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The art of Computer Programming + Volume 2nd: Half-value Algorithm (third edition) PDF

: Network Disk DownloadThis book is the latest edition of the 2nd volume of the 7 volume of computer programming art, which is widely concerned by domestic and foreign industry. This volume gives a comprehensive introduction to the field of half-value algorithms, divided into two chapters, "Random number" and "arithmetic". This volume summarizes the main algorith

JavaScript DOM Programming Art (2nd edition) reading notes (4)

which are contained in the array returned by the ChildNodes property.However, each node has a NodeType property. The NodeType attribute has a total of 12 desirable values, but only 3 of them have value: The NodeType attribute value of the element node is 1, the property node's NodeType property value is 2, and the NodeType property value of the text node is 3.If you want to change the value of a text node, use the NodeValue property provided by the DOM.Array element Childnodes[0] There is a mor

JavaScript-javascript DOM Programming Art (2nd edition)

/* Progressive enhancement smooth degraded web page structure layer (structural layer): HTML presentation layer (presentation layer): CSS JavaScript-javascript DOM Programming Art (2nd edition)

[2015-12-10 profile] see a little every day [Javascript.dom Programming Art (2nd edition)]

");}else{Alert ("a isnot B");}= = Comparison Value= = = Comparison Value and type! = Comparison Value!== comparison values and typesLogic | | !-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6. Cyclevar count = 1;while (Count alert (count);count++;}bo=alert (count);count++;}while (COUNTfor (var count =1;countalert (count);}var AA = ["Ruj", [+], false];for (var count =0;countalert (count);}----------------------------------------------------------------

JavaScript DOM Programming Art (2nd Edition)-Comprehensive notes

an array of objects, each corresponding to an element in the document that has the specified label name.This method allows a wildcard character to be * used as its argument, which returns all the label elements in the document as an array.3. GetelmentsbyclassnameThis method is a new method in the HTML5 DOM that accesses the element through the class name in the tag class attribute, which is an array of objects, each corresponding to the element in the document that has the specified class name.

JavaScript DOM Programming Art (2nd edition)---P9

syntax does not allow a variable name to contain spaces or punctuation (the dollar sign "$" exception)JavaScript variable names are allowed to contain letters, numbers, dollar signs, and underscores (but the first character is not allowed to be a number)Hump format naming:Remove Middle white space (underline), followed by each new word start with uppercase letters Script > var ="happy"; Script >Usually the hump format is the preferred format for function name, method name, and object prope

JavaScript DOM Programming Art (2nd edition) reading notes (6)

never be able to leave the current link.What about those people who use keyboards only?Fortunately, the OnClick event handler is smarter than we thought. Although its name "onclick" gives the impression that it is only associated with a mouse click action, it is not true: in almost all browsers, the action of tabbing to a link and pressing ENTER will also trigger the OnClick event.It is best not to use the OnKeyPress event handler function. The OnClick event handler function has been able to me

JavaScript DOM Programming Art (2nd edition) reading notes (7)

page content asynchronously.With Ajax, you can only update a small part of the page. Other content-logo, navigation, head, foot, no reload.The main advantage of Ajax is that requests to the page are sent asynchronously to the server. The server does not respond to the request with the entire page, it processes the request in the background, while the user continues to browse the page and interact with the page. Your script can load and create page content on demand without interrupting the user

Read "JavaScript DOM Programming Art (2nd edition)" Note

JavaScript code must be executed through the html/xhtml document, and the first way is to put the JS code between the to put the , allowing the browser to load the page fasterPS: Browser page load order: Please read this articleJS Note: 1,///2,/* 3, JS can be used JS allows programmers to directly assign values to variables without prior declaration, the most efficient declaration and assignment practices: var mood= "Happy", age=33;JS is a weakly typed language, meaning that programmers can cha

Read "JavaScript DOM Programming Art (2nd edition)" Note 5

() { if(document.getElementById) { statements using getElementById }} Although it is a simple if statement, it ensures that the "old" browsers do not cause problems with my scripting code, so that the script has good backwards compatibility.Browser sniffing technology: addresses backward compatibility issues by extracting information from a browser vendor.Performance considerations: Determining the optimal performance of script execution1. Minimize access to the DOM and minimize markup2. M

