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2017 development of Go language programming

more and more popular!). , and there are data experts who create programs that are "available and fit with other programs." Any application data scientists using GO build will use the same language in other parts of the company, or at least it is well suited for modern architectures. via:

2017-2018-2 20179204 "Network attack and Defense practice" First week learning summary of the Linux Foundation

2.linux file Permissions The LS command lists and displays the files in the current directory and views the file permissions: Change file Owner gegeUser Login, new macbook file, enter to $ ll macbook view file owner permissions. ctrl+dExit login, change back to Shiyanlou user identity, change file owner to shiyanlou . $ su -l gege $ touch macbook $ ll macbook ctrl+d $ cd /home/gege $ ls

Reprint Linux Open source project 2017 most anticipated release version

If you regularly visit the DistroWatch website, you will find that the Linux system popularity rankings of every year are almost unchanged.The top 10 have always been those distributions, while others may be in the leaderboard now, and may not be there by the end of the year.About DistroWatch a feature that everyone doesn't understand is called a candidate list, which includes the following types of distributions: has not yet been reviewed

Version-------10 Linux distributions most popular with developers in 2017 years

advantage of this model is that once the operating system is installed, updates can be run continuously, rather than large upgrades. To maintain the stability of the system, Solus's access requirements for the latest packages and beta software are very demanding.Solus supports multiple editors and Ides, such as Atom, idea, Gnome builder, and Git GUI, Gitkraken. The Solus Project website also claims that the operating system supports some programming languages such as

2017-2018-1 20179215 "Linux kernel Fundamentals and Analysis" Nineth Week assignment

(), the C runtime will create such an anonymous mapping instead of using heap memory. "Chunk" means larger than Mmap_threshold, default 128KB, can be adjusted by MALLOCP (). BBS and Data section? In the C language, BSS and data segments hold the contents of static (global) variables. The difference is that BSS holds uninitialized static variable content, and their values are not set directly in the program's source code. The BSS memory area is anonymous and it does not map to any files. If you

2017-2018-1 20179209 "Linux kernel Fundamentals and analysis" Eighth week assignment

memory. Since the kernel is dealing with data that requires some relevant control information, each buffer has a corresponding descriptor. This descriptor is represented by the Buffer_head struct, called the buffer header, defined in file struct buffer_head{ unsigned long b_state; //缓冲区状态标志 struct buffer_head *b_this_page; //页面中的缓冲区 struct page *b_page; //存储缓冲区的页面 sector_t b_blocknr; //起始块号 size_t b_size; //映像的大小 char *b_data; //页面内的数据指针 .

2017-9-12-linux Transplant & Drive Development

is dabbler, there is no real skills. Mixed with the fear of future hardware, I think it is necessary to refuel in private to learn about Linux embedded development. Learning Linux embedded development, a very big project, a little start-up, fortunately, the online material is very rich, want to learn to have small into should be easier, first set a small goal, every day to write a blog, the study of

2017-2018-1 "Linux kernel Principles and design" 12th Week work

correctly judged, so the return is correct.When input and ' 1 ' = ' 2 o'clock, the background executes the SQL statement:select * from The syntax is correct, but the logic is wrong, so it returns correctly.Summarize:This "Introduction to the Fundamentals of SQL injection" experiment with two examples gives me a rough idea of SQL injection and the power of SQL injection. Common techniques for SQL injection include: Use of non-mainstream channel technology Avoid input filtering techn

Linux Learning Path -2017/12/25

?Histsize History Command record number of barsMail Mail mailbox fileLANG language DataRandom randomly numberedPS1 Bash promptHistfilesize History Command Store quantityPath directory in the path to find the execution fileEditor default text EditorHome User Home DirectoryExample:Different user's Homea variable value is not the same,Suppose you need to set a variable "Workdir", let the user execute "CD $WORKDIR", switch to the/home/workdir directoryWhat is the reason for switching to another user

2017-9-3 a solution to a series of problems with Linux NIC

# interface g0/0/0/1# eth-trunk # DIS Play Trunkmembership Eth-trunk 1 Verify whether the creation was successful, if the port joins # display Eth-trunk 1 on another switch also configures Eth-trunk, joins the port.Seven, can ping pass but SSH does not go up, this problem bored me to death, looks simple, but is the wrong rowIn fact, the most critical issue with service iptables status becomes inactive, but service iptables stop is required Q Question

2017 Linux OPS personnel will be open source operation and Maintenance tool System Summary

), IOzone (disk test)Log Related: Rsyslog,awstats,flume,storm,elk (Elasticsearch+logstash+kibana)Search Software: SPHINX,XAPIAN,SOLRUnattended: Kickstart,cobblerSoftware Installation: Rpm,yum (design rpm package customization and Yum warehouse construction)Big Data: Hdfs,hive,hbase,zookeeper,pig,spark,mahout,flume,sqoopDevelopment language: Shell,python,go============================================================================================The n

Dynamic tracking Technology (iv): implementation of GO program dynamic tracking based on Linux BCC/BPF

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Summary Original: Brendan Gregg ' s Blog: "Golang bcc/bpf Function Tracing", 2017 Jan Intro: GDB, go execution Tracer, Godebug, Gctrace, Schedtrace First, Gccgo Function counting Second, Go GC Function counting Iii. per-event invocations of a function Iv. Interf

Go to: Install MySql in Linux

Actual Operation (I think it is also a simple method ): I installed MySQL some time ago, but if I had some problems, I wanted to uninstall it and reinstall it. However, I did not expect to uninstall the software in Linux.My MySQL is installed using commands, that is, the command used in the previous article (Sudo apt-Get installmysql-clientmysql-ServerIn this way, I searched the internet for a long time and did not find the installation method. All of them were RPM installation methods.However,

ASP. NET Core website published to Linux server (GO)

Source ASP. NET Core website published to Linux serverUsed for a long time. NET development of the application can only run on the Windows platform, and the current domestic booming internet companies due to cost considerations, a lot of use of free Linux platform, which makes. NET has a stunt but can not get the vast amount of space,. NET platform is considered only suitable for the development of enterpri

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