hard link vs symbolic link

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In linux ln command use parameters detailed

LN is another very important command in Linux, its function is to create a link for a file in another location, the most common parameter of this command is-s, which is the Ln–s source file destination file.When we need to use the same file in a diff

File directory Management class command vs. Shell features

Tags: shellFile directory Management class command vs. Shell featuresFirst, list the contents of the directory.LS: Lists the contents of the current directory or the specified directoryUsage: ls[options][file_or_dirs]Options:Ls-a List all FilesLS-L

Linux LN Command Instance __linux

For Example: 1. Create a connection to a file [Root@a ~]# ln-s/home/kk/ss.sh ~ #如果不写目标地址, that is, in the current directory built link [Root@a ~]# ls Centos-base.repo.oldboy anaconda-ks.cfg install.log install.log.syslog ss.sh This command indicates

Zsh vs. bash is not completely contrasted, Zsh is a more powerful shell that becomes the "ultimate"

Tags: line edit unix Mac OS HTTPS filename master continuous slash not foundhttps://www.zhihu.com/question/21418449Mort | Zsh vs. Bash: Incomplete contrast resolution (1) 2014-10-07BdpqlxzWhat's the difference between zsh and bash?A lot of people

Linux File system detailed

Tags: create file network upload successful sector symbol connection method Xtend Pre FitThe file system on Linux is generally EXT2 or EXT3, but this article is not ready to talk about them directly, but I want to combine the Linux operating system

Common command and usage of file management under Linux system

Label:What are the file management class commands on Linux and how they are used?File system operation commands are divided into: directory operation command, file Operation command, Permission action commandDirectory Operations Command:LS lists the

Common commands in Linux (1)

Tags: des style blog http color io os using ARThis article address:http://www.cnblogs.com/archimedes/p/linux-commands1.html, reprint please indicate source address.ls commandLS is used to list the contents of the directory, it is one of the most

Linux Command--ln command

Label:The ln command is a synchronous link for a file, and LN has two types of soft connections and one for hard links. A hard link means that a file can have multiple names, whereas a soft link creates a special file with the content of the file

Linux: File and folder management

Tags: sysconfig int open File Project exe maximize SYN enter SELinuxhttp://blog.csdn.net/pipisorry/article/details/39854265View user's informationpika:~$ID Pikauid=1000 (Pika) gid=1000 (Pika) groups=1000 (Pika), 4 (ADM), (CDROM), (sudo), (DIP),

600 English words that a programmer must master

Tags: serialization    argument    algorithms     event-driven     data      Master-slave

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