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Introduction and application testing of several compression modules optimized by gzip for ASP. NET pages in real time! (Source Code)

Before the introduction, let's talk about ASP. the role and working principle of the gzip compression module on the Net Server. Many people use a large number of JS special effects or place a large number of dynamic advertisements when writing a

Linux Common compression Commands-Gzip,zcat,bzip2,bzcat

A few common zip file extensions *. Z Compress program compressed files. *.GZ gzip Program compresses the file. *.BZ2 bzip2 Program compressed files, *.tar tar program packaged data, and not compressed;

What is gzip? What are the advantages? How can I enable gzip?

1. What is gzip?A: gzip was first created by Jean-Loup gailly and Mark Adler for File compression in UNIX systems. We often use files suffixed with .gz in linux, which are in GZIP format. Nowadays, it has become a widely used data compression format

Set up Tomcat to enable gzip compression

Principle IntroductionHTTP compression can greatly improve the speed of browsing the site, it is the principle that after the client requests the server corresponding resources, from the server side of the resource file compression, and then output

Linux Common compression Commands-Gzip,zcat,bzip2,bzcat

A few common zip file extensions *. Z Compress program compressed files; *.gz gzip program compressed files; *.bz2 bzip2 Program compressed files; *.tar tar program packed data, not compressed; *.tar.gz

How to enable gzip compression in apache

Start gzip of apache2The following lines are found in http. conf. If not, add# LoadModule deflate_module modules/mod_deflate.so remove. Indicates that GZIP is enabled.More customizationThe compression function is enabled. It can be used very well.

About JavaScript-gzip static compression method _javascript Tips

One page reduction 10KB for a small site, is not what, but for large sites, the cumulative is a lot of traffic ... gzip compression is an effective and feasible approach, but requires Apache support (Apache has a common port solution with

GZIP,ZIP,BZIP2 file compression and archiving

14.3. File compression and archiving Sometimes we need to store a set of files in a single file for backup or transfer to another directory or even another computer. Sometimes we also need to compress files into one file, so they use only a small

Enable HTTP compression (GZip compression) in IIS6

IIS compression is not a new technology, but for websites, IIS compression can play a major role. After the IIS compression function is enabled on the IIS server, before the IIS server sends the page content to the browser, It compresses the content

IIS enable gzip and pros and cons analysis _win server

Modern browsers IE6 and Firefox support the client gzip, that is, the Web page on the server, before transmission, the first use of gzip compression and then transmitted to the client, after the client received by the browser to extract the display,

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