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Comparison of data models, using reflection to be a happy programmer

When I read "big talk Design Patterns", I said it reflected the joy of the programmer. At that time, I didn't quite believe that I would not reflect it after all. I don't even know when to use reflection. I can only check some information and know that there are some reflection. I have been working on a talent management system over the past few days. One of the reasons is the operation log, especially when I modify each field. Well, there were two decisions at that time. 1. Create a structure t

201507221403_ "One of the backbone-new models and collections, instantiation models, methods for listening to events on models, model settings and getting back-end data, configuration justification methods, view binding events, binding models, etc."

One. Newvar model_1 = new Backbone.model ({' name ': ' Hello '});var model_2 = new Backbone.model ({' name ': ' Hi '});var models = new Backbone.collection ();Models.add (Model_1);Models.add (model_2);Alert (Json.stringify (models));Two. Instantiation of the modelvar M = Backbone.Model.extend ({Aaa:function () {alert (123);}});var childm = M.extend ();var model = new Childm;MODEL.AAA ();Three. How to listen

. Net: Some Thoughts on data models, domain models, and view Models

Document directory Sample Code Sample Code Background Data Models, domain models, and view models are three types of "models". Some architectures use one type to represent these three roles, such as the traditional three-tier architecture. There are also some architectures that use two types to represent these thre

Happy loan How to borrow happy loan condition is what

What are the conditions for a happy loan application? There are a few conditions here. One is the car loans, credit, Fang Li loans Their application conditions are not the sameConditions of application for vehicle loan: Age Requirement: 18-60 years old Vehicle insurance: Strong risk + commercial insurance (within the validity of insurance) Age Requirement: The loan term plus the length of the vehicle shall not exceed 8 years Vehicle requirements:

Happy Happy v. Thousand rubber Unfair Competition: Name to service are difficult to distinguish

Morning News (reporter money A demon) in white-collar users have many fans of the net (kaixin001.com), said yesterday will sue "cottage" competitors, this will also be the domestic community dating site between the first court battle, perhaps for this chaotic industry to establish a competition rules. The reporter learned that yesterday, happy Net has formally filed a lawsuit to the court, sued Thousand Oak Group's another "

Happy New Year, Happy New Year 365dvd

Happy New Year, Happy New Year 365dvd Members of the park and the staff of the blog Park Happy New Year! We specially made a simple animation, put in the blog Park uap wp App inside, no WP mobile phone to see youku: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XODYxMTM4ODM2.html (Audible) This animation is completely developed and produced using the Win rt sdk. Its interface ele

[LeetCode] 202. Happy Number, leetcode202.happy

[LeetCode] 202. Happy Number, leetcode202.happy Question Write an algorithm to determine if a number is "happy ". A happy number is a number defined by the following process: Starting with any positive integer, replace the number by the sum of the squares of its digits, and repeat the process until the number equals 1

Leetcode 202. Happy number Determines whether a count is "Happy numbers"----------Java

Write an algorithm to determine if a number is "happy".A happy number is a number defined by the following process:starting with any positive integer and replace the number by the Sum of the squares of its digits, and repeat the process until the number equals 1 (where it would stay), or it loops Endl essly in a cycle which does not include 1. Those numbers for which this process ends in 1 is

How do QQ happy landlords play? QQ happy landlords game strategy

Introduction to the rules of happy bucket landlords "Rules of the game" First, the licensing A deck of 54 cards, one person 17, leaving 3 cards to do, in the determination of the landlord before the player can not see cards. Second, call the card Call the card according to the order of the cards in turn, the call can choose "Call Landlord", "not called". If a player chooses to "call the landlord", immediately ends the call and the player is the

[Happy exercise] enjoy walking barefoot to get healthy and happy

your soles and skins will also become thick and thick, people will also be exceptionally refined, and they will become younger and younger. 6. Be skillful in practice To keep your feet up and down for a long time, you need to strengthen your legs, feet, and whole body strength to improve flexibility and flexibility. When you can run a 10-kilometer, 20-kilometer, or even a whole marathon, you will be able to practice it with ease. 7. Detoxification When running barefoot, static electricity a

