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Centos6.6_x64 installation oracle10g

current database folder owner and user group are root. Now we want to make it more:#chown-R Oracle:oinstall/u01/app/oracle/database8.2 Installing the Oracle DatabaseAfter extracting the Oracle installation package, we will log off the root user, log in with the Oracle user, and use the user for Oracle installation.Under Terminal, enter the/u01/app/oracle/database directory:Prepare to perform the database installation, if your CentOS is a Chinese environment, the installation will appear in Chin

Install Cuda under Ubuntu (install: nvidia-384+cuda9.0+cudnn7.1)

Tags: lin usr image uil common cloc already configuration SSI(Installation: nvidia-384+cuda9.0+cudnn7.1)Graphics (GPU) driver: NVIDIA-384cuda:cuda9.0cudnn:cudnn7.1The installation of Cuda under Ubuntu requires NVIDIA driver, first enter the Nvidia official website, and then query the corresponding NVIDIA driver support your computer model.Here My computer is: Asus F450J, comes with Nvidia GEFORCE 745.first step, install nvidia GPU drivergo to NVIDIA website to find out if the GPU supports my com

Linux under Disk Management

system=======================Mkdir/amingMount/dev/sdb5/aming[Email protected]/]# df-hFilesystem Size used Avail use% mounted on/dev/sda3 18G 990M 16G 6%/Tmpfs 740M 0 740M 0%/dev/shm/DEV/SDA1 93M 24M 65M 27%/boot/dev/sda2 2.0G 3.0M 1.9G 1%/swap/DEV/SDB5 988M 1.3M 985M 1%/aming mke2fs-t ext4/dev/sdb2 [[email Protected]/]# mkdir/data [[emailprotected]/]# Mount/dev/sdb2/data / [[emailprotected]/]# df-h

Nvidia Graphics series (from official website)

This article is excerpted from Nvidia's official website Http:// The contents of the video card series are as follows (2016/8/1) Desktop Desktop Desktop GeForce GTX Titan ZGeForce GTX Titan XGeForce GTX 950 (new!)GeForce GTX-Ti GeForce GT 730GeForce GT 710

2015 latest May Edition notebook graphics Ladder chart

NBSP; NBSP; hd 7970M NBSP; GTX 770M GTX 860M GTX 675M GTX 765M GTX 760M GTX 850M R9 m275x HD 6990M HD 8870M GTX 670M GT 755M R9 m270x HD 7870M

How to modify SPFile parameters in the case of Oracle shutdown _oracle

/ '; File created. sql> shutdown immediate Database closed. Database dismounted. ORACLE instance shut down. Sql> exit disconnected from Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition release Production with the Parti Tioning, OLAP, Data Mining and real application testing options [oracle@wing ~]$ sqlplus/as sysdba-sql*plus:release 11. Production on Mon Feb 14:08:40 2016 Copyr

NVIDIA GPU computing Power List __GPU graphics

GeForce 940M 5.0 GeForce 930M 5.0 GeForce 920M 3.5 GeForce 910M 5.2 GeForce GTX 880M 3.0 GeForce GTX 870M 3.0 GeForce GTX 860M 3.0/5.0 (* *) GeForce GTX 850M 5.0 GeForce 840M 5.0 GeForce 830M 5.0 GeForce 820M 2.1 GeForce 800M 2.1 GeForce GTX 780M 3.0 GeForce GTX 770M 3.0

[Theano] Installing-python Theano cuda

I want to learning deep learning, so config Cuda is a essential step. Luckily it's very easy in UbuntuInstall Theano+cuda in Ubuntu1. Install TheanoA) sudo apt-get install python-numpy python-scipy python-dev python-pip python-nose g++ libopenblas-dev gitb) sudo pip install Theano2. Install CudaA) sudo apt install nvidia-331If It is a successful, we can test it with$dkms statusIf you see the response like nvidia-331, 331.38, 3.13.0-24-generic, x86_64: installed , congratulations.b) sudo apt inst

How to see the computer is not dual graphics card?

