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PHP Performance Optimization instance sharing

This article is mainly to share with you the PHP performance optimization example, this article lists a lot of points, hope to help everyone. 1. Try to be static: If a method can be static, it is declared static, the speed can be increased by 1/4,

PHP High-efficiency notation (explanation)

PHP High-efficiency notation (explanation) 1. Try to be static: If a method can be static, it is declared static, the speed can be increased by 1/4, even when I test, this improved by nearly three times times.Of course, this test method needs to

joshchen_php Novice Advanced Advanced Master Indispensable Specification _php tutorial

Title, everything in the biological world needs to grow, but growth is divided into two kinds, one is the growth of evil, one is healthy growth. Programmers are the same, when we grow up, we must know the norms in advance, so as to form a healthy

Introduction to PHP Basic syntax

This article mainly introduces the basic syntax of PHP introduction, has a certain reference value, now share to everyone, the need for friends can refer to Knowledge Points: Marker, Comment Variable Constant Data type Operator

"PHP" MySQL Global ID Generation scheme, phpmysql global id_php Tutorial

"PHP" MySQL Global ID Generation scheme, PHPMYSQL global ID Production system with the growth of business will always go through a business volume from small to large process, scalability is considered a database system high availability of an

JavaScript efficiently run code Analysis _javascript tips

Author Mark ' Tarquin ' wilton-jones • November 2, 2006 This article translates from efficient JavaScript The address of the original translation http://kb.operachina.com/node/207 Traditionally, w

Ajax global event Reference and individual events (global/local) execution order

This article focuses on the global event reference method for Ajax and the sequence of execution of each event, so let's read this article together. All global events for the Ajax method of jquery: Ajaxstart:ajax before the request

36 Counts of improving PHP code quality

1. Do not use relative paths Often you will see: Require_once ('.. /.. /lib/some_class.php '); There are many drawbacks to this approach: It first looks for the specified PHP include path and then finds the current directory. Therefore, too

PHP efficient Writing (explanation) _php Tutorial

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36 Ways to improve PHP code quality

You will often see: 1 require_once ( '../../lib/some_class.php' ); There are many drawbacks to this approach: It first finds the specified PHP include path, and then finds

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