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GSM Hacking Part①: Sniffing GSM networks with SDR scanning

0x00 written at the beginningRecently, the discovery of crazy Danish hacker on YouTube released a very good tutorial video: Use SDR sniffing visits to listen to GSM network traffic (GSM sniffing Teaser–software Defined Radio Series). This tutorial is illustrated in detail from the installation of a TV stick to scanning, the use of sniffer tools, and the capture and decryption of

GPRS/GSM Study Notes (i)--gprs/gsm introduction

GSM 's English is globalsys-temformobilecommunica-tion, the global mobile communication system, proposed by the European Standardization Commission. GSM system has good anti-theft copy ability, large network capacity, rich number resources, clear calls, strong stability is not easy to be disturbed, information sensitive, call dead-ends less, mobile phone low power consumption characteristics. GPRS is the ab

Application of NO. 7 Signaling System in GSM

effectively, providing effective support for signaling network management, maintenance, and service quality monitoring and analysis. 2 monitoring interface and protocol model of GSM digital mobile system GSM digital mobile system consists of four parts: Mobile Station (MS), Base Station Subsystem (BSS), network and exchange subsystem (NSS), Operation and Maintenance Subsystem (OSS. The Base Station Subsyst

Termination and thread interruption of java threads, and termination interruption of java threads

Termination and thread interruption of java threads, and termination interruption of java threads About thread termination: 1. Generally, the thread enters the dead state after execution is completed, and the thread is terminated naturally. 2. Some server programs may be required for business purposes and resident systems. It is an infinite loop used to provide s

Linux system programming-Process Control: Process Termination, waiting for Process Termination, linux Process

Linux system programming-Process Control: Process Termination, waiting for Process Termination, linux ProcessEnd Process First, let's review the functions of continue, break, and return in C: Continue: end this cycle Break: jump out of the entire loop or jump out of the switch () Statement Return: end the current function. But we can end the current process through exit () or _ exit. Required header

Introduction of CDMA GSM dual-mode mobile phone

It is reported that China Unicom to "World Wind" named dual-mode mobile phone and dual-mode business will be formally presented in the end of July in front of Chinese users. The meaning of the dual-mode mobile phone is to provide a seamless mobile communication experience for the end users, so that those who are often in the mobile business people truly realize the "one machine around the world" dream. At the same time, dual-mode mobile phone will also be very good integration of the advantages

GSM/CDMA Dual-mode mobile phone details-go

Due to the surge in the number of mobile phone users, the mobile phone communication network system is overloaded, the final result will lead to failures such as disconnection, crosstalk, poor voice quality, and difficulty in accessing the Internet. To solve the above fault, more and more mobile phone operators and manufacturers are realizing this and are constantly taking relevant measures to further expand the mobile phone network system and improve the voice quality during mobile phone commun

GSM experience for TD-SCDMA Network Optimization

At present, the new development trend of China's communications industry has brought the importance of network regulation and network optimization to the fore. On the one hand, the rapid development of wireless transmission technology, the future of 3G, especially the scale of TD-SCDMA, requires the network specification network optimization technology must keep pace with the times; on the other hand, the restructuring of China's telecommunications industry, operators must evaluate, plan, and op

Gsm-modem Debug Memo (ii)

7. After sending a short message, you receive an error message +CMS error 515This error will occur if your GSM modem accepts new instructions during initialization or during instruction execution. You must wait until the initialization is complete or the instruction executes.8. How do I know if a short message you sent has been delivered to the destination numberA) Send in text formatWhen you send a short message in text format, your

Discussion on the evaluation standard of GSM and CDMA wireless network

The purpose of the wireless network evaluation is to analyze the network running data and give a reasonable evaluation. Including the quality of network planning, network operation, network operation problems, hidden dangers, network investment utilization and other projects, and then fully grasp the overall operation of the network, for the further optimization and construction of the network to provide a direct reference. In terms of GSM and CDMA n

