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Cloudera Hadoop 4 Combat Course (Hadoop 2.0, cluster interface management, e-commerce online query + log offline analysis)

(about 5 speak)· Sqoop principle· Sqoop use of the detailed• Use Sqoop to achieve hdfs/hive data interaction with relational databases• Use Sqoop to implement HBase's data interaction with relational databasesFourth chapter (about 8 Speak)· HBase principle· HBase System Architecture· HBase storage mechanism· HBase Basic Usage· HBase table design ideas and solutions• Common Application Scenarios• Interacting with Hive· Java Access, web developmentThe fifth chapter of the project combat (about 8

Hadoop Learning Notes (ix)--HADOOP log Analysis System

Environment : Centos7+hadoop2.5.2+hive1.2.1+mysql5.6.22+indigo Service 2 train of thought : Hive load loghadoop distributed execution → requirement data into MySQL Note : Hadoop log Analysis System on the Internet a lot of data, but most of them have to write a small probl

Install the scribe log analysis tool and the scribe log analysis tool.

Install the scribe log analysis tool and the scribe log analysis tool. System CentOS6.2 x86_64 1. yum install gcc, flex, m4, python/python-devel, ruby, libevent/libevent-devel, openssl/openssl-devel, bzip2/bzip2-devel, zlib/zlib-d

A case of Hadoop MR statistical analysis log Script

###########################begin Hadoop Stat#echo "Begin Hadoop stat Requesttimecount" >>/u1/hadoop-stat/stat.log#/u1/hadoop-1.0.1/bin/hadoop Jar/u1/hadoop-stat/stat.jar Gy.log.mr.requestTime.RequestTimeCount $day#echo "Begin

Hadoop Learning Notes-20. Website Log Analysis Project case (iii) statistical analysis

'; " #step2. Compute the days between start date and end dates1= ' Date--date= ' $ ' +%s ' s2= ' date +%s ' s3=$ ((($s 2-$s 1)/3600/24 ) #step3. Excute techbbs_core.sh $ timesfor ((i= $s 3; i>0; i--)) do logdate= ' date--date= ' $i days ago "+%y_%m_%d" C2/>techbbs_core.sh $logdatedoneIv. SummaryThrough three parts of the introduction, the site's log analysis work is basically completed, of course, there

Hadoop Classic case Spark implementation (vii)--Log analysis: Analysis of unstructured files _hadoop

Related articles recommended Hadoop Classic case Spark implementation (i)--analysis of the maximum temperature per year by meteorological data collectedHadoop Classic case Spark Implementation (ii)--data-heavy problemHadoop Classic case Spark implementation (iii)--Data sortingHadoop Classic case Spark implementation (IV.)--average scoreSpark implementation of Hadoop

Hadoop log simple analysis

I. OverviewBased on the analysis of 0.19.1, this article shows some alibaba hadoop optimizations. This article does not involve the jobtracker and nodename metadata. This article mainly describes some logs generated by a task in the computing stage and some log problems.Ii. Brief Introduction to logsWhen all the daemon processes get up (for simplicity, we use the

IIS log Analysis tool downloads [IIS log Profiling tool]

Download |iis| Log Analysis IIS Log Analysis tool You can consider using open source Awstats to analyzeThe following is my installation notes, I hope you can have a referenceAwstats's installation notes under IIS6.0What is Awstats? Awstats is a Perl-b

Using the server log monitoring software, server log analysis tool software to teach you how to view the server log? _ Server Other

function can only record all audit log to the event log, Querying and positioning for post audit events is cumbersome, because the event log data becomes very large once the auditing feature is enabled. The following are steps to enable the Windows File Server auditing feature: "Audit Policy" for Windows Server: First, enable Audit object access 1.

Log analysis tool awstats Multi-site log analysis

The first two are all about how to deploy the Awstats log Analysis tool under Nginx, and now it's finally Apache. As a veteran Web server, Awstats's support for Apache is perfect, so the entire configuration process is very simple. So, here I expanded the deployment to achieve a multi-site logging analysis. Note: Sinc

Hadoop Learning Notes-20. Website Log Analysis Project case (ii) Data cleansing

INFO mapred. Jobclient:bytes read=6108419215/04/26 04:28:50 INFO mapred. Jobclient:map-reduce Framework15/04/26 04:28:50 INFO mapred. Jobclient:map output materialized bytes=1450353015/04/26 04:28:50 INFO mapred. Jobclient:map input records=54816015/04/26 04:28:50 INFO mapred. Jobclient:reduce Shuffle bytes=1450353015/04/26 04:28:50 INFO mapred. Jobclient:spilled records=33971415/04/26 04:28:50 INFO mapred. Jobclient:map Output bytes=1415874115/04/26 04:28:50 INFO mapred. Jobclient:cpu Time Spe

