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Hortonworks HDP Sandbox 2.2 fixes an issue in which HBase does not start

In the latest release of the Hortonworks HDP Sandbox version 2.2, HBase starts with an error, because the new version of HBase's storage path is different from the past, and the startup script still inherits the old command line to start HBase, The hbase-daemond.sh file could not be found and failed to start. See, the 2.2 version of the sandbox release a little h

Hortonworks HDP Sandbox Custom (configuration) boot-up service (component)

write:#Added by Laurence:customized StartupCustomized:hdfs YARN Zookeeper Hive_metastore webhcatSave and exit, and then open this file:/usr/lib/hue/tools/start_scripts/startup_script, also make a backup first:CP /usr/lib/hue/tools/start_scripts/startup_script /usr/lib/hue/tools/start_scripts/startup_script . bakAnd then: Vim/usr/lib/hue/tools/start_scripts/startup_scriptFind the line where the keyword "startup" is located, find the post comment and copy a row, and change the startup to customiz

Hortonworks HDP cluster installation

The original company's big data servers are CDH, this time the customer asked to use HDP, record the environment installation process The first part and the CDH installation are basically the same, are doing the preparatory work 1. Preparatory work1.1.SSH Password-Free login Configure password-free login by configuring RSA, etc.1.2. Modify the Host10.0.0.21 Server2110.0.0.22 Server2210.0.0.23 Server2310.0.0.24 Server241.3 Time synchronization NTP inst

Installation Guide for Ambari and HDP

Installation Guide for Ambari and HDP The Big Data Platform involves many software products. If you just download the software package from Hadoop and manually configure the file, it is not that intuitive and easy. Ambari provides an option to install and manage hadoop clusters in a graphical manner. Ambari won't introduce it anymore. The Ambari software is intuitive, but the installation experience is poor. It is better to install and control it on y

iOS sandbox (sandbox) mechanism and get sandbox path

first, what is a sandboxEach iOS app is limited to "sandbox" and "sandbox" is the equivalent of a folder with only the owner's visible permissions, and Apple has the following restrictions on the sandbox.1, the application can operate in their own sandbox, but can not access any other application of sand 2, the applica

Gossip Point HDP model Bar _ gossip

Since I persisted for so long, see understand, put my doctor work to delay actually also a lot of, also do not calculate delay, main is the foundation is poor, this algorithm and trouble, so have seen now also did not have the result. I think if someone at that time can guide me, tell me this is difficult, need a professional knowledge of the theoretical background, I may not go on. And if someone were to study the discussion together, it would probably be much better now. But that's all hypothe

UBUNTU14 use HDP to install Hadoop

-repo-1.hortonworks.com/HDP/ubuntu14/2.x/updates/ hdp- > 1.log 2>1 Nohup wget-c http://public-repo-1.hortonworks.com/HDP-UTILS- hdp-utils- > 2.log 2>1 1 copy these three files to/var/www/html/hadoop Cd/var/www/html mkdir Hadoop 2 run H

UBUNTU14 installing Hadoop with HDP

://public-repo-1.hortonworks.com/HDP/ubuntu14/2.x/updates/ hdp- > 1.log 2>1 Nohup wget-c http://public-repo-1.hortonworks.com/HDP-UTILS- hdp-utils- > 2.log 2>1 1) Copy these three files to/var/www/html/hadoop Cd/var/www/html mkdir Hado

HDP installation (v): HDP2.4.2 installation

HDP (Hortonworks Data Platform) is a 100% open source Hadoop release from Hortworks, with yarn as its architecture center, including pig, Hive, Phoniex, HBase, Storm, A number of components such as Spark, in the latest version 2.4, monitor UI implementations with Grafana integration.Installation process: Cluster planning Package Download: (HDP2.4 installation package is too large, recommended for offline installation )

HDP installation (iv): Ambari installation

Ambari is the Apache Foundation's Open source project, its advantage lies in the ingenious fusion of existing open source software, to provide cluster automation installation, centralized management, cluster monitoring, alarm and other functions. According to Hortonwork official information, different HDP version, the Ambari version also has different requirements (for example, from the Hortonwork official website ), in the process of installing HDP2.

