have slash in email address

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Implement a simple email address crawler (python)

I often get questions about email crawlers. There are indications that people who want to grab contact information from the Web are interested in the problem. In this article, I want to demonstrate how to use Python to implement a simple mailbox

JS: Regular Expression-email address verification Parsing

From: http://www.cnblogs.com/Dannier/archive/2010/11/06/RegExp.html Email Verification A regular expression (often abbreviated as Regexp) is a mode written with special symbols to describe one or more text strings. The regular expression is used

URL and email address codes verified based on jquery Regular Expressions

Today, I sorted out the url regular example of the url and the email address, and summarized the usage of jquery and js. There is no difference between others. I hope you can help me with this tutorial. A friend asked me this question today, so I

PHP: 404 error trap and email it to the administrator program

& Lt ;? # 404.php, 8/10/2000. # Traps404errorsandmailsanoticetothewebmaster. # RequiresPHP3.0ornewer, andmailcapabilityonyoursystem. # Copyright2000shaun@shat.netundertheG # 404.php, 8/10/2000.# Traps 404 errors and mails a notice to the webmaster.

What happens when you enter a URL in the browser's address bar and return to it?

Original: http://igoro.com/archive/what-really-happens-when-you-navigate-to-a-url/As a software developer, you will certainly have a complete hierarchical understanding of how Web applications work, as well as the technologies used in these

What happens when I enter a URL from the address bar to the display page?


Basic Linux Commands

1 ls view file or directory"Feature description": View files or directories"Syntax format": ls parameter specifies a file or directory"Option Parameters":Parameter parameter description-L View details of a file or directory Ls-l/root-h Displays the

Based on jquery regular authentication URL, email address code

Today, a friend asked me this question, so I intend to post it to share. In fact, the implementation is very simple, because the regular expression rules are the same, in PHP can be used, so in JS also can be used. As long as the regular

[Go] In-depth understanding of the/proc directory

The/proc directory on a Linux system is a file system, the proc file system. Unlike other common file systems,/proc is a pseudo-file system (also known as a virtual file system) that stores a series of special files that are currently running on the

Programmers can organize git skills within one year, and programmers can have git skills within one year.

Programmers can organize git skills within one year, and programmers can have git skills within one year. I have been using git for one year. The following is my summary of git usage over the past year, covering the vast majority of daily usage

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