hana and hadoop integration

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Hadoop 2.5.2 Eclipse plugin compilation Win7 integration

-plugin-master\build\contrib\eclipse-plugin directory.Intermediate may be compiled encounteredI can't find the Htrace-core-3.0.4.jar.Download Htrace-core-3.0.4.jar, Link: http://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.htrace/htrace-core/3.0.4and copy the package to the hadoop-2.5.2/share/hadoop/common/lib/directoryRecompile! Success!Configuration:The compiled plugin is already in the Hadoop2x-eclipse-plugin-master/b

Small strategy for integration testing in a Hadoop Cluster

For maven projects, the default integration test is performed as a phase of the build cycle, which is convenient for general projects to perform integration testing, but for Hadoop (or HBase) projects are not suitable because their applications run in the Cluster Environment and the development environment may be windows rather than linux, these reasons make it i

Integration of Hadoop Hive and Hbase

Document directory 1. Hadoop and Hbase have been installed successfully. 2. Copy the hbase-0.90.4.jar and zookeeper-3.3.2.jar to hive/lib. 3. Modify the hive-site.xml file in hive/conf and add the following content at the bottom: 4. Copy the hbase-0.90.4.jar to hadoop/lib on all hadoop nodes (including the master. 1. Start a Single Node 2. Start the clust

Eclipse Integration runs the WordCount program using the Hadoop plugin

-other-map/reduce-ok button display map/reduce Locations tabConfigure host-correspondingIf your cluster is configured successfully[Email protected] sbin]# jps14036 NameNode19319 Jps14570 ResourceManager14302 SecondarynamenodeThese four configuration files all have aThe following interface appears to indicate whether the connection is successful or not.Refresh ProjectIf we get here, congratulations are half done.Next you need to change the file under the bin of HadoopOpen DirectoryCopy my Baidu c

My cloud journey-hadoop cluster integration hbase cluster (5)

1. hadoop configuration is complete first 2. configure a standalone hbase Test 3 configure a pseudo-distributed test 4. Test the distributed configuration and integrate hadoop with HDFS: Hostname: 9000/hbase. 5. After the integration is successful, you can use hbase shell to put the data into the table, and then use had

Elasticsearch and Hadoop integration, Gateway.type HDFS settings

Configuring the Elasticsearch storage path to HDFs takes two steps, installs the plug-in Elasticsearch-hadoop, and runs in the command window in the case of networking: Plugin-install elasticsearch/ Elasticsearch-hadoop/1.2.0 can be.If there is no network decompression plug-in to plugins, the directory is/hadoop ....In configuration file Elasticsearch.yml, config

CentOS installation R integration Hadoop, RHive configuration installation manual

CentOS installation R integration Hadoop, RHive configuration installation manual RHive is a package that uses HIVE high-performance queries to expand R computing capabilities. It can easily call HQL in the R environment, and can also use R objects and functions in Hive. Theoretically, the data processing capacity can be expanded infinitely on the Hive platform, coupled with the R environment, which is a pe

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