HDP how to import live feeds

HDP live with its live speed, not lag, TV shows rich, live source more famous. However, in many cases, we also need to customize the source of the live stream, for example, some programs outside the source. In general, there are only one or two ways to customize live streaming, but there are several ways to HDP live custom live feeds, and here's a small series to see how

iOS Learning 7:ios Sandbox (sandbox) mechanism (i) Get sandbox path and directory description

Ext.: http://my.oschina.net/joanfen/blog/151145One, iOS sandbox mechanismiOS apps can only access areas created for the app, inaccessible to other areas, and other non-code files for the app are present in this directory, including pictures, properties files, plist,bundle,nib files, and so on, which is known as the Sandbox (sandbox). Each app has its own

Some issues in configuring HDP 4 window

1,e0508:user [?] not authorized for WF job [... Jobid] Obviously verifying the problem, Modify the node in Oozie-site.xml to Specifies whether security (user Name/admin role) is enabled or not.If disabled Any user can manage Oozie system and manage any job. 2, pending issues Error starting action [CreateTable]. ErrorType [TRANSIENT], ErrorCode [JA009], Message [Ja009:cannot initialize Cluster. Please check your configuration for mapreduce.framework.name and the correspond server addresses.Some

iOS learning iOS Sandbox (sandbox) Introduction sandbox mechanism file operations (i)

1. iOS sandbox mechanismiOS applications can only read files in the file system created for the program, not access to other places, this area is a sandbox, so all non-code files to be stored in this, such as icons, sounds, images, attributes list, text files and so on.1.1. Each application has its own storage space1.2, the application can not turn over their walls to access the contents of other storage sp

Hadoop-hdp-ambari Installation

1.1.rhel/centos/oracle Linux 6On a server host this has Internet access, use a command line editor to perform the following steps: Log in to your host as root . Download the Ambari repository file to a directory on your installation host.wget -nv http://public-repo-1.hortonworks.com/ambari/centos6/2.x/updates/ -O /etc/yum.repos.d/ambari.repo Confirm that the repository are configured by checking the repo list.yum repolistYou should see values similar to the following f

[Linux] How to run HDP, Hlda in a Linux environment

Novice rookie record How to run HDP, Hlda in LinuxHDP:First, according to the command format, such as input command, path, corpus, and start running.Get results in the results file after the run is finishedFind Mode-word-assignments.dat and run, get the file with HDP suffix, that is, the result file, the format is the text ID: Class ID.Hlda:Enter the./main setting-d4.txt command to run according to the comm

Turn---os sandbox (sandbox) mechanism and file Operation Nsfilemanager

Label:1 , iOS sandbox mechanism iOS applications can only read files in the file system created for the program, not access to other places, this area is a sandbox, so all non-code files to be stored in this, such as icons, sounds, images, attributes list, text files and so on. 1.1. Each application has its own storage space 1.2, the application can not turn over their walls to access the contents of other

8 questions about the search engine sandbox sandbox must know

1. What is search engine sandbox sandbox? is the site keyword in the acquisition of competitive experience in a period of time, this period search engine will make evaluation of the site. 2. Is this true? This is supposed to be true (*^__^*). 3. Does the sandbox have an impact on the entire site? No, it's just a matter of keyword. We take an English website

iOS learning iOS sandbox (sandbox) mechanism and file operations

Directory:iOS learning iOS sandbox (sandbox) mechanism and file operations (i)iOS learning iOS sandbox (sandbox) mechanism and file Operations (ii)iOS learning iOS sandbox (sandbox) mechanism and file operation Nsfilemanager (iii)

Build HAWQ Data Warehouse based on "centos-7+ Ambari 2.7.0 + HDP 3.0"--MARIADB installation Configuration

Tags: BSP OCA load nload script server sys har HiveFirst, install and use MARIADB as the storage database for Ambari, Hive, Hue. Yum Install mariadb-server mariadb Start, view status, check if MARIADB is installed successfully Systemctl start mariadb systemctl status mariadb Second, the configuration mariadb 1, first stop the operation of the MARIADB service Systemctl Stop MARIADB 2, edit/etc/my.cnf under the [Mysqld] section, add the following lines of line configuration: Transaction-isolation

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