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Gulp plug-in gulp-clean-css and gulp-make-css-url-version

Introduction to GULP-CLEAN-CSS and Gulp-make-css-url-version:The Gulp-clean-css plugin is used to compress

Gulp-clean----Gulp Series (v)

As I said earlier, when the Css,img,js is removed, watch will listen, but it will not delete the corresponding file.Now implement the clean task and delete the build directory before performing the task.First configure the JS task, set the delete directory.On the basis of the series (d) code, expand it.1. Install Gulp-clean:NPM Install--save-dev

Gulp CSS, JS, img compression and CSS images BASE64__JS

ordinary JSON file; 6.2, it is such a JSON file (Note: The JSON file is not write comments, copy the following to delete the comments): { "name": "20180101", " Version": "1.0.0", "description": "", "main": "Gulpfile.js", "scripts": { "test": "Echo \" Error:no test specified\ " exit 1" }, "author": "", "license": "ISC", "Devdependencies": {" Gulp": "^3.9.1", "gulp-base64": "^0

Use Gulp Automation to pack and merge front-end static resources (CSS, JS file compression, add version numbers)

/fun.js"> script>Post-use HTML:1 href= "css/global.css?v=b40a6f2a9f" rel= "stylesheet" type = "Text/css" /> 2 src= "js/fun.js?v=3a08b5fa87">script> I. Environment configuration (Installation gulp)First install node, NPM (omitted here)Install the Gulp and the plug-ins used, and create the file gulpfile.js under th

Gulp-rev-append static resource add suffix, clean cache

Https:// pluginsInstall gulp-rev-append--save-devGulpfile.jsvar rev = require ("Gulp-rev-append"); // Introduce plugin gulp.task ("rev",function() {/// task gulp.src (' f:/test/myproject/**/*. HTML '). Pipe (rev ()) . Pipe (Gulp.dest ('./dist '));});Htmltype= "Text/javascript" src= "Js/[email protected] @

Use gulp to compress html, js, css, and images of the project,

gulp. src ('bucketsrc/s/j/*. js '). Pipe (uglify ()). Pipe (gulp. dest ('bucketdist/s/J '))});Gulp. task ('clean', function (cb ){Del (['bucketdist /*/*. html ', 'bucketdist /*. html ', 'bucketdist/s/img /*. * ', 'bucketdist/s/c /*/*. css ', 'bucketdist/s/c /*.

Gulp Implement package Js/css/img/html file, and add version number to js/css/img file

Refer to the Packaging tutorial:Http:// points of implementation:1, how to Run Gulp task, join the new good one the following tasks:// Grammar Check function () { gulp.src (' js/**/*.js '). Pipe (Jshint ()) . Pipe (Jshint.reporter (' default ')) ;});Then run on the command line:

Gulp Configuration Implementation Modify JS, CSS, HTML auto-refresh

different environments var sequence = require (' gulp-sequence '); Execute var watch = require (' watch ') in order; Monitor var clean = require (' Gulp-clean '); Monitor//NPM install--save-dev gulp-babel babel-preset-es2015var DEST = ' dest/'; var html_path = './src/*.ht

Continuation gulp Use Getting started three-step compression CSS

Gulp Compression CSSFirst, install the GULP-MINIFY-CSS moduleTip: You need to use the command line CD to switch to the corresponding directory after the installation operation.At the command line, enterNPM Install Gulp-minify-cssAfter successful installation you will see the following information: (Installation time ma

Gulp Troubleshooting Publishing online file (CSS and JS) caching issues

Gulp Troubleshooting Publishing online file (CSS and JS) caching issuesthe reason of this article: the current often online after the release of the document to constantly refresh the page and a long time, the page CSS and JS file to take effect, especially for the current time to do the mall, built-in browser cache is very serious, We used to fix the post-online

Gulp complete JavaScript compression merge, CSS compression

Recently need to optimize the project, mainly on the compression of JS and CSS file compression, find relevant information found gulp can achieve the relevant functions, hereby share the use of experience.1. Installing GulpGulp is a front-end build tool based on node. js. So first you need to install Nodejs, install Nodejs.After you complete the NODEJS installation, you need to use NPM to install Gulp.Insta

Gulp Css,js Compression Merge encryption replacement

To prevent the client from caching static resources, we need to rename the static resources by MD5 or timestamps every time we update the CSS or JS. Allows the client to re-request the resource instead of fetching it from the cache. The SRC in the HTML template is then modified accordingly. Of course, there is an additional requirement that static resources need to be optimized for themselves (compression merges).Here is the code for my gulpfile.js:va

Gulp compression css,less to CSS, browser real-time Refresh "original"

Gulp Getting Started Gulp Browser Real-time synchronization First to download the corresponding plug-in package;Gulp-less Package: cnpm Install gulp-less--save-devGulp-connect Package: cnpm Install Gulp-connect--save-devGULP-MINIFY-

Gulp-css-spriter merge sliced images from CSS code into sprite graphs

NPM Address: gulpfile.js:var Gulp = require (' Gulp '),Minifycss = require (' Gulp-minify-css '),Spriter = require (' Gulp-

Gulp Tutorials (sass,livereload,md5,css compression, JS compression, IMG base64)

EnvironmentNode-v v6.10.3Npm-v 3.10.10Package.json as follows:{ "name": "Zhcsdata", "version": "1.0.0", "description": "", "main": "Index.js", "scripts": { "Test": "Echo \" Error:no test specified\ " exit 1" }, "author": "Zengwe", "license": "ISC", " Devdependencies ": { " gulp ":" ^3.9.1 ", " gulp-base64 ":" ^0.1.3 ", " Gulp-file-include ":"

Using Gulp to compress CSS

Be sure to read this section after you understand the following chapters: Installing Node and Gulp Use Gulp to compress JS Compressing the CSS code can reduce the size of the CSS file and improve the page opening speed.We then convert the rule to Gulp code.

CSS merging, compression and MD5 naming and path substitution for the Gulp Learning Guide

1. Introduction of PluginsvarGulp = require ('Gulp'), //uglify = require (' gulp-uglify '),Concat = require ('Gulp-concat'), Minifycss= Require ('Gulp-minify-css'), Rev= Require ('Gulp-rev'), Revcollector= Require ('

Gulp Tutorial Compression Merge Css,js

Package.jsonIf you are familiar with NPM, you can use Package.json to save all NPM install--save-dev gulp-xxx module dependencies and module versions.At the command line, enterNPM Initwill be required to complete the project information in turn, not clear can directly enter skipInstallation dependenciesInstall Gulp to project (Prevent Global Gulp upgrade from inc

Use Grunt, Gulp, broccoli, or brunch to remove unwanted CSS styles from the page

English Original: spring-cleaning Unused CSS with Grunt, Gulp, broccoli or brunch Want to improve the speed of the web, generally by reducing response time, standardize the css/js/html and the content of the picture. also through optimized css removing unused css

CSS merging, compression and MD5 naming and path substitution for the Gulp Learning Guide

Gulpfile.jsvarGulp = require ('Gulp');varConcat = require ('Gulp-concat');//-Multiple files merged into one;varMinifycss = require ('Gulp-minify-css');//-Compress CSS into one line;varRev = require ('Gulp-rev');//-add MD5 suffix t

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