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Reprint GUID Introduction

Reprint (Global unique identifier) Globally unique identifier, which is a 16-byte binary value generated by the identity number on the network card (each network card has a unique

How to Use the guid globally unique ID in access [synchronous replication id]

Background: During this time, I made some website programs for a tourism website. The data table is roughly as follows: Figure 1 the general situation of the database table is because it is an Access database, there are two previous data tables:

An automatic unique ID [synchronous replication ID] Using GUID globally unique identifier in ACCESS

Background: During this time, I will create some website programs for a tourism website. The data table is roughly as follows: the general situation of the database table is the Access database. There are two data tables: TC_TourCompany and

Collation of common SQL statements--sql Server 2008 (query three-subquery) and GUID

--Paging data----row_number () is called window-opening function, can be paged operationSelect Row_number () over (order by ID) as Num,*from gb_data----adds a sequential num value to each column to facilitate the use of the first few data.Select row_

Performance Comparison of using the self-increment field and guid field in the database as the primary key (Supplement) -- convert

After I published the article "Performance Comparison of Self-increment fields and guid field primary keys used in the Database", I got a lot of comments from my friends in the blog Park, we have also proposed some improvement methods for my testing

SQL Server 2008 Data types

When you create a table, you must assign a data type to each column in the table. This section describes some of the most common data types in SQL Server. Even if you create a custom data type, it must be based on a standard SQL Server data type.

1608 error resolution during SQL Server 2008 installation

Always use SQL Server 2000, it is easy to install quickly, do not want to upgrade to 2005/2008. Today, there is a project to use 2008, and then installed under the Windows7, did not expect to encounter a 1608 error, the middle hint a lot of

SQL Server misunderstanding 30-Day24-26 errors related to restoration (Restore)

This series of articles I saw in the's PAUL blog, many misunderstandings are more typical and representative, the original from the T-SQL Tuesday #11: Misconceptions about... EVERYTHING !!, After translation and arrangement by our team,

Misunderstanding of SQL Server: 26 misunderstandings about restoration (Restore) in 24th days

This series of articles has never touched on the "Restore" topic, because once this topic is involved, it will involve a lot of misunderstandings, it's as long as I can't finish using an article. In fact, I want to number every misunderstanding in

Getting Started with SQL Server auditing: SQL Server Auditing (SQL Server Audit)

IntroductionAudit is a feature after SQL Server 2008 that tells you "who did what when?" Specifically, auditing an instance of the SQL Server database engine or a separate database involves tracking and documenting events that occur in the database

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