Read "JavaScript DOM Programming Art (2nd edition)" Note 9

The Style property is an object and can only return inline styles.When you need to reference a CSS property with a minus sign in the middle, the DOM asks for the hump naming method, that is, the CSS property font-family becomes the DOM attribute fontFamliy:element.style.fontFamilyRegardless of the number of hyphens in the CSS style attribute's name, the DOM is all represented by the Hump naming method, which is the CSS property backg-color corresponding to the DOM attribute backgroundcolor.CSS3

Read "JavaScript DOM Programming Art (2nd edition)" Note 7

content "Hello world" is created.InsertBefore: Insert a new element in front of an existing element, when calling this method, you must know three things: 1, new element: The element you want to insert (newelement) 2, Target element: Before which element (targetelement) you want to insert this new element 3, parent element: The parent element of the target element (parentelement) Syntax: Patentelement.insertbefore (newelement,targetelement) We don't have to figure out what the parent element is

JavaScript DOM Programming Art (2nd edition) reading notes (3)

to the value of the attribute node. After making changes to the document through SetAttribute, you will still see the value of the property before the change through the browser's view source option to view the document's source code, that is, the changes made by setattribute are not reflected in the source code of the document itself. This "duplicity" phenomenon stems from the DOM's working mode: loading the static content of the document, and then dynamically refreshing, dynamic refresh does

JavaScript DOM Programming Art (2nd edition)---Order

Objective:Although it is almost a load, but still on their own occupation-the front-end, vague, muddle. Therefore, does not seek the crane to stand alone group, but knows. From the JavaScript DOM Programming Art (2nd edition), start with a foundation, and at the same time, understand the history of industry development. More unknown so the insistence, less a trac

JavaScript DOM Programming Art (2nd edition) reading notes (5)

Compression script:The so-called compression script, refers to the script file unnecessary bytes, such as spaces and comments, all deleted, so as to achieve the purpose of "compressed" file. Fortunately, there are many tools that can do it for you. Some refiners will even rewrite some of your code, using shorter variable names to reduce the overall file size. The streamlined code, while not easy to read, can drastically reduce file size. In most cases, you should have two versions, one working

JavaScript DOM Programming Art (2nd edition) reading notes (8)

JavaScript and DOM, we can completely collect that information and insert it into the document using the SUP element.List of shortcut keysThe AccessKey property can associate an element (such as a link) with a specific key on the keyboard. This is useful for people who can't or don't like using a mouse to browse the Web.In general, in browsers for Windows systems, the use of shortcut keys is to press the ALT key and specific keys at the same time on the keyboard, and in browsers for Mac systems

JavaScript DOM Programming Art (2nd edition) reading notes (9)

adept at handling repetitive tasks. It is easy to traverse a long list with a while or for loop.Responding to EventsCSS provides: pseudo-class attributes such as hover allow us to change the style based on the state of the HTML element. The DOM can also respond to changes in the state of an HTML element through events such as onmouseover. So when to use: hover, when to use onmouseover?The simplest answer is to choose the easiest way to achieve it. For example, if you just want the link to chang

Read "JavaScript DOM Programming Art (2nd edition)" NOTE 3

1. A document is a tree of nodes2. Nodes are divided into different types: element nodes, text nodes, attribute nodes, etc.3. Each node is an object, and the atom of the DOM is an element node4.getElementById returns an object that corresponds to a specific element node in the document5.getELementsByTagName and Getelementsbyclassname return an array of objects that correspond to a specific set of ELEMENT nodes in the document, respectively.The 6.typeof operator can tell us whether its operand is

JavaScript DOM Programming Art (2nd edition) reading notes (2)

, this usage is not a good habit and is not recommended for everyone to use. Essentially, when you create an associative array, you create an array object's properties. In JavaScript, all variables are actually objects of some kind. For example, a Boolean value is an object of type Boolean. In the above example, you are actually adding the name, year, and living three properties to the lemon array. Ideally, you should not modify the properties of an array object, but you should use a generic obj

JavaScript DOM Programming Art (2nd edition) Study Note 1 (chapter 1~4)

=document.getelementbyid (' id name '); Returns the element node, where each element node is an object, so the data type returned is an objectThe tag and class methods can iterate through a set of elements with a for loop4, gets and sets the element's attributes , which belong to the element node objectGets the property name of the attribute getattribute, a parameter that needs to be obtained.Set the property SetAttribute, two parameters, need to modify the property name, the modified value.Note

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