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WPF multi-touch Development: Advanced Touch-screen operations (manipulation)

In the previous article we have a preliminary understanding of the basic touch operation, this article will continue with the advanced operation of Touch Control (Manipulatioin), which includes some special touch gestures in the advanced operations: panning, zooming, rotatin

[IOS UI Advanced-3.0] basic handling of touch events

tell whether it's a single touch or multi-touch.11. Generation and transmission of events12. UIView that can be draggedUIView color blocks that can be dragged1 //2 //moveview.m3 //TouchMove4 //5 //Created by Hellovoidworld on 15/1/10.6 //Copyright (c) 2015 Hellovoidworld. All rights reserved.7 //8 9 #import "MoveView.h"Ten One @implementationMoveview A - /** being dragged*/ -- (void) touchesmoved: (Nsset

iOS Development--ui Advanced (12) event handling, touch events, uitouch,uievent, responder chain, gesture recognition

action: @selector (swipe:)]; //set the direction of the swipeSwiper.direction =Uiswipegesturerecognizerdirectionright; [_imageview Addgesturerecognizer:swiper]; //set the direction of the swipe to go leftUiswipegesturerecognizer *swipe =[[Uiswipegesturerecognizer alloc] initwithtarget:self action: @selector (swipe:)]; //set the direction of the swipeSwipe.direction =Uiswipegesturerecognizerdirectionleft; [_imageview addgesturerecognizer:swipe];}- (void) Swipe: (Uiswipegesturereco

A small error in the JavaScript Advanced Programming Touch Event

Recently, I have been reading Nicholas's "JavaScript Advanced Program Design", is really a good book, easy to understand, well-organized than the "JavaScript authoritative guide" good understanding of some, of course, "JavaScript authoritative guide" has the advantages of authoritative guidance, not gossip, into the topic.Read the technical book I usually like to write the code on the book, although it takes time, but only when the hand knocks, the br

Simple use of UI advanced--quartz2d and Touch events: Simple Doodle Board

//VIEWCONTROLLER.M3 //1-04-scrawl4 //5 //Created by Xiaomoge on 15/1/4.6 //Copyright (c) 2015 Xiaomoge. All rights reserved.7 //8 9 #import "ViewController.h"Ten #import "Scrawl.h" One @interfaceViewcontroller () A@property (Weak, nonatomic) iboutlet scrawl *Scrawlview; - - @end the - @implementationViewcontroller - -- (void) Viewdidload { + [Super Viewdidload]; -Self.scrawlView.linsWidth =3; + } A-(ibaction) Backclick { at [Self.scrawlview back]; - } --(ibaction) Clearclick { - [Self.scrawl

IOS. UI advanced. UITouch touch with UIGesture gesture. 03. gesture reader (UIGestureRecognizer), uigesture.03

IOS. UI advanced. UITouch touch with UIGesture gesture. 03. gesture reader (UIGestureRecognizer), uigesture.03 1. What is a gesture reader: The UIGestureRecognizer is used to identify whether a user uses a device, such as a gesture, a slide, a tap, or something else. UIGestureRecognizer class, used to detect and recognize gestures used by users when using devices. It is an abstract class that defines the ba

iOS animation advanced-hand touch teach you to write Slack Loading animation

Delegate OverrideFunc Animationdidstart (anim:caanimation) {ifLet animation = Anim as? cabasicanimation {ifAnimation.keypath = ="Transform.rotation.z"{status =. Animating}}}OverrideFunc animationdidstop (anim:caanimation, finished Flag:bool) {ifLet animation = Anim as? cabasicanimation {ifAnimation.keypath = ="Strokeend"{ifFlag {status =. Normal Dispatch_after (Dispatch_time (Dispatch_time_now, Int64 (interval) * Int64 (NSEC_PER_SEC)), dispatch _get_main_queue (), {ifSelf.status! =.

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