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NTFS-based HARDLINK Attack and Defense

Author:MJ0011 Old technology and old technology ~ NTFS supports a HARDLINK technology that can "Hard connect" two files. In fact, the principle is very simple. Two files share the same fie record, and operations on one file is equivalent to

Softlink and Hardlink under Linux

There are two types of links in Linux: Hard links and soft links (soft link), and soft links called Symbolic links (symbolic link)To create a command:Ln-s destfile/directory Softlink #建立软连接ln destfile hardlink #建立硬连接InodeIn a Linux system, the

Softlink and Hardlink under Linux

There are two types of links in Linux: Hard links and soft links (soft link), and soft links called Symbolic links (symbolic link) To create a command:Ln-s Softlink destfile/directory #建立软连接ln hardlink destfile #建立硬连接 InodeIn a Linux system, the

12 kinds of shortcuts for Windows

Shortcuts, many people's reflection is that little arrow, in fact, Windows supports 9 kinds of shortcuts.About this format1. *.lnkThis is Microsoft's general shortcut, many computer beginners that year is to put a 500MB game on the desktop 1k size

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 Rapid deployment of Windows

There's really a lot of stuff out there lately. Everything is 2010. Ha ha.. MDT2008, before this dish has been introduced to you, how to deploy WinXP, but only superficial. MDT2010 Beta also came out ... Follow me to see ... Write something that

Top 10 IT professionals in Windows 7

1. Application compatibility The core level of the Windows Vista operating system adopts a changed architecture, making the operating system itself safer than Windows XP. However, this requires a price; many applications need to be modified to

NTFS advanced applications for Windows 7

Microsoft introduced the NTFS file system from Windows 2000, but at this point the user can choose to install the system in a non-NTFS-formatted partition. At this moment, Windows 7 can only be installed in NTFS format. We can see that Microsoft has

Installing and configuring Rsync (Cwrsync) under Windows

The first step is to install the service side first: After downloading the integration package provided by CC, there is a server installation program and a green client Let's first double-click Cwrsyncserver_4.1.0_installer.exe to install

How to create a link for a file in the NTFS file system

Most of my friends may know that UNIX provides the link function for creating files, there may not be so many friends who have used the link function supported by the Windows NTFS file system (note that I am not talking about the shortcut function ).

How to explain hard links and soft links to people brainwashed by Windows

This is a collection of materials prepared to explain soft-link hard links to those who are familiar with windows and have no access to Linux. If there are any errors or unknown information, please note that the materials are scattered and further

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