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Raspberry Pi (raspberrypi) installation aircrack-ng,reaver and WiFi hack tutorial [finishing]

(recommended)-l,–ignore-locks ignore locked state reported by the target APIgnore the locked status reported by the target AP-e,–eap-terminate terminate each WPS session with an EAP FAIL packetTerminates the WPS process whenever an EAP failure packet is received-n,–nack Target AP always sends a nack [Auto]Always send Nack to target AP, default auto-w,–win7 Mimic a Windows 7 registrar [False]Analog win7 registration, default offReference:Http://lok.me/a/1972.htmlHttp://bao3.blogspot.com/2013/05/

Raspberry Pi instances: 2 Pi R

Many people are interested in Raspberry Pi's hardware hack function, one thing I see is Raspberry Pi's low power consumption function. I can use it to replace the Linux Server currently in use. In my previous articles, I have introduced how to use Raspberry Pi to replace the

Hijacking FM Radio with a Raspberry Pi & wire

Reprint: https://null-byte.wonderhowto.com/how-to/hack-radio-frequencies-hijacking-fm-radio-with-raspberry-pi-wire-0177007/software-defined Radio and Signals intelligence, we learned how to set up a radio listening station T o Find and decode hidden radio signals-just like the hackers who triggered the emergency siren system in Dallas, Texas, Probably did. Now so

How to Use image effects on Raspberry Pi

mode; (5) Photo time, set to 1 second; (6) image size, set to 640x480. The script will automatically take 78 photos, each of which will apply different special effect parameters. To execute this script, you only need to enter the following command line: $ python name_of_this_script.py Below are some samples captured. Small benefits In addition to using the raspistill command line tool to manipulate the raspicam camera module, there are other methods to use. Picamera is a python library tha

Raspberry Pi connects 9-axis IMU sensor (GY-85 module)

i2c_adxl345From time import * Adxl345 = i2c_adxl345.i2c_adxl345 (0) While true:Print (adxl345)Sleep (1) Output X:-0.40625.Y: 0.15625Z:-0.9375 X:-0.40625.Y: 0.15625Z:-0.9375 # Obtain hmc5883l Electronic Compass InformationFor more information, go to http://think-bowl.com/raspberry-pi/i2c-python-library-3-axis-digital-compass-hmc5883l-with-the-raspberry-

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