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Some ideas on construction of 3G mobile network in China

At present, China's 3G experiments and outfield testing is actively underway, the industry on the construction of 3G mobile network is very enthusiastic. For various reasons, the Ministry of Information industry is very cautious about the business of 3G service and has not yet made clear the time of issuance of 3G licences. This paper will put forward some ideas about the construction of 3G

ZTE mobile assistant Local Elevation of Privilege and authentication mechanism for WIFI Remote Management bypass (detailed Android analysis process and ideas)

ZTE mobile assistant Local Elevation of Privilege and authentication mechanism for WIFI Remote Management bypass (detailed Android analysis process and ideas) There are two vulnerabilities:(1) components exposed, resulting in Local Elevation of Privilege and remote access(2) Remote Management authentication mechanism Bypass ZTE mobile assistant is the official An

iOS photo reversal analysis and mobile/page-side processing strategies and ideas

Objective:A few days ago, I wrote a technical analysis on the upside-down of uploading photos on iOS phones: iOS photo inversion analysis and PHP server processing.But the idea is to deal with it from the server, which is quite common.Today, we will talk about how to solve this problem from the mobile side/page end, focusing on talking about ideas.   Significance:But the

Mobile phone number Registration ideas

Recently in the website mobile phone number registration, is the user submitted mobile phone number, the server generated a verification code sent to the user's mobile phone, the user submitted a verification code comparison, the server generated verification code should not be stored in the database? There are better ways to do it, like a session or something.

The infiltration of interactive ideas in the design of mobile social games

transmitting ideas, and the script category of the game is replicating similar layers. For gamers, the creation and struggle of the virtual world is similar to what they encounter in real life, and can match the transmission of images and text carriers. Or, games and books and images are people in the satisfaction of survival, open up idle time some of the spiritual choice. In understanding this level, you will be able to understand more clearly why

"Life Impressions" today's two fantastic ideas for even-screen mobile phones and networked libraries

source of books, but also conducive to library resource scheduling and overall management. A specialized agency could be established in this country to administer the national project. If the idea succeeds, it is a huge project that requires municipal public and private assistance, and must be based on a sound social identity credit system. So this idea still has a long way to go, but the sharing between libraries is probably not far away.Although these ide

The advent of mobile internet and the new ideas of traditional media

are forced to enter and build a new platform, essentially, the content of two copies, and no differentiation. Although the intention is to capture new users, but the core of content manufacturing is still walking on the old road, which is doomed to do no work. From this point of view, the transformation of these media is only in the concept, and there is no real impetus.More importantly, at this time, the traditional media has been feeling the decline in advertising revenue, the pressure of cos

Some Ideas about the mobile phone Input Method

The mobile phone is Sony Ericsson mt15i In the Android system. After using sogou, QQ, and Baidu input methods, I finally chose the touchpal input method. The main reason is that it has a sliding input method, which is very nice to write English words, even if you cannot remember a few letters in the middle, there is a mess on the keyboard, and the input method can basically guess a hundred times better. I think this is probably a patent, but it is dif

NOTES: Mobile 1-pixel thin line solution ideas

Recently has been in the Vue Mobile project, every time at the beginning to solve the problem of BORDER:1PX, referring to Daniel's article himself summarized down as a noteReference:Zhang Xin Xu: http://www.zhangxinxu.com/wordpress/2012/08/window-devicepixelratio/Https://www.cnblogs.com/lunarorbitx/p/5287309.htmlCause:in the On the Retina screen (Retina is a pixel-compressed screen that compresses more pixels into a single screen for higher resolution

Some basic ideas in mobile development, and where to pay attention to the details of the techniques

1: In the touch device you need to use the DOM touch event. Do not need to use the Css:hover pseudo-class, but also because the finger is larger than the mouse, to be able to click on the element to do a larger2: Optimize Picture:To solve those users with small bandwidth or high traffic costs, you can optimize the loading of images by loading the appropriate images based on the user's screen size and resolution. You can use media queries to get height,width and pixel ratio on your screen.Focus:

Android Jump to Address book to get the user name and mobile phone number of the implementation of ideas _android

, ResultCode, data); } Where the Getphonecontacts (URI) method, because the phone's contact and cell phone number are no longer in the same database, so we need to do separate processing private string[] Getphonecontacts (Uri uri) {string[] contact=new string[2]; Get Contentresolver object Contentresolver cr = Getcontentresolver (); Gets the cursor Cursor cursor=cr.query (uri,null,null,null,null) in the beginning of the phone book; if (cursor!=null) {Cursor.movetofirst ();

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