Hdinsight-hadoop actual Combat (i) Website log analysis

Hdinsight-hadoop actual Combat (i) Website log analysisBrief introductionIn this example, you will use the HDInsight query that parses the Web site log file to gain insight into how customers use the site. With this analysis, you can see a summary of the frequency of visits to the site within a day of the external site

Second, the analysis of Nginx access log based on Hadoop---calculate Day PV

found; Falling back on auto-configurationcreating temp directory/tmp/pv_day.root.20161228.022837.113256Running Step 1 of 1 ... Streaming final output from/tmp/pv_day.root.20161228.022837.113256/output ... "2016-12-27" 47783 "2016-12-26 " 299427Removing temp directory/tmp/pv_day.root.20161228.022837.113256 ...Standard input stdin mode, this way only accepts the first file # Python3 pv_day.py No configs found; Falling back on Auto-configurationcreating temp directory /tmp/pv_ Day.roo

Small Web site log analysis using the Hadoop platform

row format delimited fields terminated by ' \ t ' as select $CURRENT , Ip,count (*) as hits from Bbslog where logdate= $CURRENT GROUP by IP have hits > order by hits DESC "#查询uv/home/cloud/hive/bin/hive-e "CREATE table uv_$current row format delimited fields terminated by ' \ t ' as SELECT COUNT (Dist Inct IP) from Bbslog where logdate= $CURRENT "#查询每天的注册人数/home/cloud/hive/bin/hive-e "CREATE table reg_$current row format delimited fields terminated by ' \ t ' as SELECT COUNT (*) From Bbslog whe

Hadoop Classic case Spark implementation (vii)--Log analysis: Analyzing unstructured files

, and there are similar new features after JDK1.8.The contrast output is consistent with Mr(post/service/notes/addviewtimes_779.htm,1), (get/service/notes/addviewtimes_900.htm,1), (post/service/notes/ addviewtimes_900.htm,1), (get/notes/index-top-3.htm,1), (get/html/notes/20140318/24.html,1), (get/html/notes/ 20140609/544.html,1), (post/service/notes/addviewtimes_542.htm,2), (post/service/notes/addviewtimes_544.htm,1), ( get/html/notes/20140609/542.html,2), (post/service/notes/addviewtimes_23.ht

Hadoop Monitoring Analysis Tool dr.elephant

=8080# database configuration# The DB Host, username password Vault name Db_url=localhostdb _name=drelephantdb_user= "Root" db_password=Other default, no change requiredAnd then the Generalconf.xml.Modify Drelephant.analysis.thread.count, the default is 3, the proposed modification to 10, 3 words from the Jobhistoryserver reading speed is too slow, higher than 10 words and read too fast, will cause great pressure on jobhistoryserver. The following two one is the time period of the read, and the

V. Analysis of the Nginx access log based on Hadoop--useragent and Spider

:#Python3 top_10_spider.py access_all.log-20161227No Configs found; Falling back on auto-configurationcreating Temp directory/tmp/top_10_spider.root.20161228.091326.295972Running Step1 of 2... Running Step2 of 2... Streaming final output from/tmp/top_10_spider.root.20161228.091326.295972/output ...33542"Magpie-crawler"25880" Other"16578"Sogou web Spider"6383"Bingbot"3688"Baiduspider"1487"Yahoo! slurp"1096"Jikespider"731"Yisouspider"648"Baiduspider-image"470"Googlebot"Removing temp directory/tmp/

Mysql Configuration Slow query log (slowquerylog) and use log analysis tool

[View system settings for slow queries]Mysql>Show variables like '%slow%';+---------------------------+--------------------------------+|Variable_name|Value|+---------------------------+--------------------------------+|Log_slow_admin_statements| OFF ||Log_slow_slave_statements| OFF ||Slow_launch_time| 2 ||Slow_query_log| OFF ||Slow_query_log_file| /Data/Mysql/localhost-Slow.Log |+------

IIS Log Analysis tool (dot IIS log Analyzer) use a graphics tutorial

The server has recently suffered hacker intrusion. Intruders are skilled, delete IIS log files to erase traces, you can go to the Event Viewer to look at the warning message from W3SVC, often find some clues. Of course, for Web servers with very large access, it is almost impossible to rely on manual analysis-there's too much data! A Third-party log

Log analysis tool Awstats analysis results static

Objective: Awstats is a Perl based WEB log analysis tool that develops quickly on SourceForge, and a full log analysis allows Awstats to display your following information: Number of visits, unique visitors,Access time and last visit,User authentication, recently authentic

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