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Internet information services is not installed. You must have Internet Information Services installe

Install Moss x64 on Windows Server 2008 R2. When IIS is installed, you still encounter an error saying that IIS is not installed. search online and find that the role service of IIS6 is not installed, After installing all the components under IIS 6 management compatibility, you can run the SharePoint wizard. References ========== Internet information service

Information Services in LBS: the Core of LBS lies in services

to know where I am at home. In this way, someone will not come to my house to knock on the door, but he can call me and ask me to go out to eat. This is a degree of control. If I work in an enterprise or in a public place, I can give more detailed coordinates. If I need to make an appointment with other people to get together, I must send the most detailed location directly. For users who cannot get too many valuable services, it is difficult to forc

Scom Management Packs and the specified monitoring services IIS Web Services

The following describes the installation of Scom, which describes the use of Management packs and the process of using related services that are monitored for Management packs.First, the concept of a Management Pack: A Management Pack contains settings that enable the agent

Design theory: The management of products includes the management of services

Has never had a product manager's experience, has done a network Marketing organization research and Development Department of leader, planning product service system, accidentally turned out the old work documents, feel should be helpful to product management. Product manager, though called "manager", but how much decision-making power, because of the company management structure varies; products and

Citrix Xenmobile Learning Note IV: MIM Mobile Information Management (Mobility information Management)

Product introduction £ ºCitrix MIMMobile Information Management byCitrix ShareFilethis product to integrate. Citrix ShareFileis an enterprise "data follow(Follow-me-data)"solution to makeITdepartments can deliver reliable data sharing and synchronization services to meet users ' mobility and collaboration needs, as well as enterprise data security requirements. S

Experiences in managing IT services through Network Management

The IT department is of course a secondary business department, but this does not mean that the IT department can only act as a passive fireman. Standardized and well-managed IT services, allowing IT administrators to get rid of low-level labor such as simple machine repairs and email reception, and truly become a model of IT management services. This is the conc

From IT services to service management is a qualitative change

effective service for its core business, Which ultimately leads to business goals that are difficult to achieve. Therefore, we believe that we must promote our valuable experience in IT service management to enable the enterprise to control its own it and enterprise assets. In fact, IBM's deep accumulation of software, hardware and services has allowed us to have all the elements required for the IBM Servi

How to start IIS (Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager)

Internet Information Services (IIS) ManagerStart IIS Manager1. From the Start menu, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. To start IIS Manager from the Run dialog box2. From the Start menu, click Run. In the Open box, type inetmgr, and then click OK. 3. You can also

The Windows Server 2003 Add deletion component does not have Internet Information services??

1. Go to "Control Panel"-"Double-click Add or Remove Programs"-"click Add/Remove Windows components". 2. In the Components list box, double-click Application Server. 3. Double-click Internet Information Services (IIS). 4. Choose "World Wide Web Service" and "File Transfer Protocol (FTP) service" from. 5. Double-click "World Wide Web Services" to select Active

The system does not have Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

The system does not have Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager | Browse:8981 | Updated: 2014-06-19 14:43 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Step through ReadingMany users are consulting: There is no Internet Information Services (IIS) Managerin the Administrative T

The system does not have the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager set up

Many users are consulting: There is no Internet Information Services (IIS) Managerin the Administrative Tools of the system control Panel. In particular, some users in the development environment, can not find the "Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager", many of the online solutions are invalid, here to share wit

The system does not have Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

Many users are consulting: There is no Internet Information Services (IIS) Managerin the Administrative Tools of the system control Panel. In particular, some users in the development environment, can not find the "Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager", many of the online solutions are invalid, here to share wit

Choose virtual machine or container? -Software and information services: 2014.09

software and information services. If you want to know @ yunjie's latest views on cloud computing, please subscribe to the "China yunmeng" public account. You can also scan the following QR code to subscribe directly. After subscribing to "China Cloud Dream", reply directly to "10038" to read this article. 650) This. width = 650; "src ="

WinXP System Internet Information Services can not find how to solve

1, download iis5. Install the package, extract to the root of D disk (preferably the root directory, easy to call after the command) the directory name should be iis51. 2, first enter "C:windowsinfsysoc.inf" in "Run" in the "Start" menu, 3, in the sysoc.inf found in the "[Components]" section, in which add this paragraph: "iis=iis2.dll,ocentry,iis2.inf,,7", then save and close. 4, in the operation of the input "CMD" and then enter, open the command line mo

N types of services used to search user information in Vista

Microsoft's collection of various information through Windows has long been a secret to the public, and Windows Vista has become a peak in this regard. There are dozens of functions and services that send data to Microsoft's headquarters in various ways. Although Microsoft has repeatedly guaranteed respect for privacy and stressed that "you will not use this to identify or contact you", all kinds of worries

WEB Services State Management

Services|web Web Services State Management By default,. NET services are stateless. However, you can use to provide state management That's the session and the application. This makes it easy to state management under Web

Amanma of big data and cloud computing-[software and information services] 2014.08

scenarios of enterprises are often diverse, You need to select a platform suitable for different application scenarios, including: Deploying new big data applications is extremely simple: they can be completed through automation and self-service; It can support a variety of loads, that is, it can run a variety of big data applications, not only limited to map-reduce, but also support some hadoop ecosystem applications, SQL services and othe

Cisco Identity Services Engine supports packet download information leakage Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:Cisco Identity Services EngineDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 64939CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2014-0665 Cisco Identity Services Engine is an access control solution that integrates authentication, authorization, AAA, status, setting files, and client management

Active Directory Rights Management Services for Windows 2008

Friends who are familiar with Windows Server 2003 believe that it is not unfamiliar to RMS (Rights Management Services), and that it effectively protects our digital assets from being compromised beyond the scope of the appropriate authorization. This important feature has been improved and upgraded in Windows Server 2008, which Microsoft calls the ad RMS (Active Directory Rights

How to manage Azure services through the Azure service Management REST API

Through this article you will learn:What is the azure Service Management REST APIHow to get a Microsoft Azure subscription numberHow to obtain an Azure management certificateHow to call the Azure Service Management REST APIWhat is the azure Service Management REST APIThe Azure Service

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