displaying a huge gridview, it occupies the whole screen, but a neat

How to enable the gridview to display the header when no data is available)

. gridviewemptydatatest. datasource = DT; this. gridviewemptydatatest. databind ();} after executing the code, The displayed result of the gridview is as follows: You can see that the structure of the gridview is invisible. In most practical applications, we want to see what fields the gridview has. 4.2 Add blank rows to display the structure of the

Solution to do not display the table header in the left-side record of the gridview [Ominous author]

In the DataGrid, We can bind a dataset or able that contains an empty record to the DataGrid. In this way, the DataGrid displays the field definitions in the data source in the form of a table header. In the gridview control, it is not displayed if dataset or able is an empty record. The table header is not displayed in the gridview.It can only be implemented t

Fix the link of the gridview header and some practices for adding elements to the head

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