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For happiness, some thoughts on happiness

Where is happiness? Where is happiness? Friend I tell you, it is not in the shade of willow is not in the greenhouse, it in hard work, it in the hard labor, ah happiness in your crystal sweat ...About happiness, I first thought of this nursery song. Happiness seems to be a h

Happiness and happiness come from oneself

I felt this sentence because I recently read Shu benhua's "Wisdom of life". His insights into life make me suddenly enlightened. No matter how the world changes, no matter how people around you treat yourself, happiness and happiness always come from you. No, it should be said that the true happiness and happiness come

Happiness is by your side. Lesson 2. Optimism is a kind of spiritual wealth [the essence of Harvard happiness course]

High.If you give up, you must reject it. Do not be busy with trivial matters. Do not worry about other things, but also prevent others from taking care of your things.Everything is rational, powerful, and well-organized., It will become an endless benefit for your life. And do not let the secular dust blind your eyes, or put your own soul in heavy shackles. Giving up is a wise choice. You need to give yourself full freedom to care for perfect things with enthusiasm and maintain your elegance.

Happiness is a journey happiness is a process

that there is no way to happiness. happiness is the way. so treasure every moment that you have. And remember that time waits for no one. so stop waiting until you finish school, until you go back to school; until you get married, until you get divorced; until you have kids; until you retire; until you get a new car or home; until spring; until you are born again to decide that there is no better time than

In the new year, I sincerely wish my friends peace, happiness, happiness, and well-being! -Intermittent blog

TIME Express with snow, with people's expectations, fly to fly. The New Year's bell shook the hearts of everyone. My friend and colleague were in a red face, waving goodbye to 2008, and ushered in a hopeful 2009. In midnight, the street lights are still flashing and the song is still excited. Are you sorry for the unforgettable 2008, or are you looking forward to the new year? Let's look back at the past year and quietly think about what is worth remembering? As the dead are, the blue silk ha

The conversation between Socrates and the loss of happiness-losing an inappropriate lover is a kind of happiness.

The dialogue between Socrates and the loss Socrates: Why are you sad? Lost: I'm in love. Su: Oh, this is normal. If you fall in love without sorrow, love will probably have no taste. However, young people, how can I find that your investment in Lovelorn is more attractive than your investment in love. Lost: Lost grapes are lost. Sorry, you are not a single person. How can you find it sour. Sue: If you lose it, you lose it. Why not move on? There are still a lot of delicious grapes. Lost: I want

"Happiness is by your side" Sixth lesson, heart-to-heart action [Harvard University "Happiness course" essence]

destiny.When you set goals, the key point is to pursue a dream that you believe is worth pursuing. Only you know what you want, and by setting realistic and feasible goals that can be achieved, you can avoid setbacks. The realization of every small goal will make you more confident. Boen Cui Xi is a world-class master of efficiency improvement. He once said :"The most important thing to success is to know what you really want. The primary cause of success is to develop a clear, specific, and m

Spread knowledge, share happiness-MySQL database development and optimization video, share happiness-mysql

Spread knowledge, share happiness-MySQL database development and optimization video, share happiness-mysql Today is July 22, September 11, a memorable day, praying for innocent lives that have passed away! This year's 500 anniversary since the founding of the Expo, with the full support and assistance of the majority of netizens, the blog is full of articles. In order to thank the masses of netizens for

Happiness is beyond reach (it is said that nine hearts will be able to find happiness)

Someone sent a picture to me, called "The legend can be found with nine hearts ". Ladies and gentlemen, please try again for your happiness. However, do not be discouraged if you cannot find 9. If you decide to give up, proceed with the following: I have always been deeply skeptical about this kind of data. The simple reasoning is as follows: In the lower-right corner, there are some English characters, which should be the author's signatur

The way to Happiness

The first chapter on the question of happinessThe question of "Whether I am happy" implies a bipolar view of happiness: either happiness or unhappiness. In this understanding, happiness becomes an end, once achieved, our pursuit of happiness is over. In fact, the focus does not exist, and the persistent function of thi

