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RFID HACKING②:PM3 Getting Started Guide

0x00 PrefaceProxmark3 is an open source hardware designed and developed by Jonathan Westhues in his master's thesis to study Mifare Classic, which can be used in RFID sniffing, reading and cloning, such as: PM3 can be in water card, bus card, A

[RK_2014_0919] Linux Kernel Hacking, hacking

[RK_2014_0919] Linux Kernel Hacking, hackingKernelBuild Guide to building the Linux kernel.Where do I find the kernel? The latest source code for the Linux kernel is kept on you can either download the full source code as a tar ball (not

TI Processor SDK Linux am335x evm/bin/ hacking

#!/bin/sh## ti Processor SDK Linux am335x EVM/bin/ hacking# Description: # This article mainly on the TI SDK in the setup-The script is interpreted in order to understand # its working mechanism. ##

The course and thinking of my hacking station

I said I do the hacker station, so someone began to despise. I do not deny that hackers have now evolved into a destructive molecule. But I know there are still a lot of people sticking to the original definition of the hacker. I will not say the

TI Processor SDK Linux am335x EVM hacking

#!/bin/SH# # TI processor SDK Linux am335x EVM setup.SHhacking# Description: # This article mainly explains the script in TI's SDK, in order to understand its working mechanism. # The main time in the file is to invoke the script under bin.

[Think] How to Become a hacker

ThisArticleHe is a work by Mr. Eric Raymond and translated from Ken Lee into Chinese. How to become a hacker why does this article exist? As the author of jargon file, I often receive emails from enthusiastic new online players asking, "How can I

Check your professional index: 2015 Ten test tools How many do you know?

If you really like security, know these tools are essential to your path to the great God, take a quick look at what tools you have and learn!Part of this list of hacker tools is based on Kali Linux, and other tools are fed back through our

Penetration Testing Practice Guide: required tools and methods

Penetration Testing Practice Guide: required tools and methodsBasic InformationOriginal Title: the basics of hacking and penetration testing: Ethical Hacking and penetration testing made easyAuthor: (US) Patrick engebretsonTranslator: min Lun, Ying,

Several tools commonly used in security testing

The main features of these tools, as well as tutorials, books, videos, and more, are described below.Port Scanner: NmapNmap is the "Network Mapper" abbreviation, it is known that it is a very popular free open source Hack tool. Nmap is used to

Linux kernel module detachable full guide (in)

Article title: Linux kernel module detachable full Guide (medium ). Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open

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