Please be a good person, happy and happy

In fact, sometimes the most difficult thing to understand is life! I have been busy at school for almost half a year and have very little time to go back to school. Or I have not graduated from junior high school, and I have never been back to college since that time, before the university, there was basically a monthly vacation, that is, the last two days of each month would be a holiday. At that time, you could go home and enjoy going home. At that time, it seems that every month is waiting f

[Android Notes] imitation happy Security homepage dynamic effect, anzhuo happy Security

[Android Notes] imitation happy Security homepage dynamic effect, anzhuo happy Security First look at the effect: Layout: Rotation Animation: View with radiation effect: Package com. example. view; import android. content. context; import android. graphics. canvas; import android. graphics. color; import android. graphics. paint; import android. OS. handler; import android. util. attributeSet; imp

2017 Happy New Year special effects, 2017 happy new year

2017 Happy New Year special effects, 2017 happy new year 2016 is now over. No matter what you have experienced in the year or what you have paid and gained, you can only say goodbye to 2016. I hope that the experience of this year will allow us to better grasp the future time and the coming 2017. He asked me why I made an HTML5 special effect on New Year's Day. I wish you a

Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Valentine's Day!

In the morning, friends sent a text message: "Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Valentine's Day !" Haha, then I am always in the heart to hum this song, the more I think this song is a sad love song, as if this song with a faint sorrow, maybe it's caused by my subjective emotions. This whole day, almost no one talked to each other and worked hard. I hope to finish my work early, and I will be able to think about

Dw2.0-roles and roles of business models and data models during development

Dw2.0The content is very broad. It includes all the data in the enterprise, as well as external data; it includes yesterday's data, as well as today's data. Among some large multinational enterprises,Dw2.0The scope of the content is quite large. And,Dw2.0The data in is also saved to a very fine granularity. In this way, to meet the various needs of enterprisesDw2.0The Design and Construction of is very complex and requires advanced technologies. AlthoughDw2.0The design faces such difficult

JavaScript code for obtaining mobile device models (JS for obtaining mobile phone models and systems) and javascriptjs

JavaScript code for obtaining mobile device models (JS for obtaining mobile phone models and systems) and javascriptjs Generally, the User Agent field is used to identify the User's access device in the browser. However, we can only obtain one rough information, such as Mac or Windows, the iPhone or iPad is used. If I want to know how many generations of iPhone you are using, this method will not work. I ha

7.2 Models--defining Models

I. Overview1. A model is a class that defines the properties and behavior of the data that you present to the user. Users hope that if they leave your application and return (or if they refresh the page) anything they see should be represented by a model.2. Ensure that Ember-data.js is introduced after Ember.js:type= "Text/javascript" src= "Ember.js"> Script > type= "Text/javascript" src= "Ember-data.js"> script>3. For each model in the application, create a DS. sub-class of Model:App/

Differences and meanings of frameworks, models, and models

So-called frameworks, models, and models After reading the paper for so long, I finally understood the differences and specific meanings of these three concepts. During discussions with lab students, I found that many students were not very clear about this issue, so I wrote a small article to record it. The first thing to note is that the framework, model, and model mentioned in this article are often men

"Django Models" virtualization extracts Models public functionality

1. DemandThe Django models defines the tables of the database, and many of the tables in the process must have many common operations. Then you can encapsulate some of the common operations, and you don't need to repeat the definition and use in each table. 2. Definitionor inherit from models, define a Jsonmode base class Class Jsonmode (models. Model): 2.1 Virtu

Understanding of Yii\web\user in Yii2, and self-built App\models\user (basic version), Frontend\models\user application principle

Yii\web\user is a collectively, for users, no specific instances, can only be managed;Here the App\models\user is the benchmark;App\models\user is the model class of mapping data table User, but also implements the interface, Yii\web\identityinterface, why to implement this interface,is because of the login method in Yii\web\user: $identity in Public Function login (identityinterface $identity, $duration =

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