The operation of the dataset on XML. WriteXml () and ReadXml. DataSet. AcceptChanges (). DataSet. DIspose (). Freeing resources

Private voidDemonstratereadwritexmldocumentwithstreamreader () {//Create a DataSet with one table and both columns.DataSet Originaldataset =NewDataSet ("DataSet"); Originaldataset.namespace="NETFramework"; DataTable Table=NewDataTable ("Table"); DataColumn Idcolumn=NewDataColumn ("ID", Type.GetType ("System.Int32")); Idcolumn.autoincrement=true; DataColumn Itemcolumn=NewDataColumn ("Item"); Table. Column

Non-link access to the database-the queried Dataset is stored in Dataset ., Connection Mode dataset

Non-link access to the database-the queried Dataset is stored in Dataset ., Connection Mode dataset Private void Button_Click_1 (object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) {// access the database in non-link mode, // 1 create a connection object (connection string) using (SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection (SQLHelper. connectionString) {// 2. create data adapter objec

Memories of the past, but also a kind of happiness, a good

Memories of the past, but also a kind of happiness, a good -Memories of the past, but also a kind of happiness, a good Remember the past. When sorrow is always no one understands, say more and how, others still will not understand, people always forgive themselves easy, forgive others difficult, on the surface smile so happy, actually is just a mask, originally I was wrong, take off the mask no longer brin

TensorFlow Notes: DataSet export _tensorflow Build Your own dataset

Update to TensorFlow 1.4 I. Read input data 1. If the database size can be fully read in memory, use the simplest numpy arrays format: 1). Convert the Npy file into a TF. Tensor2). Using Dataset.from_tensor_slices ()Example: # Load The training data into two numpy arrays, for example using ' np.load () '. With Np.load ("/var/data/training_data.npy") as data: features = data["Features"] labels = data["Labels"] # assume that each row of features corresponds to the same row as ' labels '. Assert fe

On the algorithm of Happiness number

In the process of interviewing a state-owned enterprise, I was asked to write a happy number algorithm with a mobile phone, which was not written because of the trouble. Later at home, bored to think of writing an example.The concept of happiness: In a given carry system, the number of all digits (digits) of the sum of squares, the new number obtained once again the sum of squares of all digits, so repeated, the final result must be 1.Example:2 8→22+8

True happiness never shows off.

True happiness never shows off.The whole world has the people who bask in happiness, in fact, the real wise man is always Viceroy night!  Recently, I was plagued by a lot of information, all the sort of "happiness": her 37-year-old divorce, 40-year-old abroad, 58-year-old married a billionaire young. Or her husband is rich, well-built, high-value, is the real god

DataSet..::. Merge Method (DataSet)

Merges the specified dataset and its schema into the current dataset. namespaces: System.DataAssembly: System.Data (in System.Data.dll) C# Public void Merge ( DataSet DataSet ) ParametersDataSet Type: System.Data.. :: . DataSet The

Happiness is a Feeling

Night quietly lying in the arms of the universe, gently issued a sweet snoring, at the moment I can feel their heartbeat, but also can feel the loneliness of the night, I like the night, quietly beat their own mood, listen to their breath, feel the beauty of life, feeling the happiness of life. Often friends ask me, what is the taste of happiness? What is the feeling of

[Happiness] Learn with whole life

Happiness 1. A contented mind is the greatest blessing a man can enjoy in this world.-- (Joseph Addison. American wreter) Contentment is the greatest blessing of life. -- (American writer ai. J .) 2. Absence of occupation is not rest, a mind quite vacant is a mind distress.-- (William Cowper, briish poet) Idle is not a rest. A very empty mind is a painful one. -- (English poet kaobo. W .) 3. All the blessings we enjoy are the fruits of labor,

Happiness is a kind of ability

Man is because he has the ability to be happy and happy. Have the ability to grasp the fate, the ability to create the future, have the ability to reverse the reverse, have the ability to enjoy life. It is difficult for such people to be unhappy. Have the ability to be happy, why not happy. Let oneself happiness is a kind of ability, a truly successful person, must be a very happy person, because he has the ability to arrange his life harmoniously

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