, wherein the HD4600 video card is the i7 processor's own core video card, while the GT 740M belongs to the independent video card. Method Two: Use Master LU to see if the computer is dual graphics card? Download and install "Master Lu" software in your computer, then switch to the top of the "Hardware Detection", and then click on the left side of the "graphics information", then the right side

Self-learning Python full stack development first notes

to Level Three Vim. Test Create a hidden file (not a folder) press I into insert (insert mode) to finish writing the file press ESC to exit, and then press shift+: then enter WQ and then hit enter to save and exit. Cat 111 shows this file More 111 slowly look at this file enter (a line of the look) space (one page to see) mkdir 111 Creating 111 folders Mkdir-p creation of Cn/hebei/xingtai recursion MV 111 222/move 111 to 222 Tree 111 shows the structure of the 111 directory DF V

I am a freshman majoring in computer science. I have a budget of about 4500 yuan to buy a notebook. would you like to recommend it?

4500! I5 4210u, 740M graphics card. It's just a 53kg-inch 14-inch notebook. it's a bug! In addition, the heat dissipation performance is super strong. in the summer, over 30 degrees of high temperature and three-way online travel for one day, the C surface has no heat at all. I never believe it if I have personally touched it. It is the coolest notebook I have ever seen. The disadvantage is that there is only one memory slot. What is full HD, you

Example of how to hook up a keyboard message using a Log Hook


I am a freshman majoring in computer science. I have a budget of about 4500 yuan to buy a notebook. Would you like to recommend it?

price of this 4500-5000 is somewhat cost-effective. In addition to Asus, the price of this 4500-5000 is somewhat cost-effective. Acer v5-573g, I5-4200U + GTX850 + 4G memory + backlit keyboard + high screen + slim design, price 4800, price is also very high. [Acer V5-573] latest offer And And Lenovo Z50-70ap-ifi [Lenovo Z50-70AP-IFI fresh white] quote I5-4210u + GT840 + high score + Lenovo world's first belief halo, As long as 4800. I5-4210u + GT840 + high score + Lenovo world's first

CD version Vista bunisess win the World edition download _ Common Tools

Disc image file Size: 700M Clean system boot footprint Memory: 180M Hard drive space: 1.6G (without virtual memory and hibernate files) Haier W52 Notebook (Celeron 1.5g,512m memory, 100G hard drive), installation time: 8 minutes, start time: 25 seconds Install serial number: yfkbb-pqjjv-g996g-vwgxy-2v3x8 Features: basically flat with XP function! Installation methods and procedures are identical to the original version of Microsoft. To achieve this goal, 7 CDs have been discarded, and 1 can be e

Shellcode Framework (written by Win32asm)

Main methods:All the tricks of using a macro to get the compiler to figure out the length of the codeHave better extensibilityInclude;>>>>>>>&

A strange test ~

.......************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************You want Chinese cabbage, right!If not, you account for 2% of the minority people who can think about other things under normal circumstances,98% of people will answer Chinese cabbage. Weird! I heard this quiz was translated fro

A strange test ~ (Post)

!?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?Continue rolling .......?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?************?You want Chinese cabbage, right !?If not, you account for 2% of the m

Add executable code (Win32 ASM) to the PE File)

; Main. ASMPE File Operation demo Main Program, provides the dialog box interface and file opening function>>>>>>>>&

Nodejs server reads pictures back to front end (browser) display

gt;gt;gt;Tags: Express container BSP Body node image TPS Support statusgt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;1 Prefacegt;gt;gt;gt;Project needs to use Nodejs server to the front-end transmission of pictures, online to find a lot of information, most of them are how to upload pictures at the front, and then by looking at the Novice tutorial, found in fact is very simple, with express framework on

Win32 compilation allows your VB to also support scroll wheel

whether the window in which an event occurs is VB6. If yes, send the modified message to it. That is, sending a false message to cheat VB6, saying that a mouse clicked the scroll bar event occurred just now (Hey! Do not lie to white, do not lie to ^_^ ). The following is an analysis of the entire code: >>>&gt

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