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"Linux hardware and hard disk partitioning" about hard drive planning and usage details

Label:PS: The final Exam is finally over, and I finally have time to start running my blog. Some of the lessons in this semester are really very useful, I feel a lot of courses can be written in a very fine technical blog, such as pipeline

Linux Disk Management Command usage detailed

Let's take a look at an example and write it yourself. The first step is to find the newly added disk usage FDISK-L lists all the disks. The more stupid way can also go to the/dev directory under LS, see the newly added disk name. If it's just a mo

Linux Lake 07: The trap of hard disk partitioning and its response

Tags: style blog http using file osThe reason why I think of writing this, because I am tossing Linux system, there are many times fell into the hard disk partition trap experience. In recent days, once again fell into the pit, tossing two geniuses

Linux hard disk GPT partitions and MBR partitions

  thought to write this, because I am in the process of tossing Linux system, there are many times to fall into the trap of the hard disk partition experience. In the last few days, once again fe

Day 7 Linux system monitoring, hard disk partitioning, etc.

Tags: mean center nice runtime Linux operating system service program fonts informationSystem monitoring of Linux system monitoring, hard disk partition, etc. System monitoring and Process control tools-top and free1) Mastering the function of

HDD Partition Memo (primary partition, extended partition and logical partition) and Linux hard disk partitioning tool parted introduction

Tags: msdos unlimited strong quit blank hardware partition Table extension imagesScene: Recently in the basic knowledge of Linux, the inevitable design to the Linux disk partition, before the summary, but the kind of summary is to copy someone

Linux storage management and hard disk partitioning, formatting, mounting

Tags: hard disk interface Mknod fdiskHere is the basics of storage management for Linux, using a new hard drive device step (partition, format, mount Partition).First, Linux storage Management basic knowledge point1. Hardware compositionIn the

Linux Learning (CENTOS-7)---disk partitioning (concept, partitioning method, partitioning scheme)

Tags: fat additional disk space desktop type bus good communication compatibility1 Concepts related to disk partitioning1.1 What is a diskThe disk is the computer's external memory device, the round magnetic disc is installed in a square sealed box,

Linux View machine configuration, and cpu/memory/hard disk usage

Tags: blog http io os using AR for file dataHow to view machine configuration under Linux? cpu/Memory/HDDDmesgDisplays the boot information. The kernel will store the boot information in the ring buffer. If you are too late to view the information,

How Linux file System Management (hard disk) works

Tags: des http using strong file widthfirst, how to identify the hard disk when the system is initialized1, the system initially according to the information of the MBR to identify the hard disk, including some executable files to load the system,

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