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Summary of Single Sign-On Problems

content has changed significantly because the security mechanism of Flash Player 9 has changed. Therefore, when I use Flex 3 to call the Cross Domain web service, the above crossdomain. xml file is also used, and the result returns an error saying security error. So I studied it a little and got the following solution, which is actually to change the content of crossdomain. xml: [XHTML]View plaincopy The above is the crossdomain. XML content required by Flash Player 9. We can se

Problems and Solutions for Analysis of Single Sign-On (flowchart and data security)

In the previous articleArticle: [Original] Design and Implementation of the Single Sign-On (SSO) component, and make a summative analysis based on your understanding: Analysis of Single Sign-On (flowchart and data security ). At that time, I made a personal analysis based on the SSO process and got comments and help from many garden friends.PityHowever, none of the garden friends raised the

Single Sign-On (ix)-----Encounter problems-----Filenotfoundexception:class Path Resource-usernamepasswordwrapperauthenticatio

is not found in the edit file.In other words, some packages may not be loaded or the publishing path is incorrect.The error you quoted may not be the file. But the solution should be similar.Workaround:In MyEclipse, click Ctrl+shift+t, then enter the class name and click the double arrow in the Package Explorer to find out which sub-project the class is in.Then add the project to the reference.The methods for adding references can be consulted:Single Sign

Problems and Solutions when using Eclipse to sign APK

Problems and Solutions when using Eclipse to sign APK Today, I used the APK decompilation tool to read the APK file generated by my project and found that the Code is not obfuscated. So I set the ProGuard to confuse the code, however, obfuscation takes effect only in non-Debug mode. Even if you Run As to start the generated APK package in Release mode, ProGuard is still not used. So I decided to export the

Problems and solutions for analyzing single sign-on (Flowchart and data security)

On a piece of my friends in accordance with the article: [Original] single sign-on (SSO) component design and implementation, according to their own understanding of a summary analysis: Analysis of single sign-on (flowchart and data security). At that time according to the SSO process to do a personal analysis, but also get a lot of friends of the comments and help, but the pity is that no one of the garde

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