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Windows password cracking strategy (hash cracking)

Author: hackest [h.s. T.]Source: hackest's blog Http://www.hackest.cn/post/102/ Introduction I have been wondering, in what way can I control the permissions that have been obtained for a long time? Webshell, Trojan, or even rootkit? The webshell

Hash table of data structure

recently look at the PHP array underlying structure, using a hash table, so still honestly go back to look at the structure, here to summarize. 1. Definition of a hash tableHere's the definition of a hash table: a hash table is a data-mapping

How to obtain the administrator password by cracking the hash

Therefore, I am writing an article for you to get the administrator password. I generally do not like to leave Trojans or backdoors on the server, I prefer to use the Administrator to manage the server. I wanted to focus on the methods of capturing

PHP Hash conflicts, resulting in 100% CPU, a complete solution

Today, I took the time to study a BUG Not long ago. The PHP 5.2/5.3 Hash vulnerability caused a server to launch a DDOS attack on the PHP website on the Internet. Let's take a look at the environment. This website uses the LAMP architecture and the

Install programs in Linux

Recently, it takes a lot of effort to install a FastCGI support module in Apache, but it hasn't been done yet :(. First look at the basic, Linux Program Installation Problems. I have read this text before. I always need to re-query it on the

OpenStack Swift's data consistency principle and consistency Hash principle Description (reprint)

Recently, when looking for a job, I was asked some principles of Swift's bottom, so I decided to take notes in order to be able to impress.The following is reproduced by (http://www.openstack.cn/?p=776)--Openstack Swift Open Source cloud storage

Apt-get Update the reason for the hash sum mismatch when updating Ubuntu and how to solve it

$ sudo apt-get update......Hit http://mirrors.163.com Trusty/main SourcesHit http://mirrors.163.com trusty/restricted SourcesGet:17 http://mirrors.163.com trusty/universe Sources [6,399 KB]Hit http://mirrors.163.com trusty/multiverse SourcesERR http:

Solution to HASH checksum mismatch in UBUNTU

There is a problem in Ubuntu that will often plague you, that is, running apt-get update prompts that the Hash checksum does not match.W: cannot download bzip2:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/mirrors.163.com _

Nginx Load Balancer + backend node Health Check Install deployment documentation

1. Download Nginx Download, the latest version is 1.11.5 Address: http://nginx.org/en/download.html PCRE (Nginx installation required dependency package) download Address: https://sourceforge.net/projects/pcre/files/pcre/ Nginx_upstream_check_module

Centos7 install redis3.2.5 Cluster

Centos7 install redis3.2.5 ClusterCentos7 install redis3.2.5 Cluster This article is about installing the redis3.2.5 cluster on the centos7 System of the VM. Redis cluster Introduction When the redis cluster is started, it automatically splits

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