Send Chinese text messages to the gsm Module

Send a Chinese text message using two AT commands Set to PDU ModeAT + CMGF = 0 or 1 Enter // set the TEXT message encoding mode to 0: PDU Mode 1: TEXT mode only letters or numbers are supported. To send a Chinese TEXT message, only PDU Mode C can be expressed as follows:"AT + CMGF = 0/r/n" Send SMS"AT + CMGS =" Pdu encoding format08 // short message center Length91 // the short message center has a country code not 8168 31 08 02 00 05 f0 // Short Message Center31 // Status Report required // 11

GSM network number plan

GSM networks are complex, including switching systems and base station systems. Exchange subsystems include HLR, MSC,Vlr, AUC, and EIR, and base station systems, other networks such as PSTN, ISDN, data network, and other plmn. To connect a call to a mobile customer, you need to call the corresponding entity. Therefore, correct addressing is critical to the numbering plan. 1. Mobile Station ISDN number (msisdn) Msisdn number refers to the number that t

Analysis of service access capability of GSM network after upgrading to GPRS

Summary Starting from the analysis of GSM spectrum efficiency, this paper analyzes the loss of spectrum efficiency of voice service after the GSM network is upgraded to GPRS, and the new data service access ability, and finally takes into account the maximum access ability of the integrated service under GSM current spectrum from the mutual substitution between

Varnost slovenskih GSM Omre?ij III

V Torek smo pisali tudi o tem, da si.mobil v svojem omre?ju dovoli uporabo a5/0 (Nešifriranega prenosa Podatkov). Tudi njih smo poprosili za komentar.Med akanjem na odgovor so se razmere rahlo spremenite, a Najprej nekaj Uvoda.V Okviru projekta osmocombb JE bila razvita aplikacija mobile, Ki omogo?a klicanje in Pošiljanje SMS sporo?il s Pomo?jo Os MOCOMBB strojne in Programske opreme. Za izvajanje klicev Seveda potrebujemo SIM kartico, potrebno je tudi oddajati v omre?je, Kot Bomo Pokazali v Nad

Basic Principle of GSM cell base station positioning

Location service has become a popular technology and will become a standard for all mobile devices (such as smartphones and handheld computers) in the future. With the rapid growth of users' demand for Location-Based services, wireless Location technology is becoming more and more important. The positioning of GSM cellular base stations is characterized by the advantages of fast positioning speed, low cost (no additional hardware needs to be added to

Linux wireless network technology: GPRS, GSM

By Sreekrishnan Venkateswaran Linux GPRS and data on GSM GPRS is a Data grouping service used to transmit data through GSM. It is an excellent digital cellular standard. Although the data on GSM is line-switched and occupies a channel in any case, the data on GPRS is always connected (always-on) and packet-switched). The transmission speed of

GSM Hack (mobile phone signal hijacking)

Write something that many people are interested in. about the GSM communication network monitoring problem, when the Guangzhou black market appeared related devices that year, it was very popular. the masses were at risk. some so-called senior experts jumped out and said "It is impossible, and the GSM network is secure ". this may be the biggest crisis for mobile companies. we can laugh at what the experts

Introduction to GSM mobile phone principles

GSM is a communication technology that combines FDMA (Frequency Division) with TDMA (Time Division). All users in the network use different frequencies for communication. CDMA is a communication system that uses code division multiple access technology. In this system, all users use the same frequency. Comparison of FDMA, TDMA, and CDMA is as follows: The GSM system is the second generation of digital cellu

How to smoothly evolve GSM to WCDMA (1)

The traditional GSM network operator has a wide coverage of the GSM network and a large user base. It is very important to smoothly evolve the 2G network to the 3G network, GSM carriers must maintain their network coverage and user advantages, and minimize the adverse effects caused by the introduction of 3G. This article proposes several suggestions on smooth ev

Difference analysis of WCDMA and GSM system planning

GSM system is the world's most widely-covered second-generation wireless network, it uses TDMA (time division multiple Access) approach, that is, in a carrier channel, at the same interval at the same intervals into a fixed cycle of several time slots, each time slot carries a business user information and necessary signaling. In this way, a carrier channel is occupied by a number of users in chronological order, with different time slots as a way of

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