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Introduction and usage of plug-ins commonly used when using gulp

plug-ins available for use: compiling Gulp-sass-Compiling the sass into CSS via Libsass Gulp-ruby-sass-compiling sass into CSS via Ruby Sass Gulp-compass-compiled into CSS via Ruby sass and Compasssass Gulp-less-less compiled into CSS. Gulp-stylus-

Gulp Getting Started

1, Gulp IntroductionGulpis based onNodejsAutomatic task Runner that she can automate to completeJavaScript,Coffee,Sass, Less,Html/image,CSSfiles such as test, check, merge, compress, format, browser automatic refresh, deployment file generation, and

Auto Build Tool Gulp

Summary:Gulp, like grunt, are automated build tools. Compared to grunt, it highlights the concept of a stream, and the task is executed one after the other. Share today how to automate with gulp.Installation:Gulp is also based on the node

Gulp Installation and use

Gulp Installation and useTest environment mac:10.10.4 gulp:3.9.0 Time: August 15, 2015 18:07:08Installing Gulpsudo npm install --global gulpnpm install --save-dev gulpInput gulp -v , display version description successful

Front-end Project preparation Nodejs+gulp+bower

1, installation NodejsNodejs official website Download installation filesAfter the installation is complete, the command window executes,(show Nodejs version) and (show NPM version) You can use these two commands to see if the installation was

Gulp using Notes

Gulp IntroductionGulp is a NODEJS-based automatic task runner that automates the testing, checking, merging, compressing, formatting, automatic browser refresh, and deployment file generation of JAVASCRIPT/COFFEE/SASS/LESS/HTML/IMAGE/CSS and other

Gulp (b) Gulp Chinese API

// match ' client/js/somedir/somefile.js ' and resolve ' base ' to ' client/js/' . Pipe (Minify ()) . Pipe (Gulp.dest (' build ')); // write ' build/somedir/somefile.js ' gulp.src (' client/js/**/*.js ', {base: ' client ' }). pipe (Minify ()) .

Example of using Node. js to implement simple Webhook

It has been a long time since Node. js came out. I feel that if Node. js is not clicked on the front end, it will be a little behind the times. I started to get in touch with it from the summer vacation last year. When I was writing something

Webpack: Multi-entry file packaging strategy

This is my practical experience with Webpack project construction, the scenario is this, the project is large-scale CMS type, technology selection is Vue, only support chrome, there are many sub-functional modules, all packaged together will have

Building front-end private NPM notes

As the front-end team grows, the sharing of code between projects becomes particularly important. Commonly used frameworks/libraries do not need to put a share in each project, and the public modules that are produced within the team also need to

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