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BACKTRACK5 (BT5) wireless password hack tutorial WPA/WPA2-PSK type wireless password hack

Yesterday released the BACKTRACK5 (BT5) wireless weppassword hack Tutorial Minidwep-gtk crack method, the BT5 to crack the WEP wireless password simple way to do the introduction, today cows for friends introduced how to crack WPA under BT5 WPA2 type of wireless password.Prerequisite: Installation or hard disk boot BT5 gnome32 bit image, can take a look at the co

Cracking Wifi WPA-WPA2 in 5 second--dumpper v.80.8 +jumpstart+winpcap

Although the title is 5 seconds to crack WPA-WPA2 WiFi password, but in fact this is the kind of router for foreign countries, our big celestial routers more and more powerful. Some routers have anti-pin, even some routers do not have pin,wps and so on. But there are some that should be useful. Here's how to say:Tool: I downloaded the dumpper v.80.8 +jumpstart+wi

Wireless network card encryption method WEP WPA/WPA2 Introduction

(AES) encryption, they can maximize the security of your wireless network, is the best choice at this stage, but if your wireless card does not support WPA/WPA2 encryption, Then 128-bit WEP encryption will be your bottom line, in order not to make your wireless network a "free public WiFi hotspot", please encrypt your wireless network.Http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/b

5 minutes hack WPA2 password (turn)

about here is the way to hack the WPA2 encryption route! So WEP took a stroke! If it is to crack the route of WEP, the "Start" button on the right side of the bar, the rest is almost no automatic search password (if there is a packet Oh!). )6, the next start grab handshake package, look at the last line of the picture, caught a handshake package, is waiting for certification, waiting for certification will

Mac system installation aircrack-ng hack nearby WiFi password (1)

identity card equivalent to the NIC, the MAC address itself cannot be modified, but can spoof the AP by forging a MAC address.WEP (Wireless encryption Protocol): Wireless encryption protocol. An early encryption protocol that is easy to crack.WPA/WPA2 (wi-fiprotected Access): A more secure encryption system based on WEP.Handshake: shake hands.IV (initialization vector) s: Initialize vector.Reference:macport:https://www.macports.org/install.phpHack

WiFi password hack in cdlinux environment

route, then write down the route WPS or click the WPS buttonMethod Two: Mushroom cool, your mobile phone I give you root for a bit, so run faster, Root, steal mobile phone data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf fileMethod Three: Beauty, your home wifi is how much? Beauty: *** Where's the password?Method Four: Beauty, like a recent epidemic of a virus, can open camera candid, and many computers are poisoned, an

Mac system installation aircrack-ng hack WiFi password (2)

as follows:Break the WEP passwordAfter the packet analysis is complete, a sentence appears in the command line minimum face:We enter 2because the Index number in Princess is 2, and the result is different for each time;After a flash of the interface, if there is a key FOUND, the password cracked out, if there is no key FOUND , then the data you captured is not enough, be sure to recapture the password is 10 uppercase A:Because the WEP algorithm flaw, as long as catches the packet enough, can br

WiFi password hack cdlinux

understand! Do not use for illegal users.The following is a detailed description of the tool's main interface:1) wireless card wlan0. This shows your wireless card information.2) channel, encryption mode. Channel is selected by default all, encryption method of WEP, WPA/WPA2 two kinds. Choose the default option in the following way.3) Displays the MAC address, name, intensity, channel, encryption, etc. of

Hack routed WiFi

packets are not captured, the user's use of more, the more data packets, can be cracked to the data packet in more than 10,000, and then to analyze the password, the best in the daytime when more people use. One of the client's non-line by the opportunity to crack the chance will be greater, good luck as long as 10 minutes or so, bad words will be a few hours, because to capture more than 10,000 packets, but there are exceptions, and sometimes 20,000 packets can not be cracked.This is a Linux e

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