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Hash (hash) algorithm for popular Science

A one-way hash function algorithm, also called a hash (hash) algorithm, is a function that compresses a message of any length to a fixed length (The Message digest) (the process is irreversible). The hash function can be used for digital signature,

MySQL Database password hack

It is of great significance to study the encryption and decryption of MySQL database in the course of network attack and defense. Imagine that once you have access to the site's permissions, if you can get the data stored in MySQL, through the

Cain & Abel password recovery and cracking tools

Cain & Abel is a password restoration tool on Windows. It uses multiple methods to restore multiple passwords, including network sniffing, Dictionary, brute force, and password analysis to crack and decrypt passwords, record VoIP sessions, and

Java Object Serialization RMI

For an object that exists in a Java virtual machine, its internal state remains in memory only. After the JVM has stopped, these states are lost. In many cases, the internal state of an object needs to be persisted. When it comes to persistence, the

Use Cain to crack MYSQL database passwords

The MYSQL Database User Password is the same as the password of other database users. It appears in plain text in the application system code. After obtaining the file read permission, it can be directly read from the database connection file, for

Nsurlconnection realization of the breakpoint continuous transmission

What about this? West: Range header field The range Header field can request an entity's? One or more child scopes.For example, table, header 500 bytes: bytes=0-499Table? Two x 500 bytes: bytes=500-999Table showing the last 500 bytes:

Scala Tutorial: Condition class and pattern matching

Previous Article: Scala Tutorial: interaction with Java, everything is an object This document is translated from the official Scala tutorial. to prevent misunderstanding, keep the original document for reference. Due to space limitations, there are

How to install Mac OS snow leopard using vmware7.1.4-385536

After a day of hard work, I finally got it done. post an article to summarize it. I. Software and tool preparation We need the following tools for installation:   ● Securable: used to check whether your computer supports MAC system installation.   

[Search engine] web crawler for search engine technology

With the development of the Internet, the Internet is called the main carrier of information, and how to collect information in the Internet is a major challenge in the Internet field. What is web crawler technology? In fact, network crawler

Various programming languages)

Introduction to various programming software version 1.2 * Added languages such as scheme and icon.* Added several compilers for logo, basic, C ++, prograph, and other languages to modify the description of some languages.* ClickView the

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