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Head first design patterns Reading Notes

Head first design patterns Reading Notes Luo chaohui (http://www.cnblogs.com/kesalin) This article follows the "signature-non-commercial use-consistency" creation public agreement Finally, I am willing to finish head first design

Head First design mode (Chinese version) pdf

Download address: Download the network disk Content Profile ... Head First design mode (Chinese version) has a total of 14 chapters, each chapter introduces several design patterns, completely covers the four-person group version of all 23 design

Head first design patterns Reading Notes and C ++ code (1): Observer (observer) Mode

Head First Design Patterns Reading Notes and C ++ code (1): Observer (Observer) Mode Su WeiminHttp://www.gisdev.cn/Http://blog.csdn.net/suen/Date: 2008-9-18 All copyrights reserved. If you need to reprint the information, contact the author and indicate the source in a conspicuous position. Head First

Head First Design Patterns

from Head first Design Patterns. Design Principle: Idnetify the aspects of your application that vary and separate them from what stays the same. Here's another-to-think about it:Take the parts. Vary and encapsulate them, so then later you can alter or extend the parts that vary without affecting Thos

Head First Design Patterns

Take a look at the Design Pattern lessons before making a bigger plan.After reading the demo chapter about Decorator in Head First Design Patterns, we found that the JOLT Award is not from the white list, and the presentation is clear because of its strong narrative ability, not those old gentlemen who are full of brai

First read head first design patterns

I have read head first design patterns today, but I have a lot of feelings. First, I have a sense of accomplishment when I finish reading this book in the first English version. I can't think of the old blind English. Now I can read the original version. Second, I read this book during the winter vacation. This is also the first time I read this book at home so

A very interesting pdf for learning Java Design Patterns

");/** The problem is: Zhao Yun actually do not know is that strategy ah, he only know to dismantle the first bag,* And do not know is backdoor this ingenious idea, how to do? It seems that this strategy model has already written out the name of the stratagem.*Wrong Backdoor, Givengreenlight, Blockenemy is just a code, you write first, second,Third, no one will say you're wrong!** The advantage of the strategy model is that it embodies the characteristics of cohesion-poly-low coupling, the disad

Php design patterns ------- (1) policy patterns, design patterns -------

Php design patterns ------- (1) policy patterns, design patterns ------- I. Why do I need to learn design patterns. My last project was an App interface. Due to the tight schedule, my b

23 design patterns (1)-Facade Design Patterns

persistent Class C type () call this abstract method absmethod (C) in the method, so that the persistence class is injected into the methoda () method, and the data in the method can be persisted. Then, you only need to use Class D to inherit Class B and implement the absmethod (c) Method of class B. In this way, you can indirectly pass the C instance to the methoda () method.This blog does not explain the template design pattern, but emphasizes how

Head First design mode "head First design mode" code PHP layout to the object 1th/2 page

The examples in the book are relatively easy to understand, but because it is written by foreigners, the habit of example is not very Chinese characteristics, may occasionally look awkward, there are language habits are not Chinese wind. Of course, after reading this book, you will be able to understand exactly what design patterns can solve for you, and what problems cannot be solved for you (such as not r

Interactive Design Patterns: Popular site navigation design patterns

design patterns at the moment. It is most commonly used in the main navigation menu of a website, and most often placed directly above or directly below the head of the site for all pages of the site. The top horizontal bar navigation design pattern is sometimes accompanied by a drop-down menu that pops up the two-

Design Patterns Learning Notes (i)--object-oriented design patterns and principles

design pattern has three main principles1) interface programming, to achieve polymorphism can reduce the code changes.For example, in "Head first Design Patterns" There is an example of a duck game. There are many kinds of ducks in the game, such as: duck, Wood duck, duck model. The first thing we would think of is an

Design Patterns learning notes (I)-object-oriented design patterns and principles

implementation of the Code, it should be like a specific object, for example, the response header. At the conceptual level, the Response Header has its responsibilities, that is, what it is for (for hitting a nail, of course there will be other uses, such as anti-body), from the perspective of specifications, such as people using a finger to hit a nail.The object-oriented design model has three principles:1. This interface programming is not for impl

Design Patterns-Discussion on J2EE-related design patterns

Design Pattern. This concept is now full of sky and we can estimate it in our hands: Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, and John Vlissides, in the book "Design Patterns-Element of Re-Useable Object-Oriented Software", this book. There are three modes, creation mode, structure mode, and behavior mode. There are 23 modes in total, which are not listed here.

Description of the Cheshire Cat mentioned in design patterns and design patterns meditation.

Recently, I was reading gof's design patterns. Before that, I saw John vlissides's design patterns in meditation. In the "Meditation" p42 footer note, the author mentioned "In C ++, such a definition is difficult to implement through any mandatory method [schmidt96a]. For example, if you use a simple # define statemen

Design Patterns series: Opening-patterns and principles

on the structure of head first design patterns. It can also be called the study notes of this book, but it is more about the gradual explanation of the original book, we strive to join in more personal thoughts and opinions, hoping that they will eventually resonate with everyone. Several heroes and their predecessors have already written articles on the

Design Patterns (32 design Patterns in Java)

me to marry you, I have to promise my terms."Me: "What are the terms I promise, you say?"Mary: "I have a crush on that one-carat diamond."Me: "I buy, I buy, still have?" ”Mary: "I have a crush on the villa by the lake."Me: "I buy, I buy, still have?" ”Mary: "Your penis has to be 50cm long."My head is humming, sitting in a chair, a bite: "I cut, I cut, and there?" ”...Iterative sub-patterns: Iterative sub-

[Zen Reading Notes of design patterns] 005 _ six principles of design patterns (5): The dimit Principle

? In fact, you don't have to worry about where to put it. The dimit rule gives us a solution: If a method is put in this class, that is, the relationship between classes is not added, and there is no negative impact on this class, it is placed in the class. 4. Attention to the dimit rule (iii) -- use serialization with caution Serialization is used to sequence object memory data so that it can be transmitted through different media. However, if our software system model is c/s and the client

Design Patterns-factory method patterns

Design Patterns-factory method patternsDr. Yan Hong's book "JAVA and patterns" describes the factory method patterns in this way:  The Factory method mode is the class creation mode, also known as the Virtual Constructor mode or the Polymorphic Factory mode.The purpose of the factory method mode is to define a factory

Java design patterns cainiao series (I) Modeling and implementation of policy patterns

Java design patterns cainiao series (I) Modeling and implementation of policy patterns Reprinted please indicate the source: http://blog.csdn.net/lhy_ycu/article/details/39721563 Let's start to talk about Java design patterns today. Here we will explain it with uml graphics

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