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Discussion on software project management

Preliminary contact with the "Software Engineering" This course, in my opinion: The project is a very challenging, in the agreed time, the entire project team can meet the needs of users and software basic specifications of the situation, the

Mobile QQ How to build a discussion group? How to create a discussion group

1. We first open QQ software in the mobile phone, login QQ software, as shown in the following figure. 2. OK in the QQ main interface, we click on "group" below "group" as shown in the following figure, click to enter. 3. Then click on

Discussion on the integration of e-procurement software with existing inventory and financial software data on the informatization path of the Group

The Application of Multiple independent software will certainly involve the direct data connection between different software. The electronic procurement system applied in this plan also encountered this problem. During this night, we will discuss

Jeff Yan's discussion about different software architectures and software frameworks

The following is a speech by Dr. Yan Hong in a csdn discussion on Architecture and Framework concepts. It is very helpful for us to understand these two concepts! "Architecture: ArchitectureFramework: Framework The large-scale architecture of

What is software design?

Source: So far, I can still remember where I was when I had an epiphany and finally produced the following article. That was the summer of 1986. I served as a temporary consultant at the China Lake Naval

Discussion on Software System Development from Engineering Practice

From the perspective of engineering practice, this article describes software system development-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. I am very happy to have this opportunity to

Measurement of software Quality

Measurement of software quality Absrtact: With the increasing complexity of software, the period of software development and the increasing cost, the guarantee and improvement of software quality become more and more important. With the development

Software testing basics and knowledge

Software testing Basics   I. Software Testing Overview Software testing is an important part of the software development process and is used to confirmProgramWhether the quality or performance meets the requirements raised before development.

Chapter 5 of modern software engineering discussion-Chapter 8

Chapter 5 1. What is the relationship between the team model and the team's development model? The team mode refers to the way a team member works together, and the team's development mode is used by the software development team in the software

QQ for Mac 3.1.2 New features: Support Discussion Group transfer file

QQ for Mac is an instant messaging software based on Mac OS X platform, which is dedicated to making you feel good about communication through a simple interface, practical and efficient instant communication, and a smooth operating experience. In

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