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Let the SSD speed fly. Solid state HDD Optimization techniques Daquan

of the bug in the old version. Solid state HDD Driver installation diagram After installing the Intel RST driver, a Restart prompt dialog box appears. This indicates that the Intel RST driver has been installed and completed. SSD driver version detection diagram As SSD benchmark so

SSD (Solid StateDisk) and HDD (Hard Disk Driver) Simulator Researc

files are in use. DiskSim is initially separated from a large, system-level simulator, so it can be easily transplanted to the entire system simulator (such as porting to SimOS ). What DiskSim Does Not Do?DiskSim only simulates and reports storage subsystem performance-related aspects. It does not simulate the behavior of other computer system components, or the interaction between components and the storage system. DiskSim simulates the performance of the hard disk system, but does not save th

WIN10 (HDD) + Ubuntu (SSD) dual system installation for different hard drives (for machines with BIOS mode UEFI)

software preparationsoftware : Ubuntu system, I use the Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS website download link.hardware : U disk, I use the 8G. The loom is Lenovo Y430P,SSD SL700 128G m.2 2242. Both the mechanical hard drive and the SSD are in GPT mode.Download the Ubuntu system directly and unzip to the USB flash drive, because Ubuntu installation files directly support EFI'

DELL Vostro V5460 msata half-high SSD HDD rear-mounted win8.1 system

out. Just try to put Win8.1 first. Sure enough, all of a sudden installed.5, change the wireless network cardIn the Mstat interface next to the plug-in module is the wireless network card, since the original NIC has a problem, then simply change a network card. Because to know that this kind of notebook opens the back cover, is to use the tool 1.1 points. Amoy a Atheros ar5b22 wireless card, sure enough this thing to solve.7.3 Seconds to boot, OK. The original hard disk as a second hard disk, y

SSD Solid State HDD Detection Crystaldiskinfo

Failure phenomenon: SSD solid-state hard disk has been gradually recognized, we serve the user community has also been the use of solid-state hard disk users, but not too much knowledge of solid-state drives, so we need to use the solid-state hard disk testing, and will detect information feedback user current status. Solution: We like to use Hdtune to look at the smart information of the hard drive when we test

Super simple HDD Cloning tutorial diagram

Hard disk cloning, which is a disk clone, is used to copy all the data from one disk to another, and its purpose is embodied in the following areas: HDD Upgrade: Upgrade your old hard drive or small hard drive to a new large hard drive, and use disk cloning to upgrade your hard drive to avoid reloading the system and reinstalling the application. Migrate data:

Featured software recommended SSD SSD potential release Ssdrunner

occupied, a lot of work in memory. Avoid traditional search HDD Preview mode to read hard drives frequently. Help you find the material, avatar, and graphic material you need first time.7. Support custom batch file sending to mobile phone.650) this.width=650; "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M00/72/95/wKiom1XnDe3gjh5aAAFOcxSk4RM272.jpg "style=" float: none; "title=" 2015-09-01_143456.jpg "alt=" Wkiom1xnde3gjh5aaafocxsk4rm272.jpg "/>650) this.width=6

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