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Various techniques related to video codec and video image processing applications, new methods, various software development-related algorithms, ideas.

1. A variety of video compression standards (MPEG2, MPEG4, h261/2/3/4,x264, T264 and H264 (AVC) and HEVC (H265), such as optimization, improvement, innovation.2. Development of various platforms (CPU, GPU, DSP, ARM, etc.), porting optimization, etc., related languages include C, C + +, X86 assembler, TI DSP assembler, ADI DSP assembler, ARM assembly (Armv4/v5/v6/v7 XScale WMMX Corte x A8, etc.), MMX, SSE, SSE2/3 and so on, as well as the current use o

Fast video image sampling __ image processing

published in SIGGRAPH ASIA 2008 article, a lot of local translation is not good, please forgive me. Please download the translated version from here. Click to open the link Original Download Address: http://appsrv.cse.cuhk.edu.hk/~leojia/projects/upsampling/index.html Their processing results show that the sample is pretty good and they claim to be able to process the video in real time. But in the absence

2016.6.13 essay ———— image acquisition, processing, video capture, PNG image size reduction

1. Get pictures and other resources on the pageWe recommend using Chrome browserCRTL + SHIFT + JThen there is a column of resources, which you can select to see:The images contains all the picture elements of the page.Additional:The Firebug in the Firefox browser is very useful. If it is to do web development, JS debugging, etc., recommended with this.2. Image acquisition and processingGets the picture on the page, but the resolution is not very high,

[OpenCV] video reading and some simple image processing, opencv reading

[OpenCV] video reading and some simple image processing, opencv reading1. Preface As a computer image processing tool, openCV began to show some irreplaceable advantages due to free disclosure, copyright, and so on (it has been shown for a long time ). Well, I have been work

Design of Video Image Acquisition and Processing System Using FPGA and USB Bus

[Date:] Source: Beijing University of Science and Technology Author: Zhou jianbo Yan Xianfeng Wang changsong sun Honglin [Font: large, medium, and small]   SummaryA High-Speed Image Acquisition and Processing System with FPGA as the core chip is built. The image acquisition frequency can reach 13.5 MHz, the video

Gpuimage ==> an open source iOS framework based on GPU image and video processing

LogoProject Description:Gpuimage is an open source project that Brad Larson hosted on GitHub.Gpuimage is an open-source iOS framework based on GPU image and video processing, offers a wide range of image processing filters, and supports real-time filters for cameras and came

[Opencv] video reading and some simple image processing

1. Preface As a computer image processing tool, opencv began to show some irreplaceable advantages due to free disclosure, copyright, and so on (it has been shown for a long time ). Well, I have been working with MATLAB in my graduate school. I always feel like debugging, verification, or Matlab is useful! Not long ago, I started to get in touch with opencv. I always felt that although it was a tool, the wa

Image processing learning process--website, video, books (long-term update)

useful and interesting tool for connecting to the thought matrix. One of the benefits of college expertise is here, and it's easy to get a clear picture of what expertise needs to be applied in the relevant fields, even if it's not good at the time. This is also I think that the need to go to graduate school, the necessity of continuing to enter a higher field, you know that your horizons and more in-depth knowledge can be researched and applied.https://class.coursera.org/Duke University:

Video image processing project at the beginning

Part, this is the author's favorite, small LCD screen easy to display!!! Key and led test units are mainly in the algorithm, you can first use the led to measure the correctness of an output signal. Camera part of the author intends to design the interface as far as possible compatible with more camera models. Currently intends to access mt9v022,mt9v139,mt9m111,ov5642,ov7725,ov7670, and so on, first use these bar, on the tcd1209d before, this has been done before, to fight to be able to

Video Image Processing System

The image size of the detector captures the size of the 1024*720,VGA display to be 1024x768, so a black background of 48 rows is added in the vertical direction.The image captured by the detector is 30 frames per secondVGA display shows images of 60 frames per secondRead fast write slow, so there will be more than one time to read the same data situation.Data written to SDRAM is first deposited into the wri

HTML5 audio and video processing and HTML5 audio and video processing

* Autoplay-Automatic Video Playback* Controls-Control Panel provided* Loop-Indicates loop playback.* Poster-set the image displayed before playback* Width and height-set the width and height of the video to be displayed.* Preload-preload* Auto-(default) auto load* None-do not load* Metadata-only load basic video inform

Video coding and decoding 4: Video Processing and coding standards

Chapter 4 Video Processing 1. Video Processing Operations on video image quality enhancement before and after video compression The subjective i

HLS Image Processing Series--build DDR image processing pathway in Zedboard

ZYNQ image paths to be used for ZYNQ video-related developers. This post describes a camera +hls image processing +DDR storage +VGA display image path. This channel is I and another colleague to achieve, I am responsible for the camera FPGA driver, HLS

Getting started with video collection and processing (Video resolution Introduction)

Resolution is widely used. Cameras have resolutions, cameras have resolutions, monitors, and printers. Similarly, broadcast TVs and digital videos have resolutions, different fields have different definitions of resolution. Even in the same field, the definition of the same resolution varies according to the standard, for example, D1 resolution, is it 720x316or 720x576? People who are new to video capturing may be confused. This article focuses on def

Canvas entry (3): Image Processing and drawing text, canvas Image Processing

Canvas entry (3): Image Processing and drawing text, canvas Image Processing Source: http://www.ido321.com/997.html I. Image Processing (Unless otherwise stated, all results are from the latest Google Version) In HTML 5, you can

Computer Vision and image processing advanced research institutions, Image Processing Research Institutions

://open.163.com/special/opencourse/robotics.html Massachusetts Institute of Technology Open Class: algorithm introduction http://open.163.com/special/opencourse/algorithms.html Stanford University open class: programming Paradigm http://open.163.com/special/opencourse/paradigms.html Stanford Open Course: Programming Methodology Http://open.163.com/special/sp/programming.html youtube video, the results of foreign Daniel basically will be published on y

Use ffmpge for video compression (from image to h264 Video Stream)

I believe FFMPEG will not be unfamiliar with video or image processing, and many related code can be found online. However, due to different versions, the code that is often found can be used only by self-modification. I hope to do my best to release the development kit and self-written code, if you want to directly run the code for reference, you can download th

Image format conversion in Python image processing library pil

OIn Digital image processing, there are specific processing algorithms for different image formats. So, before we do the image processing, we need to think about the format of the image

Install ffmpeg-2.4.13 under Ubuntu14.04 (for video processing, save video as a sequence of pictures)

First download the ffmpeg-2.4.13.tar.bz2 in http://www.ffmpeg.org/olddownload.html;Then install Yasm and libx264:Apt-get Install YasmAptitude Install Libx264-devInstallation dependencies:Aptitude Install Libfaac-devAptitude Install Libmp3lame-devAptitude Install Libtheora-devAptitude Install Libvorbis-devAptitude Install Libxvidcore-devAptitude Install Libxext-devAptitude Install Libxfixes-devFinally compile the installation ffmpeg:CD ffmpeg-2.4.13Sudo-sSOURCE ConfigureMakeMake installTest it:Ff

Python Novice Advanced version: How to read unstructured, image, video, voice data

also tell you the weather conditions, to help you set up the system schedule, introduce the restaurant and so on. This is a typical application of intelligent robot in pattern recognition. Based on the above-mentioned complex application scenarios, usually the process of voice follow-up analysis, processing and modeling can not be done by the data engineer alone, but also requires a lot of corpus material, sociology, signal engineering, language

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